Best eBay Sales of 2020Wondering what the best selling items on eBay are? Here are my best eBay sales so far this year.

Everything on this list has been purchased at the thrift stores to flip for profit.

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I’ve made over $40,000 selling these types of items.

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Now For The Top Sales Of 2020

Prices are approximate (unless otherwise noted) as I generally pay for items by the pound.

From least to most….here they are!

118. Legendary Whitetails Women's Coat

Legendary Whitetails Coat sold On eBay

Not a whole lot to say about this coat.

Sometimes what you flip is a bit on the boring side, but it’s what pays the bills so you do it.

This coat sold in the middle of summer for full (on sale) asking price.

Paid: $2

Time to sell: 5 Weeks

117. Tegu Blocks


If you haven’t heard of this brand before, it is one to know! New, these magnetic blocks are very expensive. So no wonder there is a demand for them used.

I came across these in the hardline bins (non fabric items) while I was killing time waiting for new clothes to be brought out.

I actually thought they would sell before Christmas. But they didn’t sell until January.

Goes to show that toys sell anytime of year!

Paid: $1.50

Time to Sell: 5 weeks

116. Sleeping Baby Productions Sling


This is another one that was a personal item, not a resale item. I’m including this because carriers are good things to be on the lookout for.

Really, any baby carriers are great to resell. I’ve sold several and one even made my Top 20 Sales of 2019 list.

Having had this for 10 years and worn all three of my babies in it, I was sad to list it.

But I’m happy it can go to another baby-wearing mom who will enjoy this beautiful Guatemalan woven fabric and handmade design.

Time to sell: 3 weeks

115. Pendleton Women's Shirt

Pendleton is one of my favorite brands to come across. Although I do prefer men’s items over women’s.

When sourcing Pendleton, be sure to check for moth holes if the item is wool. That is probably the biggest problem I come across when I find these in the the bins.

I have sold men’s wool shirts with minor flaws (such as small holes) on auction, and they have done pretty well.

So if you get home only to notice an item is flawed, don’t toss it. List it on auction and see what happens.

Big sizes in this brand sell especially well. This particular shirt didn’t really have anything special going for it, but I still got almost $25 for it.

The most exciting part was to sell it to someone just a few towns away.

Paid: $1.00

Time to sell: 2 Months

114. Carhartt Vest

I got this item as part of a bulk salvage purchase so the price I paid was a bit higher than what I’d pay if I found this at the bins.

The vest was in decent condition, but the zipper pull was missing.

I listed it at $24.99 and got a ton of watchers within one day of listing.

I sent out several offers for $22.99 and it ended up selling for the full $24.99 price tag.

Sending out offers will bump your listing up in the search results and it will be more likely to sell for full price.

You can read about this and 8 other ways to rank in eBay search results here.

Paid: $5

Time to sell: 2 days

113. Seven For All Mankind Men's Austyn Jeans

I love men’s jeans. Well, men’s clothes in general.

There is just so little of it out there compared with oceans and oceans of women’s clothes.

And having a great brand like 7FAM makes it even better.

So when I came across these and found they had a hole in the knee, I figured they would probably still sell for a decent amount.

And I was right!

I listed them not too low, not too high. Just right.

And they sold for the full asking amount, no offers involved!

Paid: $1.50

Time to sell: 2 weeks

112. Big Smith Men's Overalls

Overalls Sold eBay

I wasn’t sure whether I should buy these or not.

The brand isn’t the greatest, but the size is desirable (bigger is better!).

After getting them listed, they sold in just 2 days!

Paid: $3.50

Time to sell: 2 days

111. Smart Wool Sweater

This winter sweater sold in May.

This is why I don’t advise listing items only seasoning. I list items when I get them rather than storing them for later.

Chances are they will sell!

And if you are worried about making less money during the off-season, time and time again, I’ve seen that it’s just not true.

Using Terapeak for research (it comes free with an eBay store subscription), you can easily see graphs of average sale price throughout the year.

The average sale price for seasonal items surprisingly stays pretty much the same throughout the year.  Sure, the volume goes up during the peak season, but the price is very consistent.

Here is the graph of average sale price for “Smartwool Women’s Sweaters” throughout the year that shows the price doesn’t fluxuate:

Paid: $1.25

Time to sell: 1.5 months

110. Vintage Pendleton Men’s Western Pants

Vintage Pendleton Pants Sold eBay

A lot of times in The Bins, you will find clothing donated all from the same person.

That was the case for these pants. I found two almost identical pants of the same size together.

This pair was missing a button on the back pocket so it sold for quite a bit less.

The other pair I found you will find quite a ways down on this list as it sold for $48.99!

Paid: $1.50

Time to sell: 1.5 Months

109. mnml Men’s Jeans

mnml jeans sold ebay

Sometimes I come across brands I’ve never heard of.

When that happens, in the cart they go.

Then when I get a chance, I quickly look them up on the eBay app. (Be sure to filter to SOLD listings!)

To my surprise, they were actually worth something. So I purchased them and they sold two days later.

Paid: $1.50

Time to sell: 2 Days

108. Intimately Free People Dress

Free People Sold eBay

This dress is so beautiful!

If you come across any Intimately Free People items, you will usually get less for them than Free People.

This dress had a ton of watchers but no one making offers. I sent offers out on it several times.

I finally had someone who I had sent an offer to send me a message and politely ask for it a bit lower.

Because the original listing had active offers sent out, I had to make a new listing specifically for this buyer.

That is why you will see listings on eBay titled like this from time to time.

Paid: $1

Time to sell: 1 Month

107. The North Face Fox Jacket

North Face Fox Jacket Sold eBay

This jacket is just the cutest!

I couldn’t find anything like this anywhere online, so I figured I could pretty much name the price.

Paid: $0.75

Time to sell: 11 Days

106. Charter Club

This jacket sold twice. The first time it sold for $20 and I got it returned for fit.

My return policy is: 30 days and buyer pays return shipping. It doesn’t cost me anything if the buyer just wants to try something on.

And I believe having this return policy helps me sell more than not allowing any returns. As soon as I get it returned, it’s easy to refund and relist with a click of a button.

And probably 9 times out of 10, the item ends up selling for more the second time, which was the case with this one.

The first sale took 30 days and sold for $20. The second time around, it only took 1 day to sell and I accepted an offer of $25!

I didn’t even have time to get it put away!

Paid: $1.50

Time to sell: 1 Month, then 1 Day

105. Elsa Costume

It’s always fun to be at the bins with friends. And even more fun when they give you stuff they don’t want. All because of glitter!

Sure, I’ll deal with glitter all over. Actually, I photographed this one, then immediately took measurements on the photodrop and bagged this one up.

I did have glitter on my backdrop for a while, but that was okay with me!

I love selling Disney costumes. I pretty much always pick them up if I come across them.

This was my first experience with an adult-sized Disney costume.

And even though it isn’t anywhere near Halloween, it still sold quickly.

Paid: $1

Time to sell: 11 Days

104. LL Bean Jacket

On occasion, the thrift store sends out coupons. The day I got this, I was able to use a 75% off coupon to pick this jacket up pretty cheaply.

I knew it was worth much more. Anything that is LL Bean that is vintage men’s always seems to go for quite a bit. And it was an XL, so that was a plus too.

It did take quite a bit longer to sell than I anticipated. And I didn’t get quite as much as I was hoping for.

But, I was able to make a little money off the shipping portion.

For shipping heavier items, I have a flat cost for USPS Priority shipping. I’m then able to choose the cheapest Priority method.

Being on the west coast, I don’t often ship things close, but if I do, I’m sometimes able to save a little bit on shipping, which was the case with this item.

Paid: $3

Time to sell: 4 Months

103. Very Vollbrach Women's Jacket

This is definitely a unique, one-of-a-kind item. Duck with animal print. In addition to the duck on the front, there was another on the back.

I’m not sure who would wear (or like) this, but someone did!

Moral of the story is, unique items sell. Just be sure to use keywords in the title so buyers can find what they are looking for!

Paid: $1.50

Time to sell: 1 month

102. Vintage Mickey Mouse Shortalls

Overalls full length or shorts length (known as “shortalls”) are a HOT item right now.

Especially any that are vintage.

This particular item not only had these things going for it, but they had Mickey Mouse on the front pocket.

And as I’m sure you know Mickey or really anything Disney is always a HOT sell.

Paid: $1.50

Time to sell: 3 months

101. Goddess Bra

If you find this brand (or one of it’s sister brands: Elomi or Freya), it is definitely one you want to pick up.

The resale value is generally in the $20-$30 range, especially for big sizes. And this was an ESPECIALLY big size. It kind of dwarfs my mannequin!

These bras will always have a style number on them. So all you have to do is google the brand and the number and you can easily pull up the name of the bra.

You will also find good keywords by doing this such as “T-Shirt bra” or “minimizer.”

This bra sat for quite a while with zero offers. Then, BAM, someone bought it for full (on-sale) price (no offer)!

It just goes to show that sometimes you just have to wait for the right buyer to come along.

Paid: $0.50

Time to sell: 2 Months + 10 Days

100. Quaker Factory Beaded Shirt

Top eBay Sales 2020

If you’re not familiar with Quaker Factory, it is a QVC brand.

For this brand, I’ve had good luck with plus sized clothes. Especially unique design such as this beaded shirt.

This shirt had some staining on the sleeve cuffs. A little Fels Naptha and a quick wash did the trick to get the stains out.

Paid: $1.50

Time to sell: 2 months

99. Climbing Shoes

I always seem to come across climbing shoes. They tend to be left by the “professionals” for whatever reason I don’t know.

I was hoping to get more for them, but sometimes you don’t always get what you hope for. Oh well, it’s still a good price.

Paid: $1.50

Time to sell: 1.5 months

98. Vintage Cross Stitch Set

Vintage Craft Kit Sold eBay

I hit the jack pot one day at the Outlet. I came across a ton of donated vintage craft kits.

This was just one set I found that I decided to auction as a set.

After researching similar sold items, I started bids at $19.99. Fifteen bids later, they sold for $26!

Paid: $1

Time to sell: 7 Days (The time to auction)

97. Ariat Women’s Vest

Ariat Vest Sold On eBay

Ariat is a great brand to come across.

This was my first time coming across a vest like this.

The best part it was an XL!

Paid: $1.50

Time to sell: 3 Weeks

96. Represent Clothing Men’s Jeans

These jeans sold in a bundle with another pair of jeans for a total of $60 plus shipping!

I offer discounted shipping for multiple orders, so I had the buyer subtract $6.99 off the price of these (for a total of $26 plus shipping) to account for the shipping discount.

Normally I send out an invoice with discounted shipping but it was easier to do it this way at the time.

The trick to getting buyers to purchase more that one item from your eBay store is to include a comment in your listing that says something like “Check out other items in my store!”

Paid: given to me!

Time to sell: 10 days

95. Carhartt Coat

Well, this list wouldn’t be complete without a Carhartt coat on it, would it?

This coat was in pretty beat up condition. Not terrible, but still wearable.

I always put Carhartt coats like this straight to auction. I find that you will get more for it on auction than selling fixed price.

Carhartt is one of the few items I sell on auction.

Paid: $4

Time to sell: 10 days (ran a 10-day auction)

94. Vintage Christmas Ornaments

Vintage Craft Kit Sold eBay

Another vintage craft kit found in a large lot in The Bins.

After reviewing sold comps (comparables), I could tell this particular kit did well on auction.

I started bids at $19.99 and 7 days later it ended at $26.17 plus shipping.

Paid: $1

Time to sell: 7 days (time to auction)

93. Duluth Trading Bag With Gasoline Smell

I love coming across Duluth Trading items, especially bags.

Unfortunately this bag had a distinct gasoline smell to it.

I didn’t want to wash it and risk damaging the leather. So I aired it out as best as I could, and “Febreezed” it.

Alas, it still had a little smell to it, so I listed it “As-Is” with the smell and all.

It sold for about half of what I would expect without the smell, similar to this Duluth Bag that made my Top 20 Sales of 2019 List

Paid: $1.50

Time to sell: 2 months

92. Women’s Plus Size 6X Shorts

Top eBay Sales 2020

This picture doesn’t quite show the enormity of these plus size 6X shorts!

I hadn’t heard of this brand before, but once you get into unusual sizes like this, there’s not too much other competition out there.

Also, it was made in the USA, so that is a plus too.

And surprisingly, for the amount of material, they were pretty light so I didn’t pay very much.

Paid: $1

Time to sell: 3 months

91. Vintage Devold Sweater

Vintage Devold Sweater Sold On eBay

This wasn’t a brand I recognized.

However, when I come across any sweaters like this that are made of wool and have a European tag, I always stop and look a bit longer.

 I find these “Nordic” or “Fair Isle” styles sell especially well, so that is another thing to keep in mind.

It did take a while to sell. I purchased in February and it sold in August.

Paid: $2

Time to sell: 6 months

90. Lane Bryant Moto Jacket

Lane Bryant Jacket Sold On eBay

I’m definitely a sucker for plus-sized jackets.

So when my friend I was at the bins with told me she was throwing it back if I didn’t want it, I jumped at the opportunity.

It took 1 month to sell, but the right buyer came along and paid $26.99.

Paid: $1.75

Time to sell: 1 month

89. Vintage Planet Hollywood Sweatshirt

Planet Hollywood Sweatershirt Sold On eBay

Planet Hollywood clothing items are always a great find.

There wasn’t anything particularly special about this one (read: not embroidered and not from anywhere special), but it still sold for $26.99.

