ebay store feesThinking about opening an eBay store? Here is how much eBay store fees are. Learn if an eBay store subscription is right for you.

Do You Have To Have A Store To Sell On eBay?

This is a pretty common question. And the answer is “no.”

You can sell on eBay without opening a store.

Selling On eBay Without A Store

Without having a store subscription, you get 50 free listings a month. This means you can list 50 items every month with no insertion fee.

However, you are charged when your items sell. This is called a final value fee. And it can vary based on the category you are selling it, but it is typically 10%

Take advantage of those free listings!

When Should You Open A Store?

For most cases, you should only consider opening a store if you are running out of your 50 free listings every month.

Now keep in mind, that listings renew every 30 days. So if you list something in Month 1 and it doesn’t sell, it will count towards your 50 free listings again in Month 2.

You may also want to start an eBay store subscription for these 10 reasons.

So What Are eBay Store Fees?

An eBay store subscription comes with perks like more free listings, lower insertion and final value fees, and more.

If you are selling quite a bit (it will depend on the number of listings as well as their sale price), you may be able to save money by opening an eBay store.

eBay has 5 different levels of eBay store subscriptions:

  1. Starter
  2. Basic
  3. Premium
  4. Anchor
  5. Enterprise

The amount you pay will depend if you want an annual subscription (you commit for a year) or if you want to pay month to month.

Starter Store

Annual subscription: $4.95/mo
Monthly subscription: $7.95/mo

Basic Store

Annual subscription: $21.95/mo
Monthly subscription: $27.95/mo

Premium Store

Annual subscription: $59.95/mo
Monthly subscription: $74.95/mo

Anchor Store

Annual subscription: $299.95/mo
Monthly subscription: $349.95/mo

Enterprise Store

Annual subscription: $2,999.95/mo

Should You Get An Annual Subscription?

Obviously, the price is cheaper for an annual subscription.

But with the annual subscription you are committing for a year. If you break your contract, eBay will charge you an early termination fee.

If you aren’t sure if you are going to be selling an entire year, I’d suggest going with the monthly contract. You can always upgrade to the annual subscription at any time.

Free Listings With Your eBay Store Subscription

When you have an eBay store, you get a higher number of free listings.

Here is the break down:

Starter Store

Buy it now: 100
Auction: 0

Basic Store

Buy it now: 250
Auction: 250

Premium Store

Buy it now: 1,000
Auction: 500

Anchor Store

Buy it now: 10,000
Auction: 1,000

Enterprise Store

Buy it now: 100,000
Auction: 2,500

Lower Fees With Your eBay Store Subscription

When you have an eBay store, you also get lower insertion fees and final value fees.

Insertion Fees

If you go past your allocated number of free listings, you will be charged an insertion fee.

Here is the insertion fee breakdown by store level:

  • Starter store: $0.30
  • Basic store: $0.25
  • Premium store: $0.15
  • Anchor store: $0.10
  • Enterprise store: $0.10
Final Value Fees

Final value fees drop with a store drop from 10% down to 9.15% for all store levels with the exception of a starter store.

So Are You Ready To Start Your eBay Store Subscription?

If you’re ready to dive in, just go here to get started: