Stuff On eBay Not SellingWondering why your stuff on eBay is not selling? Here are 13 reasons why your items aren’t selling and how to fix them so you can increase your eBay sales and start making money!

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Before we get started, is it possible what you are selling are things no one wants?

Check out these articles that will help you figure out if you have great items to sell:

1) Take Better Pictures

Is it possible your pictures aren’t up to par? Pictures are arguably one of the most important pieces of your listing as they are the first thing buyers see.

If you don’t have great pictures it might be why your stuff on eBay is not selling.

Pictures are what sells your items!

Here are a few tips to taking great pictures:

  • Use a simple background. Here is the one I use.
  • Invest in a lighting kit. Nothing is worse than dark photos
  • Don’t go crazy with props. Make sure it’s clear what is included in the listing.
  • Consider a mannequin. I find that shoppers like to see what items look like on.

2) Take Enough Pictures

Have you taken enough pictures?

eBay allows you to upload 12 photos. Make use of them.

You will want to take enough photos that shoppers can get an accurate feeling for your item.

3) Improve Your Title

Your title should match the words someone would use to search for your item.

If your description doesn’t include words people would use to find your item, you may be loosing out on sales as they won’t even be able to find your item.

If you’re struggling to make sales, make sure you’ve created effective titles!

4) Check That Your Item Is In The Correct Category

Have you listed your item in the correct category?

If you’ve chosen the wrong category, options available to you in the listing further down (such as in item specifics) won’t be correct.

Select the correct category, then be sure to update item specifics.

Here are some common mistakes:

  • Not listing vintage fashion in the vintage clothing category.
  • Listing sports gear or winter sports items in regular clothing categories.
  • Listing active wear in regular clothing categories.

5) Fill In As Many Item Specifics As You Can

Have you left some item specifics blank?

This is another reason why your stuff on ebay is not selling.

Item specifics are the pull-down options and check boxes eBay provides for the category you selected.

The more item specifics you fill in, the more likely buyers will be able to find your items.

6) Offer A Competitive Price

One of the biggest reasons for items not selling on eBay is that the price is too high.

You want to be competitive. If your price is way above other similar items, your item will set there forever and likely won’t sell.

When you have items priced right, they will sell!

7) Allow Best Offers

In addition to pricing your items competitively, you will also want to consider checking the box to allow best offers.

If you don’t use best offers yet, just give it a try! There is literally no risk in giving it a shot. If you don’t like an offer, just decline or counter it.

But seriously, the best offer setting on my listings (and being willing to accept offers) is the ONE thing that has increased my sales the most.

8) Offer International Shipping

Are you offering international shipping?

International shipping can expand your customer based worldwide!

When you offer international shipping, you literally expand your reach and increase your customer base.

I’ve shipped to every continent except Antarctica (those penguins haven’t quite figured out how to order parkas yet!) and Africa.

It’s always fun to see where packages are headed to. I usually have a handful of orders each week headed to other countries.

9) 30-Day Return Policy

Are you offering returns on your items?

Not offering returns may be another possible cause of your items not selling on eBay.

Returns can help your buyers feel more comfortable buying items from you, thereby increasing your sales.

I recommend NOT providing free returns. Have your customer pay for return shipping.

With 30-day returns, buyer pays shipping, I consistently run a 2% return rate.

My actual return rate is less because about 1/3 of returns don’t actually get returned for whatever reason.

10) Promote Your Listings

Are you promoting your listings?

Promoted listings are an easy way to DOUBLE the exposure of your listings!

Promoted listings are basically an advertisement for your item in exchange for a small fee if it sells.

For 500+ items, I typically pay between $5 and $10 for promoted listings and I sell a TON more just for promoting.

So if you haven’t used promoted listings, get out there and start promoting them! You will see a difference.

11) Send Offers To Buyers

Are you sending offers to buyers?

This is probably my number one tip on how to keep money rolling in every single day!

From the computer, it’s very simple to send offers in bulk and shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes.

The bulk send option is only available to eBay store subscribers. Otherwise you will need to send offers one by one.

There is only a small window of time to capture buyers before they move on to another item.

12) Run Promotions (aka “Sales)

Have you tried running sales?

Unfortunately this option is only available to store subscribers. Check out this plus 9 other reasons you should consider an eBay store subscription.

Promotions (also known as sales) are a great way to get product moving! I run an (almost) continuous sale in my store. The only items not on sale, are the newest listed items.


13) Reasonable Shipping Costs

Are you charging too much for shipping?

High shipping costs can deter buyers.

Always make sure you are using the cheapest shipping method out there.

Thanks For Joining Me

I hope this post has helped you figure out why your stuff on eBay isn’t selling and what you can do about it.