Paid: $1.50

Time to sell: 5 Weeks

88. Marmot Jacket

Marmot Jacket Sold On eBay

Marmot is another brand to put on your BOLO list.

This jacket has some loose top stitching, but still sold for $26.99.

Part of the reason it took 6 months to sell was that it was listed in March and finally sold in September.

Paid: $1.75

Time to sell: 6 months

87. Boeing Shirt

Top 10 Sales January 2020

When I came across this one in the bins, I knew it would be a winner! A unique design that would probably be a gift for some airplane enthusiast. Who knows.

A quick search only brought up a couple others like it and the going price was $25-30.

Paid: $1

Time to sell: 1 month

86. Free People Jean Jacket

I rarely come across Free People so I was pretty excited to find this jacket.

It did have a large grease stain on the front. I didn’t try to get it out, but I probably should have. My go-to product for grease stains is a little Dawn dish soap.

I just included the flaw in the description and made sure to take some close up pictures of it.

Paid: $1.75

Time to sell: 1 month

85. Woolrich Coat

This was one I didn’t mean to buy. But sometimes when you get in a hurry you forget to go through everything in your cart.

The comps weren’t bad, but it wasn’t in the greatest of condition.

There were a lot of stains on the outside not visible in the picture above. (I wanted to show off the sherpa lining).

But it turned out okay. I made about $20 off of it after fees.

Oh, and it sold as a fixed-price listing in just 11 days!

Paid: $4

Time to sell: 11 days

84.Vintage Gap Shortalls

No, you are not seeing double.

This is another shortall that made the list. Like I said, they are HOT!

I normally stay away from Gap as it’s just not a great brand for resale.

But, I’ve had especially good luck with these types of vintage 90’s overalls. Especially Gap brand!

They had tons of offers and sold while on sale.

Paid: $1.50

Time to sell: 1.5 months

83. LuLaRoe Cardigan

LuLaRoe Sold On eBay

I’m very selective about LuLaRoe items these days. Here’s my criteria:

  • Must be New With Tags (or like new)
  • Must be a plus size
  • Must be a cardigan or dress (no shirts or leggings)

This cardigan met all three criteria and I’m happy with the price I got.

Paid: $1.50

Time to sell: 1 Month

82. Lululemon Run Swiftly Shirt

Lululemon Run Swiftly Sold On eBay

Run Swiftly are one of my favorite Lululemon items to find.

This shirt had a few snags, so I got a bit less than I have before.

But still, it sold in only 2 days so I can’t complain!

Paid: $0.75

Time to sell: 2 Days

81. Lululemon Inspire Tight II

Lululemon Inspire Sold On eBay

Another Lululemon item for the books!

A couple tips with it comes to Lulu:

  • Items will always (with the exception of men’s items) have a size dot. Sometimes it’s hidden, but it will be there.
  • Use the website to find the exact name of your item.
  • Lululemon items can take a while to sell sometimes. Just sit on it, or you can auction if you are really impatient.

Paid: $1

Time to sell: 4 Months

80. Vintage Military Field Jacket

Vintage Miltary Jacket Sold On eBay

Classic, vintage military jackets like this one do well.

I’m not sure if buyers are buying these types of items just for the style, or if they are buying them for a specific activity like hunting.

Either way, they usually sell pretty quickly.

I received a few offers on this jacket, and it ended up selling for full price while I had pending offers.


Paid: given to me!

Time to sell: 7 days

79. Carraig Donn Cable Knit Sweater

Carraig Donn Sweater Sold On eBay

Anytime you come across wool sweaters made in Europe, take the time to look them up.

This particular brand is made in Ireland.

Another thing to note is that I listed it in July and it sold in August.

I find August is one of the best months for selling fall/winter items like coats and sweaters.

So don’t be afraid to list early in the summer, so you are ready for the fall!

Paid: $1.75

Time to sell: 1 Month

78. Vintage Lee Pipes

Lee Pipes Jeans Sold On eBay

These were some jeans I wasn’t sure if I should buy or not.

I remembered them being the not-quite-so-cool version on JNCO Jeans (a pair of JNCOs also makes this list a few down).

They also had some staining/yellowish fading.

I listed at $32.99 not sure if anyone would even want them. I received an offer shortly after for $28 and accepted.

Paid: $1.75

Time to sell: 1 day

77. St. John Pleated Skirt

St John Skirt Sold On eBay

I found this St. John skirt in gorgeous condition.

Very heavy and thick.

It had this little piece of a tag attached with a price of $49.95. Not really sure if it was part of a vintage tag with a vintage price.

Whatever it was, I sold it in a month for $28.

Paid: $1.75

Time to sell: 1 Month

76. Ann Taylor Wide Leg Pants

During the COVID-19 shutdown, I did some sourcing online – mostly on eBay.

This is one of the items I received as part of a “lot” that I broke out into individual items to resell.

With shipping included, this item cost me about $6 to purchase. So that definitely cut down on my profits.

But sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do!

And it was still an okay profit.

Paid: $6

Time to sell: 6 days

75. Dickies Overalls

This is another one on this list that sold twice. The first time was an unpaid item case.

The offer that time was $15. Thank goodness they didn’t pay, because I ended up almost doubling my money on this one!

Dickies isn’t normally a brand I go for, but these were in new condition, with a small defect (tiny hole).

Paid: $2.50

Time to sell: 3 months (the first time), then 2 months

74. Arancrafts Women’s Sweater

Arancrafts Sweater Sold On eBay

I find a lot of other resellers don’t buy heavy things at The Bins.

I’m not sure if it’s just because they cost a bit more or if they take more room to store.

Anyways, if you come across this brand, Arancrafts, it has always been a good seller for me.

They are wool and the tag will say Made in Ireland.

Paid: $1.75

Time to sell: 2 months

73. Carhartt Boy’s Coat

Carhartt Boy's Coat Sold On eBay

I always find these Carhartt boy’s items left in the bins.

I’m not sure if it goes back to them being heavy or what.

Anyhow, they always sell quickly for around $30.

Paid: $1.75

Time to sell: 5 Days

72. Vintage Saks Fifth Women’s Shirt

Vintage Women's Shirt Sold On eBay

It’s no doubt I love vintage. 

A lot of times, it’s easy to tell if something is vintage by the tags. The tags of the 80’s tend to be huge.

Here is what the tag looked like. Tags in the item have a similar look.

Vintage Saks Fifth Avenue Tag

It’s just too bad I couldn’t have gotten then $500 price for these!

Paid: $1

Time to sell: 4 months

71. Cottage Knitwear Men’s Sweater

Vintage Men's Sweater Sold On eBay

You should be noticing a trend here – European brands!

Yes, European brands are one of the things I look for when out sourcing. That is a good clue they have a higher resale value.

That and the material: 100% wool.

Paid: $1.75

Time to sell: 8 months

70. Vintage Baby Dress

I’m such a sucker for vintage baby dresses! The day I got this, there were two right together, likely donated at the same time. The other sold quite a while ago for $21.99.

The comps for this one were quite a bit higher. So I priced it high and it took a while to sell. But someone finally bought it!

It went to the Philippines. (The shipping price in the picture above is the domestic price and not actually what international shipping was).

The weird part was the characters for the address – nothing I could read or decipher.

When I went to print the label, all the characters printed out as ### symbols!

So I printed a screen shot of the address and stuck that to the package in addition to the label.

My mailman said the barcode will get it there. Then once it’s there, they will be able to read the address I attached.

And he was right – it arrived just fine!

Paid: $0.75

Time to sell: 3.5 months

69. Splash Mountain T-Shirt

I’m starting to love vintage t-shirts. If you’re wondering if something is vintage, a good clue is if it is made in the US.

Oh, and if I have room, I like to put “MADE IN USA” in the title.

For this shirt, I decided to go with some other keywords: Faded, Grunge, and 90’s.

It sold for full asking price.

Paid: $0.75

Time to sell: 3 days

68. Big Star Jeans

This is my first time selling this brand. I was pretty happy to come across it.

I always like when jeans have the name (Liv Boot, in this case) printed in the inside so there is no guess work.

“Thick stitch” is a good keyword to have in the title as well.

Not much else to say about these. They sold full price as a fixed-price listing.

Paid: $1.50

Time to sell: 2 weeks

67. LL Bean Coat

And yes, another example of a winter item that sold during the summer.

This LL Bean coat was not only a great size (an XL), but it also had goose down insulation.

That is always a plus in my book. And something I don’t pass up.

Paid: $2

Time to sell: 3 months

66. Porsche Jacket

Porsche Jacket Top Sales February 2020

I always end up with items that I stand there with in my hand, going back and forth in my head. “Do I buy this? Do I not buy this.” The struggle is real!

This was one of those items. Port Authority: “Don’t buy.” Porsche: “Buy.” Port Authority: “Don’t buy.” I obviously ended up buying it or it wouldn’t be on the list.

Two of the deciding factors were condition and the fact that everything was embroidered. The back side had “Porsche” spelled out in large, embroidered letters as well.

Well, I barely got this guy listed and it sold! So I’m pretty happy I ended up deciding to buy this one.

It is headed to Puerto Rico (no international shipping required since it is a U.S. territory!).

Paid: $1.50

Time to sell: 2 Hours

65. Vintage Saks Fifth Women’s Pants

Vintage Women's Pants Sold On eBay

I hit the jackpot the day I came across these in the bins. Someone had donated several vintage Saks Fifth avenue clothing items, some new with tags.

These did take a while to sell, but the right buyer did come along. Sometimes it just takes patience!

Paid: $1

Time to sell: 4 Months

64. JNCO Jeans

Top ebay Sales 2020

I’m really going to date myself here – but these were the BOMB back in my day!

And they are still sought after.

When I found this in the bins in not the greatest condition (cuffs heavily worn and frayed), I knew they would be a great sell.

I priced high at $54.99 and took an offer for $30, which I thought was reasonable for the condition.

Paid: $2

Time to sell: 4 days

63. Dansko Boots

Top sales February 2020 Dansko Sheepskin Boots

I’ve had these boots a long time. I’m not exactly sure how long because they ended up having to get relisted so my starting date on eBay was not the original date.

I guess that would be one plus side to having my own separate inventory tracker. But does that translate to more sales? No.

So that’s one of the things I skip in order to have more time to list more items.

They sold the first time, then the gal asked if she could wait 2 weeks to pay. I’m pretty lenient so it was fine with me.

As long as I get the money I don’t really care when. Well the day came when she said she would pay and she kept her word.

But then, not too much later I get a message saying, “Whoops…I didn’t realize these are the wrong size! I’m so sorry.”

Luckily I hadn’t shipped yet so it was just a refund of her money (which does cost money to do with PayPal fees). So that was just a little aggravating.

The most frustrating part was having to wait another 4 months for these to sell.

This was one of those items that had a lot of watchers (I think up to 11 at one point) with not a lot of activity.

But I finally got an offer for the same amount that they had sold before.

Paid: $2.50

Time to sell: 5-6 Months

62. Wacoal Bra

Wacoal Bran top Sales

Wacoal is one of my favorite brands as far as bras go. So I was pretty stoked to find this with the tags!

If you’re not familiar with selling bras, a lot of them have style numbers.

All you need to do is go to your favorite search engine, type in the brand and style number, and voila! You can find out the exact name of the bra.

It’s also a good way to get keywords. One of my favorite websites for bra research is

Paid: $0.50

Time to sell: 2 Weeks

61. Akoo Jeans

Top sales February 2020 Akoo Jeans

When you show up to source with a goal to get X number of items, it forces you to think out side the box. To look up brands you might not normally look up.

This was one of those items. These jeans I found while waiting for bins to rotate.

They were in some bins set off to the side. And were pretty interesting looking with studs and seemed to be made pretty well.

I had some time to kill since I was waiting for some new bins to come out. So I looked these up and was pleasantly surprised at the comps!

Paid: $1.50

Time to sell: 1 Week

60. Biltrite Cowboy Boots

Top eBay Sales 2020

Men’s boots are one of eBay’s top selling items.

This particular brand sells for quite a bit. However this particular pair was in pretty bad condition – including a cracked insert that needed replaced.

The funny part is, these sold to Blake Shelton. Ok, not quite Blake Shelton, but the name was very close!

Paid: $5

Time to sell: 5 weeks

59. Pendleton Reversible Vest

Every reseller out there knows Pendleton is a great brand.

But what I’ve found is, with reversible items, the tag is not obvious. The tag is usually hidden inside a pocket.

So I’m guessing this item got left in the bins because no one saw the classic blue and gold Pendleton tag on the inside pocket.

It did have just a bit of pilling. I recently got a sweater shaver that I am loving. In just a few seconds, the pills were gone and this sweater vest was as good as new!

You can read about the sweater shaver and other reseller supplies I use here.

Paid: $1.50

Time to sell: 1 month

58. Cabela’s Men’s Boots

Top eBay Sales 2020

Cabela’s is a brand I’m a little leery about as the resale can be pretty hit or miss.

However, these were given to me, so I was pretty excited to get them.

Especially since they were Gore-Tex.

Anytime I come across Gore-Tex, as long as it’s in good condition, it’s pretty much an automatic buy for me.

Paid: free (given to me!)

Time to sell: 2 months

57. Everlane Women’s Jeans

Everlane Jeans Sold On eBay

Another Carhartt for the win!

When I get a coat like this, I never list it fixed price. It always goes straight to auction.

I like to start auctions for Carhartt at $1.99 to gain a lot of attention.

The first auction ended with a winning bid of $51. The person paid, but I ended up getting a return for fit. Not a big deal since my policy is that the buyer pays return shipping.

It went straight back to auction and ended up going for $32. Quite a bit less, but that is the risk you run with auctions.

