eBay shipping suppliLooking for the best eBay shipping supplies to use for selling on eBay? Here’s the exact list of supplies I use for reselling on eBay.

This list includes the poly mailers, boxes, and other shipping supplies I use to run my reselling businesses on eBay.

You will find my review along with where you can get shipping supplies for yourself!

And the best part – some are even free!

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Must Have eBay Shipping Supplies

1. Poly Mailers 10"x13"

Poly Mailers are a must have item. You can get them very cheap. Just a few pennies a bag.

The cheapest are usually the plain gray ones. But I like to make the drab job of shipping fun by using some fun printed bags. I’ve put together an Ultimate Roundup of the Trendiest Poly Mailers here.

The ones I have been using for a long time now are from eBay. I’ve used all the heart prints, flower prints, paisley prints, and bunny prints. Blue paisley is the one I order to ship men’s items.

You can buy these in bulk to get a steep discount. You really can’t get much cheaper than these.

Here is the link for cute bags at a great price.

There are also many stylish, trendy options on Amazon as well. Here are a few options there:


2. Poly Mailers 6"x9"

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These small-sized poly mailers are perfect for small shirts, shorts, and kids clothing items.

If hearts aren’t your thing, there are plenty of other 6″ x 9″ poly mailers to choose from.

You may need to print small versions of your labels to go on these bags. I have directions here on how to do that (thereby cutting your printing costs in half!).

3. Oversized 19"x 24" Poly Mailers

No products found.

Every once in a while I have to ship something very big that won’t fit in the regular 10″ x 13″ polymailers. This is where these bags come in.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any “cute” options. But these do the trick.

I also sometimes use these if I’m having a hard time fitting an item in a box. By putting it in the bag first, then squeezing out all the air, it is amazing how much smaller items become!

Then they easily fit in boxes and can actually help save you money by being able to use smaller boxes.

4. Tissue Paper

I don’t use tissue paper too often, but it’s fun to have some cute tissue. Here is one of many options.

5. USPS FREE Shipping Supplies

One of the most frequent questions I get is “Where do you get your boxes?” Or, “Aren’t boxes expensive?”

That’s where these come in. USPS has lots of different sizes to pick from and the shipping price is fairly reasonable.

These are the ones I order regularly

All of these supplies can be ordered and delivered to your door free of charge! Just go here to order your free supplies.

You can read more about some of these methods in little-known ways to save money on shipping here.


6. Big Bubbles Bubble Wrap

For bubble wrap, you will want to go with bubble wrap that has big bubbles.

The big bubbles will actually do their job of cushioning their item.

This roll is long enough to last a while, plus it is perforated every 2 feet so you can easily tear off how much you need.

7. Shipping Labels

An item that has been a huge time saver is sticky paper for printing labels on.

You may see a lot of sellers using label printers. I’m currently shipping 6-8 items a day and still use a regular printer.

I’ve calculated the cost and it’s very comparable to a label printer (considering I already own the printer). To save a TON on ink, I get my cartridges refilled at Costco. Then I print on these labels.

You can double your mileage with these labels by printing 4 labels per page. You can read the directions here on how to print 4 labels per page.

8. Heavy Duty Packing Tape

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Packing tape is not something you want to skimp on.

This is the packing tape I use that is labeled “Heavy Duty” with the claim that it is 40 times stronger.

It is definitely better quality that your average packing tape, in my opinion.

I use it both for boxes and to seal flat rate envelopes at the edges.

9. Scale

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If you’re just starting out and can only pick one thing from this list, a scale is it. It’s pretty hard to ship without one.

I use a kitchen scale we received as a wedding present since we already had it. You just need to be able to read to the closest 1/4 pound for items 1 pound and under. And to the closest 1 pound for items weight more.

For very large items, you can use a bathroom scale.

Recently, my kids broke my scale from putting a giant stuffed animal on it. I had this one picked out because of the price and reviews. And it is substantially cheaper than anything you will find in local stores (I looked!).

Luckily, my hand husband was able to take it apart and fix it. But this is the one I will get if it breaks again.

10. eBay-Branded Shipping Supplies

ebay-branded shipping supplies

eBay-branded shipping supplies are a great way to give your items a professional look.

They have a lot to choose from including:

  • Poly mailers (all sizes)
  • Padded poly mailers (all sizes)
  • Tissue paper
  • Packing tape
  • Stickers
  • Thank you cards
  • Boxes, and more

If you have an eBay store at the basic level or higher, you will get a quarterly shipping supply coupon. It can only be used with this seller.

This is just one of the perks of having an eBay store. You can read about 9 other perks here.

Other Things You'll Need For Selling

In additional to shipping supplies, you’ll also need cleaning and prep materials as well as photography supplies.

You can find my complete list of Reseller Supplies I Use here: 

Reseller Supplies I Use

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