Poshmark Shipping SuppliesLooking for what you need to ship your Poshmark sales? Here are the Poshmark shipping supplies to use to:

  • make a good impression
  • get high ratings (including love notes)
  • and keep customers coming back again and again.

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Thank You's

Poshmark asks sellers to include a thank you note.

There are many options for including a thank you with your item including:

  • Tags
  • Stickers (on tissue paper looks cute!)
  • Traditional cards
  • Business-style cards

Are are some trendy options:

Floral Thank You Tags

This cute leaf tag comes in a pack of 50. It doesn’t come with twine, so you will need to purchase that separately.

Gold Metallic Thank you Tags With Twine

This tag has metallic lettering and comes with twine. What’s included:

  • 100 cards
  • 100 feet of twine

1.5″ Floral Thank You Stickers (Roll of 500)

These floral stickers come in a roll of 500. This is a great option if you don’t want to deal with twine.

These look very cute on tissue paper.

1.5″ Black & White Thank You Stickers (Roll of 500)

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These stickers have bold black and white patterns which are very eye catching.

The best part is they have 8 different patterns on each roll.

Floral Thank You Cards With Envelopes (40 pack)

If you’d like to go with traditional cards, these floral patterned cards come in a pack of 40 with cheery matching envelopes.

Chalkboard Thank You Cards With Envelopes & Stickers (150 pack)

This chalkboard-trend thank you card is a good option if you have a lot of sales.

It comes with 150 and includes:

  • cards
  • envelopes
  • stickers

Woodland Animals Thank You Business Cards (96 pack)

These woodland animals thank you cards measure 2.5″ x 3″.

The back is left almost blank so you have plenty of room to write a personalized note.

Floral Thank you Business Card (100 pack)

This cards simply say “Thank you for supporting my business.”

The back is white and is completely blank for writing your own note.


Thankfully, Poshmark has an awesome deal with the United States Postal Service to be able to use their Priority boxes at a great rate.

The best part about these boxes is they are FREE!

USPS FREE Shipping Supplies

These are the ones I order regularly

All of these supplies can be ordered and delivered to your door free of charge! Just go here to order your free supplies.

(Please note that “Small” flat rate boxes are very small and will only hold something about the size of a cell phone.)

Other Packaging Supplies

In additional to thank you cards, you need to nicely wrap your Poshmark sale.

Some options are:

  • Tissue paper secured with twine
  • Tissue paper secured with thank you sticker
  • Clear bag with thank you sticker

Metallic Gold Bakers Twine

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This simple baker’s twine is cream and metallic gold colored.

You can use it to either wrap around your item in tissue paper, or to tie on a thank you note.

Metallic Gold Patterned Tissue Paper (60 Sheets)

It’s hard to find trendy tissue paper, but this one fits the bill. Comes in chevron, polka dot, and stripe prints of metallic gold.

White Tissue Paper In Bulk (960 sheets)

If you choose to go with plain white tissue, that can be a really nice effect.

Especially if you have colorful thank you cards or stickers.

The best part is this is probably the most budget-friendly option.

10″ x 13″ Clear Resealable Bags (200 pack)

Putting your item in a clear resealable bag can give it a very professional, clean look.

You can use these bags first, then wrap in tissue paper if you wish as well.

Or you can just use these bags, put a thank you sticker on it and call it good.

These bags are the perfect size for jeans, shirts, and small jackets. If you need other sizes, they come in other sizes as well.

Big Bubbles Bubble Wrap

If you’re shipping fragile items, you will want to invest in bubble wrap. There’s nothing worse than having a buyer tell you the item broke in delivery.

For bubble wrap, you will want to go with bubble wrap that has big bubbles.

The big bubbles will actually do their job of cushioning their item.

This roll is long enough to last a while, plus it is perforated every 2 feet so you can easily tear off how much you need.

Shipping Labels

An item that has been a huge time saver is sticky paper for printing labels on.

You may see a lot of sellers using label printers. I’m currently shipping 6-8 items a day and still use a regular printer.

I’ve calculated the cost and it’s very comparable to a label printer (considering I already own the printer). To save a TON on ink, I get my cartridges refilled at Costco. Then I print on these labels.

You can double your mileage with these labels by printing 4 labels per page (two per sheet).

Heavy Duty Packing Tape

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Packing tape is not something you want to skimp on.

This is the packing tape I use that is labeled “Heavy Duty” with the claim that it is 40 times stronger.

It is definitely better quality that your average packing tape, in my opinion.

Thanks For Joining Me

I hope these Poshmark shipping supplies help you make a great first impression with your items and get those repeat customers!