I do believe the $51 price was pretty over inflated given the condition. There was heavy wear and fading.

There was also very heavy wear and fraying around the cuffs. And the inside blanket lining had heavy pilling.

Moral of the story is: do not pass up Carhartt if you can get it cheaply. It is one of the few brands that does well even with flaws.

Paid: $3

Time to sell: 2 Weeks (Two 7-day auctions since the first sale fell through), not counting the return shipping time.

56. Carhartt Coat

Top Sales February 2020

Another Carhartt for the win!

When I get a coat like this, I never list it fixed price. It always goes straight to auction.

I like to start auctions for Carhartt at $1.99 to gain a lot of attention.

The first auction ended with a winning bid of $51. The person paid, but I ended up getting a return for fit. Not a big deal since my policy is that the buyer pays return shipping.

It went straight back to auction and ended up going for $32. Quite a bit less, but that is the risk you run with auctions.

I do believe the $51 price was pretty over inflated given the condition. There was heavy wear and fading.

There was also very heavy wear and fraying around the cuffs. And the inside blanket lining had heavy pilling.

Moral of the story is: do not pass up Carhartt if you can get it cheaply. It is one of the few brands that does well even with flaws.

Paid: $3

Time to sell: 2 Weeks (Two 7-day auctions since the first sale fell through), not counting the return shipping time.

55. Represent Men’s Jeans

Top eBay Sales 2020

Yes, another pair of Represent Clothing men’s jeans for the list.

All I have to say, is if you find this brand, pick it up!

Thank goodness for awesome friends that gift me items to help me reach my goal of paying off my house.

Paid: free (gifted to me!)

Time to sell: 1 week

54. American Eagle Men’s Shorts

AEO Men's Shorts Sold On eBay

American Eagle is a brand that surprises me sometimes.

I particularly like their men’s clothes – especially jeans, cargo shorts, and jackets.

I find the cargo shorts do the best as far as shorts go. Ripstop also seems to be popular.

So these ripstop cargo shorts had two things going for them and sold in just 4 days.

Paid: $1.75

Time to sell: 4 Days

53. Kuhl Men’s Shorts

Kuhl Shorts Sold On eBay

Kuhl is one of my favorite brands to come across.

They always sell for in this range and they always sell quickly.

These shorts did not disappoint at a sale price of $32.99 selling in just 2 days.

Paid: $1.25

Time to sell: 2 Days

52. Lululemon Crop Leggings

Lululemon Sold On eBay

Sometimes Lululemon can take a while to sell, but these leggings sold in just 2 weeks.

That’s pretty fast in my experience for Lululemon.

They sold for full price at $32.99.

Paid: $1

Time to sell: 2 Weeks

51. Tadashi Dress

Top Sales February 2020 Tadashi Dress

This dress is just gorgeous! I wasn’t familiar with this brand at all, but I could tell it was definitely a quality item.

It was gifted to me. You might be thinking that’s not fair, but when you let people know your mission (in my case, paying off my house) and what you are doing, you might be surprised that people will get behind you and support you.

I’m so thankful for this and other items that were donated to me to help me get my house paid off!

The interesting thing about this order was it was an international order that went to Japan. I always get so excited to see where my international shipments are headed.

And yes, I do my own international shipping.

Paid: free (gifted to me!)

Time to sell: 3.5 months

50. The Sak Purse

The Sak Purse

This was the cutest purse! Not a brand that is normally on my radar, but the style was so on-trend.

Pebbled leather, tassels, studs. You couldn’t get much more on-trend.

I had a lot of interest, a lot of watchers, a few offers and I sent out several offers.

After all that, it sold for full price! Love when that happens!

I’m a firm believer that a lot of activity on an item (including sending out offers) increases your rank in eBay’s search results and will help your item sell faster.

I’ve also put together my Five Tactics I Use To Help Items Sell Fast you can read about here. It really works!

Paid: $1.50

Time to sell: 9 days

49. Matilda Jane Girls Dress

This was my first experience with this brand. And it was just the cutest dress! The backside was tiered ruffles in various patterns.

It received a ton of attention – lots of watchers. And it sold in just two days.

Unfortunately, I got a return request on it because it has a zipper. Apparently the buyer didn’t want something with a zipper.

As long as the buyer pays return shipping, I don’t really care what the reason is.

This dress never actually got returned. That’s what happens with probably about 1/3 of all return requests.

The buyer gets too busy or decides the cost of return shipping isn’t worth it.

Paid: $1

Time to sell: 2 days

48. Vintage Adidas Men’s Track Jacket

This is one I wasn’t too sure about buying. It’s pretty ugly, in my opinion.

But it was an older vintage style. It also had the trefoil embroidered on the chest. I always consider that a plus when buying Adidas.

Well, I’m glad I ended up buying it. After it sitting for several weeks with no watchers or offers, it sold for full price!

Paid: $1.50

Time to sell: 6 weeks

47. Spyder Men’s Jacket

Spyder Jacket Sold On eBay

Spyder is another favorite brand. Yes, it’s hard to choose a favorite.

One interesting thing about this is that I had a very similar one in women’s, and it only sold for $20.

That’s why I prefer men’s items – they always sell for more it seems like.

Paid: $2

Time to sell: 22 Days

46. Boy Scouts 5XL Shirt

Boy Scouts Mens Uniform Shirt Sold On eBay

Boy Scout items are another favorite to come across.

Don’t worry if there are lots of patches attached – it doesn’t seem to matter.

This shirt was so big (and the tag was missing) that I had to go look up a sizing chart on the Boy Scouts website.

It was bigger than the biggest size, so I figured out it had to be a 5XL.

And yes, big does sell! Just 4 days to make $35!

Paid: $1

Time to sell: 4 Days

45. NASA Sweatshirt

NASA Sweatshirt Sold On eBay

I’m a fan of pretty much anything NASA, especially vintage.

There seems to be quite a demand for all things NASA.

This sweatshirt was no exception.

While, it didn’t have many watchers it sold for $35 after having it listed for 2 months.

Paid: $1.50

Time to sell: 2 Months

44. Frame Women’s Jeans

Frame Women's Jeans Sold On eBay

Another brand I didn’t recognize. So I looked it up.

Pays to look things up. Of course, the more you source the less brands you recognize. The more likely it is actually worth something.

Paid: $1.50

Time to sell: 1 Week

43. Diapers

Top Sales February 2020 Diapers

This is technically not a resale item, but one from my personal stash (okay…the kids).

I have bought diapers to sell though, so they are something to keep an eye out for. Certain brands do better than others so you will want to do your research before buying to sell. They are a good item to sell in lots.

Probably the biggest thing to note with cloth diapers is that the print makes a big difference. Typically cute prints will sell for more than solid colors.

Paid: a lot! (But used with 2 kids and saved a lot of money not buying disposable diapers that go to the landfill.)

Time to sell: almost 7 months

42. H&M Tweed Coat

Top Sales February 2020 H&M Tweed Coat

H&M is a brand I usually toss aside without thinking twice. The majority of items aren’t worth selling.

But this coat was different. The quality was really nice.

Plus, it was a wool blend and the knit style was tweed.

If you’re not sure what tweed is, the definition according to Google is “a rough-surfaced woolen cloth, typically of mixed-fleck colors.”

For unique fabrics like this, I like to do some close up pictures so the buyer can get a good idea of the material.

For shipping, I always charge a fixed price for “Priority” USPS shipping. I leave the method as generic priority.

Then I’m able to choose the cheapest method to actually get it there.

Turned out this coat was headed out to Twilight country (as in the vampire book!) just a few hours away. I used a regional flat rate box so it only cost about $8 to get it shipped.

You can read about Regional Rate Boxes and other ways to save substantially on shipping here. These methods save me around $1,200 a year!

Paid: $2

Time to sell: 11 days

41. Burberry Women's Pants

You never know what you might come across at the bins. And that is the fun in going!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a real, legitimate Burberry before. And especially not at the bins. So imagine my surprise when I find that these are NEW WITH TAGS!

The other things these pants had going for them were the material (linen) and the size (tall). I find specific sizes (such as women’s tall or men’s big and tall) do well.

Paid: $2.00

Time to sell: 2 months

40. Kuhl Jacket

Kuhl is another outdoor wear brand with a great resale value. This jacket was in very good condition with no flaws and minimal signs of wear.

I did get an offer of $20 which I turned down.

This ended up selling while on sale for $35.19 and it went to my neighbors up north in Canada via USPS First Class International.

Paid: $2.00

Time to sell: 5 weeks

39. Aran Crafts Sweater

Aran Crafts is an Irish knitwear brand made on the Aran Islands of Ireland. If you aren’t familiar with it already, it is definitely one to put on your BOLO (be on the lookout) list.

The tag looks like this:

Similar sweaters typically sell for $100-$150 new.

Another thing to note about this brand, is that it is owned by West End Knitwear. So some of their items will have a West End label.

(You can find the West End men’s sweater that earned the #5 spot on this month’s Top Sales List here.)

Paid: $2

Time to sell: 1.5 months

38. Kortni Jeane Swim Bottoms

Kortnie Jeane Swim Bottoms Sold On eBay

As long as I’ve been thrifting now, it’s rare I come across a brand I don’t recognize.

When I do find something that seems like it’s well made that I don’t recognize, I always take the time to look it up.

Good things I did with this because it sold in just 1 day!

Paid: $0.50

Time to sell: 1 day

37. Key Men’s Jumpsuit

Key Jumpsuit Sold On eBay

This is an example of an item I had for a long time – 11 months to be exact.

As an interesting comparison, this would have sold in just a few days if this were a Carhartt.

Paid: $4

Time to sell: 11 months

36. Piazza Sempione

Top Sales February 2020

This sweater was so well made. You can definitely tell when something is nice after sorting through so much junk!

And the material was so soft! And Made In Italy! Definitely a huge plus!

This item was just sitting in the bins that had been well picked over. The moral of this story is to not just write off bins that have been on the floor for a while.

A lot of times there are still good things! Someone just hasn’t taken the time to look something up.

Paid: $1.50

Time to sell: 2 months

35. Kilt


I found this interesting-looking kilt in the bins. When I tried to research the brand, I didn’t see a whole lot of comps.

It seems well made and the size was a big plus for me: a 42″-44″ waist.

I’ve seen other sellers selling kilts, so I knew they sold for decent amounts. I listed it for $44.99 and ended up accepting an offer for $38.

Paid: $1.50

Time to Sell: 12 days


34. Naketano Hoodie

This is my first experience with this brand. I’ve come across a few dupes while shopping at the bins and it is easy to tell they are just “junk from China,” as I like to say.

The real thing is so well made and the material is very thick. It was in excellent condition as well.

I had a lot of watchers as well as several low-ball offers on this one. Don’t be afraid to decline or counter offers.

I explain here how responding to offers can actually help your items sell!

The funny part is, I had someone offer $30. Then send me a message that they changed their mind because of the virus and me being in Washington State.

I get trying to be careful, but this is a worldwide virus we are talking about here!

Anyways, just a couple of days later, it sold for $38.

Paid: $2.00

Time to sell: 5 weeks

33. Disneyland Resort Hoodie

Top eBay Sales 2020

I really thought this would be a lot quicker sell.

It is a cute jacket with sparkles and rhinestones, yet it took 5 months to sell.

Oh well. For nearly $40 I can wait.

There are a lot of various Disney lines out there when it comes to apparel. The ones to look for that will make you the largest profits are:

  • Disneyland Resort
  • Disney World Resort
  • The Disney Store

Paid: $1.50

Time to sell: 5 months

32. Zum Zum Vintage Dress

This is probably one of my favorite items I’ve sold. Isn’t it gorgeous!

It sat for 2 months with ZERO interest. No watchers. No offers.

Then BAM! The right buyer came along and paid full price.

On another note, vintage sizing can be interesting. Make sure to include a disclaimer that says something like, “This is a vintage size and does not run true to today’s sizes. See measurements.”

I think most buyers looking for vintage understand that, but it is always good to cover yourself just in case.

That being said, I’ve never had a buyer that has had issues with the sizing.

Paid: $1.25

Time to sell: 2 months

31. J Crew Swimsuit

J Crew Swimsuit Sold On eBay


It is always surprising to me how many items I find new with tags.

Not a trip goes by without finding at least one or two.

I’m not the hugest fan of J Crew (as far as resale values go), but I’m not going to complain about this. Or about it selling in 4 days.

Paid: $0.75

Time to Sell: 4 Days

30. Ben Davis Men’s Jeans

Top eBay Sales 2020


Ben Davis is an awesome men’s work wear brand to resell.

It doesn’t sell as quickly as Carhartt, but the prices are still good.

Another Ben Davis item (a coat) sold for nearly $50 and snagged a spot on this month’s Top Sales.

Paid: $2

Time to Sell: 4 months

29. Military Hat

Military Officer Hat


Sometimes I buy things, then wonder why I bought them. Then I’m not excited to get them listed and they end up sitting forever.

This is one of those items. I bought it before Christmas, then it actually ended up sitting over Christmas Break.

I finally got tired of looking at it and listed it at the end of January.

Just two weeks later it sold for this much! Sometimes those things just sitting around end up doing the best.

Moral of the story: if you have items you’re sitting on, get them listed! They are not making you money just sitting there!

Paid: $1

Time to Sell: 2 weeks

28. West End Sweater

Top Sales February 2020 West End Sweater

Like the Piazza Sempione, this sweater was very well constructed and seemed to be very high quality.

I hadn’t heard of this brand before, but when I felt the quality and saw Ireland on the tag I had to stop and look at it.

