About Me

First off, welcome to my blog! 

I am a full time mom, part-time reseller.  I started reselling in August 2017. 

My first month’s income was disappointing to say the least, but fortunately, I stuck with reselling and am making MUCH more than my part-time job prior to reselling.  You can find out how much I made in the most recent month here.  Not bad for essentially a nap time business!

Prior To Reselling

Prior to having kids, I worked as an engineer. As a 24- year old, I had a “mid-life” crisis. I realized I wasn’t thrilled about sitting in an office doing my time till retirement. So I did the only sane thing I could think of at the time – had a baby and left.

Since having kids, I have tried many ways to make and save money – couponing, budgeting, doing surveys, teaching as an adjunct professor, and teaching kids’ music classes.

You can read more here about my transition from my job to reselling in an interview I did with Alexia at Mama With A Calling.

How I Got Started Reselling

Several years ago I tried to sell some baby clothes on eBay with no luck. I didn’t know what I was doing, so I never stuck with it.

However, when pregnant with our youngest, I went on a crazy minimalist rampage. I tossed things left and right. Some things I decided to sell. It was then, that I fell in love with selling on eBay!

Shortly after, a friend told me she was reselling for a living and encouraged me to give it a shot. I remember her talking about “her business.” And me thinking “you call that a business?” Little did I know, many people make a full-time living from reselling!

I gave it a shot. My first trip to “source” I spend $9. I have been flipping that $9 ever since!


Why I Love Reselling

When I started reselling, I found that I could work on my business during times that were better for my family.  The work is easy to start and stop (meaning I could work in as small of chunks of time as I had) and is flexible. 

I had the flexiblity to not worry about childcare – I could take kids to go sourcing with me (for reasonable amounts of time).  Photographing, listing, and shipping could take place in either early mornings, evenings, or nap times. 

The other reasons I love reselling are:

  • Little to no start up costs
  • No need for marketing, an elevator pitch, “parties,” or trying to sell your product – great when you are an introvert!

My Passion

My passion is to help you find the freedom I have found through reselling. To help you live the life they want. To help you chase your dreams!




Thanks for joining me!  I am glad you are here. 

I’d love to meet you and find out where you are on your reselling journey.  Leave a comment anytime or follow me on Instagram.