Hat brands to resell for big money on eBayLooking for the best hand brands to resell for big money on online platforms like eBay, Poshmark and Mercari? In this post you’ll find 10 brands and styles of hats that are selling for hundreds (and in some cases, thousands) of dollars! These hat brands are what you should be looking for as a reseller if you want to make big money!

Used Hats Selling For Big Money On eBay

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Hat Brands Selling For Big Money

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Top 10 Hat Brands & Styles To Resell

Let’s jump on in to the brands and styles of hats that are selling in used condition for big money on eBay.

(Note that these sold listings were taken from eBay, but the value of these items will also be high on other platforms like Mercari, Poshmark, Depop and more).

1) Resistol

This is a western and cowboy hat brand from Texas.

Designed to “resistal all” weather, these hats are well made.

This is a vintage Resistol that sold for over $200 on auction.

Inside, you’ll find the brand name on the band of the hat.

With this brand as well as many other vintage hats, you’ll likely find a paper tag like this that shows the style name and hat size:

2) Baseball Hat With Sharktooth Pattern

No need to know anything about sports teams with these hats.

Simply look for the large sharktooth pattern across the front of the hat.

Why these are selling for a lot of money, I’m really not quite sure.

This Raiders hat sold for nearly $350!

These hats come from Proline Logo Athletics and the tag looks like this:

3) Jack McConnell

This is a vintage women’s hat designer. Hats are uniquely designed and constructed carefully.

This particular hat sold for nearly $135.

Inside, you’ll find a tag that either says “Jack McConnell Boutique” or “Styled by Jack McConnell.”

Interestingly, if there is a red feather under the “Styled by Jack McConnell” tag, these are considered a “red feather special” and are said to have received the personal attention of Jack McConnell.

These red-feather specials can sell for a premium.

4) Stetson

Another big player when it comes to cowboy and western-style hats!

Stetson hats generally hold their value really well.

Hats with special designs can sell for even more.

Check out this beautiful bead work on this Stetson.

It sold for $225!

And this one with feathers sold for $139.

You’ll find the Stetson name along the inside band as well as in the crown:

Note that in addition to the Stetson name, it’s common to find the store/shop the hat was made for, and you’ll find this on the inside band as well:

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5) Vintage Hard Hats

Fifth on the list is vintage hard hats!

With these, there are certain brands that you’ll want to look for.

Two brands that sell for a few hundred dollars are:

  • Bethlehem Steel
  • Bullard

Note that with some of these the inside harnessing is removable like this:

6) Helen Kaminski

Helen Kaminski is an Australian based company, but their hats can be found worldwide.

They are best known for their woven hats using a material called raffia.

Hats sell for $200-$300 new on their website.

So it’s no surprise that their hats sell for quite a bit of money in used condition, like this one that sold for $162.

You can quickly spot this brand from a raffia seed metal emblem on the exterior of the hat.

You’ll also find the raffia seed logo on the tag, like this:

7) Vintage Trucker Hat

This is a huge catch all category of hats.

And this category can sell for a lot of money.

You’ll want to look for:

  • Recognizable brands (Boeing, Panasonic, Marlboro, etc.)
  • Funny or humorous hats (crude hats do well also if that’s your thing)

This Skoal hat sold for $105 even with a broken bill!

Note that many of these hats may not have much by way of tags on the inside.

8) Uniform Hats

This is another huge category that encompasses a wide range of careers and jobs.

And of course, vintage hats will typically sell for more money.

Check out this vintage Pan Am Airlines stewardess hat that went for $590 after 29 bids on auction:

This is what the tag looks like for this hat:

Some other uniform hats to keep an eye out for:

  • Park ranger
  • Sherrif
  • State patrol

9) Vintage Military Hat

This category can be a very profitable hat category to sell in.

Hats from around the world are selling in this category, not just from the US.

With military hats, as with many other items, the older the item, the more valuable it is likely to be. This is due to the basic supply-demand and there not being a whole lot of older items still around.

Check out this Civil War era hat that sold for $400:

Of course, this would be a pretty rare find to come across while out thrifting or garage sale-ing.

But there are plenty of other more recent (and more common to come across) hats that still sell for quite a bit.

Here is one from WWII that sold for $250:

10) Luxury Brands

Tenth on this list are hats from luxury brands.

Some more-common luxury brands selling for over $100 include Coach, Gucci and Fendi.

This Louis Vuitton sold for a whopping $1,600 with just 3 bidders:

Bonus Hat #11: Fur Hats

Okay, so I had to give you a bonus hat that can sell for big money!

And that’s women’s fur hats.

These were all the rage of the 1940s and 1950s, and they are still selling for a lot.

With this category, you can’t always go by the brand name. There are a lot selling for a pretty penny that are obscure brands or even unbranded.

Check out this white fox hat that sold for $185.

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