Are you noticing a theme here? The country of manufacture does make a difference

I also like to find Made in USA items as well.

Back to this sweater…….It was in such beautiful condition and an XL (I love big sizes) that I had to get it. Especially since it was 100% wool.

Material is another thing to check as natural fibers are definitely sought out.

Yes, sweaters take up a lot of storage space. But the return on it is worth it.

Paid: $1.50

Time to sell: 1 month

27. Vintage Jeanne Marc Pants

One day at the bins, I came across a whole ton of vintage clothes. Most were new with tags. And only a few turned out to be worth buying.

I got a few Jeanne Marc items, including this one, new with (vintage) tags from Saks Fifth Avenue. The (1980’s) price on the tags was over $300. That’s a crazy amount in today’s prices.

I didn’t have a whole lot to base my pricing on, but I ended up listing this one for $59.99. I had a couple watchers right off the bat and received an offer of $25 which I declined.

The buyer came back at $40 and I accepted that.

Paid: $1

Time to sell: 5 days

26. North Face Sweatshirt

North Face Sweatshirt Sold On eBay

I come across North Face items quite often.

But sadly, most of the time there are flaws such as stains and holes.

I still like to pick them up and auction them off to see what I can get despite the flaws.

It’s a gamble but it almost always pays off.

This sweatshirt had some bleach spots, wear of fabric and some pilling.

It still went for $40 after getting 16 bids!

Paid: $1.50

Time to sell: 7 Days

25. Ruehl Men's Shorts

Ruehl Men's Cargo Shorts Sold On eBay

Another brand I hadn’t heard of.

I was shocked at the price of comparables.

I have to say I was hoping to get $70-$80 for them, but that’s the risk you take with auctions.

And I did have to run auctions twice in order to get any bids.

Paid: $2.50 (pretty heavy!)

Time to sell: 2 weeks (2 times of 7-day auctions)

24. Vintage Pencils

Vintage pencils?

Yes, pencils can apparently be vintage!

Vintage as in they are no longer made. So anyone that is particular about their pencil will go online and try to find the same kind.

And they are willing to pay a premium for them!

This item earned a spot on my 27 Non-Clothing Items To Sell list.


Paid: nothing – had sitting around the house

Time to sell: 2 weeks

23. Swanndri Men's Wool Button Up Shirt

I ran across this brand recently, looked comps up, then realized the item was full of holes. I was so disappointed!

But just a few weeks later, I found this gem. Not in perfect condition. But not full of holes!

If you’re like me and don’t know much about brands, a good clue is the location where the item is made.

Anything from Europe, New Zealand, Australia or similar countries is worth looking comps up. Especially if it is a natural material like wool.

Paid: $2.00

Time to sell: 2 months

22. LL Bean Tote Bag

Vintage LL Bean bags with leather trim? Yes, please!

This is a favorite of mine to find.

And the older the better. Last year, I sold a vintage LL Bean duffel with leather trim and leather bottom (in not the greatest condition) for $60 plus shipping.

Something to definitely be on the watch for!

Paid: $2

Time to sell: 3 months

21. LL Bean Women’s Chore Coat

LL Bean Womens Chore Coat Sold On eBay

I really prefer men’s vintage clothing over women’s.

So it was a bit of a struggle for me to go for this women’s chore coat, but I’m glad I did!

It sold in just 6 days.

Paid: $2.50

Time to sell: 6 Days

20. Carhartt Overalls

Carhartt Overalls Sold On eBay

I’m definitely a sucker for Carhartt overalls.

And they again seem to be another item always left in The Bins.

If you can find fleece lined ones you can sell them for quite a bit more, so keep your eye out for that.

Paid: $2.50

Time to sell: 1 Day

19. North Face Jacket

North Face Jacket

The North Face is one of those brands that does pretty well. Newer styles definitely sell better than older ones.

This jacket was one I’d classify as older. If you’re not sure on how old something is, a lot of brands have a date on the tag.

The North Face is one of those brands that will always have the date.

In addition to being an older style, this jacket also had some yellowing to it. I decided to take a gamble and get it.

I gave it a good OxiClean soak and it cleaned up pretty well, but there was still a little bit of discoloration in a few places. (You can see other supplies I use here for reselling).

The North Face is one of the few brands I like to auction. A lot of times I will get more than I expected.

And actually, I was only expecting to get about $10 for this one. So I was pretty surprised it ended up going for this much.

Definitely more than I would have gotten had I done fixed-price.

Paid: $1.50

Time to sell: 7 days (put it on auction right from the start)

18. Vintage Pendleton Men's Pants

Vintage Pendleton Pants Brown Sold On eBay

Pendleton is another favorite brand, although sometimes it can be hit or miss.

Here is what I look for:

  • Vintage
  • Men’s
  • Wool

If you can check those boxes, chance are it will do well.

Paid: $1.50

Time to sell: 2.5 Months

17. Free People Jacket

Top Sales February 2020 Free People Jacket

Free People is a brand I don’t find too often. So I’m definitely excited when I do come across it!

This jacket was in very nice condition and is a currently popular style.

Notice the keywords “anorak,” “utility,” and “military.” “Cargo” would have been another good one to through in there if there were room.

This was a fast sale.

And it ended up going to Canada via doing my own international shipping through USPS First Class International. So the buyer ended up paying almost $32 in shipping in addition to the $49.99 price.

The great thing is eBay fees are NOT calculated on the $32 of international shipping, but are instead calculated on the $8.99 it would have been for domestic shipping.

Love that!

Paid: $1.50

Time to sell: 1 day

16. Starbucks Coffee Maker

Top Sales February 2020 Starbucks Coffee Maker

I’m not sure the exact year on this, but it’s been sitting in storage for a LONG time (unlisted).

Shipping this was definitely different than shipping clothes and it took me a while to figure out the best option.

I accidentally ended up forgetting to put in the dimensions of the box (I normally leave these blank for clothing and just put in the weight) so I lost a couple dollars on shipping. Lesson learned.

The cheapest shipping option turned out to be FedEx. Unfortunately FedEx labels can’t be purchased through the bulk shipping tool and have to be purchased separately.

The good part is eBay gives a hefty discount for FedEx shipping.

The other drawback (compared to USPS) is FedEx doesn’t provide free pickup for the shipping method chosen, so I had to make a special trip to drop this off.

If you have an item you’re not sure about shipping, it’s best to take a look at this handy tool: eBay Shipping Calculator.

You will be able to see the prices (with or without the eBay discount) with various methods and carriers. You just need to enter the weight and dimensions for your item.

Paid: selling on consignment

Time to sell: 1 day

15. Filson Men's Vest

Filson Vest Sold On eBay

If you don’t know Filson, you should.

Although I didn’t make nearly as much as the coat I sold for $250 last year, $50 isn’t bad.

I actually priced this quite a bit higher that comparable sold items, so I was quite surprised when it sold for full price in 40 minutes.

