Looking for ways to make shipping not so dull? Trendy and chic poly mailers are a great way to add some fun to what can be a boring job of shipping. I think they are also fun for the buyer to receive a cute package. And they make a good first impression.

So here’s a roundup of stylish, trendy and chic polymailers. (Please note some of the links below are affiliate links, including Amazon Affiliates, and I make a small percentage from sales to keep this blog running).

Why Use Trendy Poly Mailers?

So why not use just plain, gray polymailers? Why use trendy poly mailers?

Here are a few reasons you will definitely want to splurge on trendy and chic poly mailers:

  • They make shipping fun!
  • It’s fun for your buyer to get a cute package in the mail.
  • They make a good first impression.
  • They can help convert a buyer to a repeat customer!

What Can Trendy Poly Mailers Be Used For?

Trendy poly mailers are perfect for storing and shipping anything that is not breakable. They work great for:

  • Clothing
  • Accessories
  • Lightweight shoes in shoe boxes (such as baby shoes, ballet slippers)
  • Books
  • Plush toys

How Poly Mailers Can Save You Money

I’ve saved so much money by using poly mailers to ship things. Not only are they lightweight (so you don’t have to pay more for shipping than you have to), but they also help your items fit into flat rate envelopes and boxes that they wouldn’t normally fit into.

Let me explain. The cheapest method to ship things like jeans, sweatshirts, vests and the like is often a USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope. It can be a tight fit (plus a poor look) if you try to stick your item directly into the envelope.

That’s where poly mailers come in! By placing your item into a poly mailer, then into the Flat Rate Envelope (or box), it will easily fit! Without having used the poly mailer, I would have had to go to a bigger sized package that would have cost substantially more.

If You Sell On Poshmark

If you sell on Poshmark, you are probably used to using boxes to ship.

You may want to consider using one of these trendy polymailers before placing into your box. Not only does it give a great first impression, but it helps keep your item neat and folded for your buyer.

17 Trendy & Chic Poly Mailers

1. Gingham Plaid Poly Mailers

Plaid, especially buffalo plaid, is a hot trend right now. The classic black and white is sure to make a splash! These are self-sealing and come in a pack of 100.

2. Boho Tribal Arrows Poly Mailers

This boho inspired bag is one of my favorites. It is complete with chevrons, tribal print, arrows and feathers.

3. Tribal Arrow Poly Mailers

Ok, I admit I’m in love with arrows. This bag comes in a few different colors. The black and white is great for men’s items as well. And the best part is, it comes in various sizes as well! I like the 6×9 size for shipping smaller items. 

4. Fox Poly Mailers

Foxes are another hot trend. Why not use these polymailers featuring these sly, cute creatures? These would be great for kids clothing.

5. Llama and Cactus Poly Mailers

This bag combines two trendy things right now – llamas and cacti! With it’s pastel colors, this makes a great spring time pattern.

6. Mustache Poly Mailers

Trendy bags to ship men’s items are few and far between. If you’re looking for the perfect bags for shipping men’s items, this is the one! I think the mustaches would also be great for boy’s items as well!

7. Cactus and Succulents Poly Mailers

Any kind of succulents and huge right now. But especially in cute pots. These bags would be perfect for shipping out women’s clothing items.

8. Black and White Geometric Print Poly Mailers

If you are looking for gender-neutral bags for smaller items, these are the ones. They come in the small 6″x9″ size, perfect for shipping small clothing items.

9. Leaves Pattern Thank You Polymailer

This bag combines a cute print, gold geometric design, with a thank you written right on the bag! If you want to personalize it a bit, there is even plenty of room to write the buyer’s name at the top and sign your name at the bottom.

10. Swans Poly Mailers

This is another black and white bag that could work for either men’s or women’s items. It is simple yet stylish.

11. Pink Gold Triangle Poly Mailer

This is a cheery print featuring white and metallic gold triangles. This simple and trendy printed shipping bag comes in a 50 pack in a 12.5″x15″ size.

12. Houndstooth Poly Mailers

Houndstooth is such a classic, sophisticated print. It is probably my all-time favorite pattern. Especially in black and white. These come in a pack of 100 and would be great to ship pretty much everything.

13. Floral Thank You Poly Mailer

These pretty floral bags come in the 12″x15.5″ size. They are complete with a “Thank You” on the front. And there is plenty of room to add a personal note. Just be sure to use a permanent marker. 

14. Red Buffalo Plaid Poly Mailers

This is another one that would be great to ship men’s items in. This classic printed shipping bag comes in the small 6″x9″ size, the regular 10″x13″ size, as well as an oversized 14.5″x19″.

15. Pink Watercolor Stripes Poly Mailers

Another simple, yet classic pattern is made trendy with a watercolor-like texture to the pink stripes. These shipping bags come in 10″x 13″ size. Various colors are available!

16. Frenchie Dog Poly Mailers

Aren’t these the cutest? They come in a pack of 100 and are 10″x13″. They would work for pretty much anything, but would be great for kids items or of course dog items as well!

17. Black Floral Poly Mailers

This floral pattern on a black background is simply chic! This 100-pack comes in the 10″x13″ size. It would be great for shipping women’s clothes.

Flipping For Profit

Did you know there are countless “resellers” who make a living (even full-time income) from reselling pre-owned, used items? (That’s what I use these fun and trendy poly mailers for!)

While I’m not a full-time seller (I am a stay-at-home mom), I have been able to make a steady, reliable income from reselling (mostly) clothes. Just last year I was able to make almost $20,000 from flipping thrift store items for profit.

Reseller Bootcamp

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I hope you have fun using these trendy and chic polymailers! And that you have lots of sales and even some repeat customers!


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