how to get more views on eBayAre you feeling frustrated?

You’ve taken the time to list your things on eBay.

But they’re just sitting there.

Not getting any views.

Not selling.

And worse, not making you any money.

If this is where you find yourself, let me take a second to tell you you’re not alone.

I’ve been in your very shoes. Trying to make some money, but just not seeing results.

Luckily, all that’s changed and I know run a successful business flipping used items on sites like eBay, Poshmark, and Mercari.

In this article, you’ll find 10 tips on how to get more views (and most importantly sales) on eBay.

So let’s get you from frustrated to successful! Let’s get started!

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Who Am I?

Okay, before we get started, you might be wondering who I am to be giving advice on how to get more views on eBay.

My name is Lee and I’m a part time reseller. Just by working a few hours during my kid’s naptimes, I’ve made over $75k flipping used clothes on sites like Poshmark, eBay, and Mercari.

But it wasn’t always this way.

I was just like you – looking for a way to make money from home.

I tried all the things. Even selling on eBay.

But I didn’t sell a single item!

Fortunately, I’ve figure eBay out, how to make sales, how to get more views on items, and how to bring in consistent DAILY income!

Now, in addition to running a successful reselling business, I also help people just like you start and grow successful reselling businesses!

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How To Get More Views On eBay

Okay. So you’re having trouble getting your items viewed on eBay.

Maybe you’re sitting there watching the number of viewers and it’s just not where you think it should be.

And worse, your things aren’t selling.

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • How to get more views on eBay
  • How to rank in eBay search results
  • How to use SEO (search engine optimization) to get more views
  • How using “item specifics” can help the right buyers find your items.
  • Other things you can do to increase your views (as well as sales).

Let’s get started on how to get more views on eBay – so we can get your things both seen and sold – and put some money in your pocket!

Tip 1: SEO-Optimize Your Listings

This is probably the easiest, and most important way to get your items to rank in eBay search results!

Shoppers on eBay primarily shop by searching.

For example, maybe they need to buy some dance shoes for their daughter’s dance class.

Let’s say it’s a tap dance class and the studio requires white shoes with a buckle ankle strap.

Our theoretical shopper would go to eBay and type in something like:

Tap Dance Shoes White Buckle Girl’s Size 12

The listings whose title matches closest to the search keywords will come up at the top of the search results.

I also recommend including the following where applicable:

  • Who it’s for (women’s, men’s, etc)
  • Brand
  • What the item is (shirt, camera, etc)
  • Keywords
  • Color
  • Size

The take away here is to use the words your shopper would use to find your item.

Tip 2: Fill In Item Specifics

In addition to the search bar, the other primary way buyers find items is through using filters.

Filters allow shoppers to narrow down their search results.

Filters depend on the category the user is searching in, but can include things like color, pattern, theme, etc.

This is where “item specifics” comes in.

Item specifics are that annoying section of the eBay listing workflow that involves a lot of checkboxes and pulldowns.

It’s the section that looks something like this:

This is the part that makes most sellers want to pull their hair out or skip over all together.


And this is a big but….

This section is SUPER IMPORTANT when it comes to your items being found by the right shoppers.

When you fill out as many item specifics as you can, you can almost guarantee getting more view on eBay as well as more sales.

This is because when buyers use the filters and they match what you’ve put in in the item specifics, your listings will come up.

Don’t fill out the info? Your listing won’t come up!

Bottom line: fill in as many item specifics as you can.

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Tip 3: Take Great Pictures

One reason your item (or items) may not be getting any views is the quality of the pictures.

Your items may be coming up in the search results just fine, but if the picture is dark, not close up enough, or just poor quality, shoppers may be scrolling right past.

Your cover picture (your first picture) is the one that shows in search results.

So you will want to make sure that at a minimum your cover picture is top notch.

While you don’t necessarily need professional equipment, it does pay to make some small investments in things like lighting kits.

(Lighting is the #1 mistake when it comes to pictures.)

I have several articles about taking great pictures and the equipment needed (without having to break the bank):

Insider tip: using a background eraser will help search engines like Google find your listings!

Here are a couple of items I like for taking pictures:

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Tip 4: Pricing

Another reason your items may not be getting many views on eBay, may be due to your pricing.

Pricing is another place where many new sellers make mistakes – with the mistake being over pricing.

The first time I tried selling on eBay, this was my mistake that kept me from making any sales.

It’s easy to over price, especially if they are personal items that you have some emotional attachment to.

If your items are over priced, shoppers may be scrolling right past.