I really thought I would have to drop the price a bit, or take an offer, for it to sell.

Pays to price high and hope for the best!

Paid: $1.50

Time to sell: 40 Minutes (yes, you read that right!)

14. Vintage Harris Tweed Coat

Vintage Harris Tweed Coat Sold On eBay

I usually try to get one or two items each trip that I think are a “gamble.”

I’m not really sure if they were sell or not.

This is one of those items. And it sold in just over 1 week for $50!

Paid: $2

Time to sell: 1 Week

13. Space Jam Jacket

Space Jam Coat Sold On eBay

I had this one for quite a while.

Was hoping to get closer to $100 for it.

But sometimes you have to make room for other things.

That and cash is nice!

Paid: Free! (given to me)

Time to sell: 4 Months

12. Combined Order

Every month I usually get a few combined orders.

I’ve always left them off the list because I typically feature the highest priced items.

But I decided to include it to show you the power of a combined order.

Poshmark is a great platform when it comes to bundling items. But this seems to be one of the drawbacks for selling on eBay.

To offset the difficulties on eBay, I have some language built into my listing templates that encourages shoppers to check my other items.

It also explains that I will gladly combine shipping.

Doing this, is a little time consuming for me (having to send out an invoice). But the trade off is worth it.

I’ve sold as many as 8 items at once doing this!

Paid: $10 (a couple of items were sourced online)

Time to sell: various

11. German Army Pants

German Army Pants Sold On eBay

If you come across German army pants like these they can sell for quite a lot.

You want to look for ones that have a vapor barrier in the knees. You can tell because the knees will make a loud crinkle sound when you pat them.

I’ve sold a few pairs for in the $70-$80 range and they sold quickly.

However, this particular pair just wouldn’t sell for whatever reason.

Then voila! They sold just like that.

So if you have something that you know is worth quite a lot, don’t be afraid to sit on it.

Paid: $2.50

Time to sell: Over 1 Year

10. Outdoor Research Quinault Indian Nation Coat

Outdoor Research Jacket Sold On eBay

This was another gamble.

I wasn’t sure if something like this would sell or not since it had a local Indian Tribe logo on it.

This is what the back looked like:

But boy I’m glad I got this!

The uniqueness of this is what I think sold this item.

Paid: $2

Time to sell: 10 Days

9. True Religion Men’s Jeans

True Religion Jeans Sold On eBay

It’s always surprising to me what you can find new with tags.

These True Religion jeans were brand new with tags that had a price of almost $200.

I only wish I could have gotten that much! But alas, even new, they aren’t selling for that.

Oh well, I’ll take the $55.

Paid: $1.75

Time to sell: 2 Months

8. Vintage Men’s Army Coat

Vintage Military Coat Sold On eBay

I was so excited to have this vintage army coat (unused) given to me!

It’s always hard to price things like this.

But I did my best, and it sold in 4 hours.

I did have several low ball offers on it (including on Poshmark).

Paid: Free! (given to me)

Time to sell: 4 Hours

7. Under Armour Jacket Broken Zipper

Under Armour Army Coat Sold On eBay

I got this jacket as part of a salvage lot I won on auction.

Pretty much everything in was garbage. (Okay, I sold 2/3 of the items with flaws, the rest I tossed).

It was really surprising how much people were willing to pay for flawed items.

This jacket I put on auction because I thought it would do well. And I guess right!

Why someone would pay $62 for a jacket with a broken zipper, I don’t know.

But that’s what happens every once in a while with auctions.

Paid: $8

Time to sell: 7 Days

6. Vintage Gunne Sax Dress

Vintage Gunne Sax Dress Sold On eBay

I thought I priced this dress high for the condition it was in, but I guess not. 

I received several lowball offers (including on Poshmark) in the few minutes it was listed.

It sold in just 21 minutes. Surprising because the next dress on this list took 6 months to sell

Sometimes you just never know.

Paid: $1

Time to sell: 21 Minutes

5. Vintage Gunne Sax Dress

Top eBay Sales

No, you are not seeing double! Another Gunne Sax dress for the list!

This dress was left over in the bins after all the “professionals” had been through it.

After selling a couple Gunne Sax dresses last year (both which made my Top Sales list), I knew this would be an awesome return on my (whole) dollar investment!

The Gunne Sax dresses I sold previously had lots of watchers, lots of offers, and many messages from buyers.

This dress, on the other hand, had nothing!

Well…a few watchers here and there.

I sent out lots of offers for $69 but had no takers. Then I woke up one day to this sale!

Paid: $1

Time to sell: 6 months

4. Driza Bone Men’s Oilcloth Coat

Driza Bone Sold On eBay

When you have reseller friends they can tell you about things to look for.

One thing a friend mentioned was oilcloth.

So when I found this trench coat, I thought I would give it a shot.

Also, it was made in Australia, which is usually a good sign for resale value.

I priced high, and sat on it for a while before it sold for (full) sale price. (Meaning I didn’t take an offer).

Paid: $4.50

Time to sell: 5 weeks

3. Mustang Coverall PFD

This is one no one else wanted. To heavy, I guess.

But my outlet has a policy to price heavy, untagged items for $4.99. So I figured, hey, what the heck. Might as well take a gamble on this.

Oh, and I’m horribly embarrassed to show this picture! This is an example of how NOT to take a picture.

But I was in a hurry and this is what it ended up like, complete with the lighting cord across the top left corner.

Oh well. It still sold despite the awful picture.

Paid: $4.99

Time to sell: 5 weeks

2. Gaming Keyboard

I don’t have a whole lot of knowledge about keyboards. But I do know specialty keyboards and mice can have a nice resale value.

So I was pleasantly surprised when I looked up this brand. It seemed to have a great sell through rate also (a lot sold compared with how many were listed).

In addition, at the time of the listing, I think there was only one other of this exact one listed.

Anyways, I found this in the bins at the end of February long before the words “quarantine,” “stay at home,” and “shelter in place” were even in anyone’s vocabulary.

The week everything came to a halt because of COVID-19 was when this sold.

Hey, people stuck at home need something to do!

It was listed at $89.99 and I sent an offer of $84.99 out to a watcher which was accepted.

Paid: $2

Time to sell: 3 weeks

and drumroll please…

1. Signed, Number Edition Book

Book Sold On eBay

This was a really random find.

Normally, our outlet has “Book People” that go through and scan all the books.

So when I came across this one that was signed and numbered, I didn’t think it was worth much.

However, once I looked it up there were others listed for well over $100 (although they didn’t seem to be selling.

I really didn’t think I would get this much for it!

I priced high without offers and it sold while on sale.

Oh, and I over paid for this book just a bit.

Books are priced at $0.50. But I got so excited I hid it under all the clothes in my cart and for got to take it out before checking out.

So I ended up paying by the pound.

Paid: $1

Time to sell: 1.5 Months

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