Look Up Sold Prices Ebay Best OfferTrying to figure out how to look up sold prices on eBay?

In this article, you’ll learn how to:

  • See how much items actually sold for
  • Look up the actual sale price of items that sold on eBay’s best offer

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Alright, so onto figuring out those sold prices on eBay!

As you are probably already aware, knowing what items are selling for on eBay is super important if you’re going to be listing similar items to sell.

You want to get the most money for your item, right?

How To Look Up Sold Prices On eBay

So onto how to look up sold prices on eBay!

There are basically two scenarios for looking up prices of sold items.

The first is for items that sold on auction or fixed price with no best offer accepted. These cases are very straight forward and we’ll go through these first.

The second scenario is when items sell with a best offer. (This can happen with both auctions and fixed price listings.)

As a side note, if you’re wondering when to use fixed price and when to use auctions, you will want to read this article.

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Looking Up Sold Prices On eBay (No Best Offer)

When there’s no best offer involved in a sale, it makes it very straight forward to find out the selling price.

Here are the two steps to look up sold prices:

  1. Search for the item you are looking up (just as if you were shopping)
  2. Use the filters to narrow your search down to show just sold listings.

What will come up is those listings that have sold recently.

Note: you will also want to look at completed listings. This will include both sold listings as well as listings that ended without a sale.

Sold Vs. Unsold Listings

When you’re looking at completed listings, there’s an easy way to distinguish between listings that sold and ones that did not sell.

Here’s how:

Sold listings will have green text for the price.

Unsold listings will have black text for the price.

See this example:

Sold Prices On eBay

For this example, the two items on the left both sold. The two items on the right ended without selling.

(Also note the differences in the wording and color of the dates sold/ended.)

Note that the bottom left has a strikeout through the price because a best offer was accepted.

We’ll use this item for an example here in a minute of how to look up the selling price when a best offer was accepted.

Looking Up Sold Prices On eBay (Best Offer Accepted)

So how are you supposed to figure out how much items sell for when a best offer is accepted?

This is where it gets tricky!

You may have seen other blogs or YouTubers refer you to the website, WatchCount.com.

This was an easy way to look up sold prices of eBay items where a best offer was accepted.

HOWEVER, this is a big however!…..This method no longer works!

Here’s the short story:

If you don’t have an eBay store, there’s basically no way to look up the actual sold price of an item where a best offer was accepted.


If you have an eBay store, though, there is hope!

You will simply need to look up the item using the Terapeak Research Tool that comes with all levels of eBay Store subscriptions.

Using Terapeak To Look Up Sold Prices Of Best Offer Items

For those of you that have a eBay store, this is pretty easy.

First, navigate to Terapeak Product Research under the Research tab for your Seller Hub

Next, type in what you are looking up.

Scroll through until you find the listing you are looking for.

For the example above with the vintage Cherokee shorts, this comes up in the Terapeak search results:

Sold Price Of Best Offer On eBay

We can see this item sold for a best offer of $8.80, not the original asking price of $12.80.

Note: you can filter in Terapeak to only show items with a best offer format, if you like.

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Conclusion To How To Look Up Sold Prices On eBay

I hope this article helped you learn how to easily look up sold prices on eBay.

While, there’s not currently a way to look up Best Offer prices for sold items for non-eBay store subscribers, this is just one more reason to think about opening up a eBay store. (Stores start for as little as $4.99 a month!)

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I wish you the best of luck with selling on eBay!


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