Or, it’s possible that they’ve filtered by price – low to high – and that your listings are at the bottom of the search results.

So how do you know how much to price items?

By looking up comparable sales (similar items that have sold).

Then price your items accordingly.

(Here’s an article I wrote on how to look up sold prices.)

Once your items are priced competitively, you should start seeing more views (and sales) on your items.

Take away: price your items at or near the average sale price of similar items.

Tip 5: Allowing Offers

If you’re still not getting many views on your eBay listings, I’d suggest editing your listings to allow best offers if you haven’t already.

When you allow offers, this means you’re flexible on your pricing.

It also means buyers can use filters to show only listings with best offers – and yours will come up.

I find that anytime you do something that allows your listings to be found with filters, you will get more views as well as more sales on eBay.

And remember…just because you allow offers, you are in no way obligated to accept offers you don’t like.

But when a buyer wants your item, they will likely make an offer close to your asking price. And oftentimes, buyers still pay full price.

Bottom line: Allowing offers will get your items to come up in search results more often, and will in turn get more views.

Tip 6: Promote your listings

Another way to get more view on eBay (as well as more sales), is to use what are called “promoted listings.”

Promoted listings are basically a way to have your item come up twice or more in search results.

eBay currently has a few different ways to promote listings:

  • Promoted Listings Standard
  • Promoted Listings Express
  • Promoted Listings Advanced

With the standard version, you are only charged when buyers buy through the promoted listing – it’s based on a percentage of the sale you choose – as little as 1%.

With the advanced version, you are charged every time a shopper clicks into the listing, whether or not they buy.

You can read about promoting listings on eBay here.

My recommendation is to use promoted listings standard, and to go with the 1% ad rate.

Tip 7: Maintain Good Seller Status

Still having trouble getting views on your items?

Do you know what your seller status is?

Your status depends on things like shipping on time, defects (i.e. cancellations), and cases closed without seller resolution.

Here is a look at my seller level:

Making sure you ship on time, provide quality items, and great customer service, is how you maintain a high seller level with eBay.

And when you do so, eBay rewards you with showing your listings higher up in the search results – meaning you’ll get more views on your items.

Insider tip: Top Rated Seller is the highest rank you can have as an eBay seller. You can find out more about becoming a top-rated seller here.

Tip 8: Open An eBay Store

No, you don’t need a store in order to sell on eBay.

But…when you have an eBay store, store subscribers typically rank higher in eBay search results.

Meaning that your items will get more views and more sales.

Also, eBay has also shared some very interesting data regarding eBay stores.

They report that:

Having a storefront, it would appear, increases shoppers confidence, resulting in more traffic, and more sales.

Here is what my store looks like. You can see it has a little bit more professional feel to it:

Tip 9: Sell Things People Want

One reason you might not be getting sales is, you might not be selling the things people want.

You aren’t selling what’s in demand.

Or there’s too many other similar items listed.

So how are you supposed to know if your items are ones that people want?

You’ll want to do some research on what is known as the “sell-through rate.”

This is basically a comparison between the number of items listed and the number of items sold.

Let’s say there are 1,000 of a certain type of item listed, but only 10 have sold. That’s a very low sell-through rate. The demand just isn’t there.

On the contrary, lets say there’s 1,000 of another kind of item listed, but 1,500 have sold. That item is well in demand and has a high sell-through rate.


Another option for store subscribers is to use Terapeak.

This is a handy research tool that comes with Basic store subscriptions and higher.

Terapeak can give a lot of information including what types of items are in demand.

Tip 10: Participate In eBay For Charity

One last tip for getting more view on eBay, is to participate in the eBay for charity program.

It’s an amazing program with thousands of charities to choose from.

It’s as easy as clicking the checkbox in the listing form and selecting your charity of choice.

You can choose which items you want to donate on.

Listings that participate in the eBay charity program will be noted in search results like this:

They also get a special ribbon next to the title in the listing.

Also, people who want to support a certain charity can choose to shop only items that support that charity.

This is a fun way to give to a cause you care about.

In just one year, I’ve been able to donate around $3,000 to an organization that provides shelter and life-changing opportunity to homeless mothers-to-be!

You can read more about eBay for Charity here.

Conclusion For How To Get More Views On eBay

This was a lot of information in one article.

These tips for how to get more views on eBay, should not only get you more views….

….they should get you in turn, more sales.

Just put what you’ve learned into practice, and you should see the results of your efforts very soon.

Here’s to Listing To Freedom!


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