How To Increase Poshmark SalesWondering how to sell on Poshmark, increase Poshmark sales, and actually make money? Poshmark can be a tricky platform, but these 21 easy tricks can increase your poshmark sales!

How To Sell On Poshmark

If you’ve been on Poshmark any length of time, you’ve probably started to realize, you are not going to make any sales just letting your items sit there.

Poshmark does take a little more work than other resale platforms like eBay or Mercari.

Let’s jump in to these 21 ways to give your Poshmark sales a boost!

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1. Choose Your Closet Name Wisely

First off, it’s important to choose your closet name wisely. A name is so important when it comes to branding and to converting buyers into repeat customers.

You want a name that is:

  • unique
  • memorable
  • not similar to anyone else’s

Using a name that is very close to another is probably the biggest mistake I’ve seen. It’s confusing for people searching for you.

If you already have a closet name, don’t worry. It’s easy to change.

From the computer, go to:

  1. Account settings
  2. Account info
  3. Then change username. You will need to go through some security procedures in order to get it changed.

2. Know The Best Brands To Sell

Now that you’ve got your closet name set up, it’s really important to know what the best brands to sell on Poshmark are.

If you have items that no one wants, none of these tricks will work.

 And no amount of sharing or any other tactics will bring you sales!

So it’s really important that you actually have things that other people want. You can find the 100 Best Brands To Sell On Poshmark here.

This list is broken down by various categories as the best brands vary depending on if you are selling say shoes or men’s jeans.

The best brands are ones that are well-known. Poshmark is also popular with younger shoppers so you will want to look for trendy brands.

Here are a few of the best brands:

  • Free People
  • Show Me Your MuMu
  • True Religion
  • Lululemon
  • Nike
  • Anthropologie brands
  • Torrid

You can grab the complete, printable list below:

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3. Price Your Items Competitively

Pricing items too high is one of the most common reasons for not making Poshmark sales.

It is important that you price your items competitively.

Do this by researching how much similar items are actually selling for.

Remember: Buyers are paying around $8 just for shipping. How much more would they be willing to pay for your item?

Once your items are priced competitively, they will be much more likely to sell.

4. Take Great Pictures

Pictures are the first thing shoppers see. They are what sells your item.

Bad pictures = no sales!

Here are a few tips to taking great pictures:

  • Use a simple background. Here is the one I use.
  • Invest in a lighting kit.
  • Don’t go too crazy with props. Make sure it’s clear what is included in the listing.
  • Consider a mannequin. I find that shoppers like to see what items look like on.

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5. Don’t Use Filters

Yes, I know Poshmark gives filters as an option.

But in most cases, do not use filters!

Filters can distort the color of your item.

What you want is to give shoppers the most accurate impression.

The only time I’ve had customers complain that the color didn’t look right when they got it, was when I used filters. Lesson learned.

Long story short: only use filters if it more accurately depicts your item.

6. Include Keywords

Keywords are words that buyers would use to search for your item.

In addition to the brand and size, you want to cover additional terms buyers might use to find your items.

Keywords include things like:

  • Material (cotton, linen, etc)
  • Trend (boho, off-shoulder, platform, wide leg, etc)
  • A specific color (mustard yellow, dusty rose, royal blue, etc)

Use these types of keywords in your title, and if they don’t all fit there, include them in the description section of your listing.

7. Create A Friendly “Meet Your Posher”

Meet Your Posher is created when you first sign up.

You can also go in and edit the details anytime you want.

Make sure you include a friendly picture of yourself. Feel free to add more than one picture.

Also include a little bit about you and what shoppers can find in your closet.

You want to appear:

  • Friendly
  • Approachable
  • Trustworthy

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8. Make Your Closet Attractive

In addition to great pictures, create interest with Poshmark Closet Signs.

By creating visual appeal, closet signs can help shopper stay in your closet longer, see more of your items, and possibly buy more.

You can also use them to advertise that you accept offers or you offer bundle discounts, such as “3 for $25,” or “Bundle & Save.”

9. Be Open To Accepting Offers

If you are open to accepting offers, you will make many more sales.

If your prices are firm, you might make more per item, but you won’t sell near so much. It’s as simple as that!

The general rule of thumb is to be more flexible the long you have something.

10. Offer A Bundle Discount

The great thing about Poshmark (compared to other platforms) is the easy for buyers to shop YOUR closet!

Reward them and increase your Poshmark sales by offering a bundle discount.

It can be as simple as “10% off 2 or more items when you bundle.”

Here are the steps to set up a bundle discount from mobile:
  1. Go to account
  2. My seller tools
  3. My seller discounts
  4. Turn your discount “on,” select the percentage off, and the minimum number of items.
  5. Save

How To Increase Poshmark Sales

Here are the steps from the full site:
  1. Account settings
  2. My seller discounts
  3. Turn your discount “on,” select the percentage off, and the minimum number of items.
  4. Press save

Having your bundle discount set up will automatically show the discount to shoppers when they are bundling.

Make sure you advertise that you offer a bundle discount in your:

This is what’s selling right now…


11. Send Offers To Likers

When shoppers “like” your items, you will have the option to send them an offer.

There are two options when you send offers. You can either make it:

  1. Public (everyone can see the price drop)
  2. Private (the price drop is only available to likers)

Public Price Drop

With this option, you will essentially edit the price in your listing. Your likers will get a notification that the price has dropped.

Shipping stays at the standard amount; you don’t have to offer a shipping discount.

The price will stay dropped until you edit it, if you choose to.

Private Offers To Likers

With the private option, only your likers will see the new price. Just select if you want to offer a 10%, 20%, or 30% discount.

With this option, you must also offer a shipping discount – either $4.99 shipping or free shipping.

Once you send offers to likers, the offer is good for 24 hours.

Here is an example of sending a private offers to likers with a 10% discount and a shipping offer of $4.99:

How To Increase Poshmark Sales

12. Share Your Items To Your Followers

As far as sharing goes, this is where you want to spend the majority of your time – on your own closet.

Sharing other’s items is great, but this is the one that will ACTUALLY make you sales!

Your closet comes first!

Having an automated sharing tool is a must.

That way, you can walk away and do other things while it’s sharing for you.

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13. Share Your Customer’s Items

The next thing you want to do when it comes to sharing, is to share items from people who have previously bought from you.

Reward your customers and turn them into repeat buyers!

Just go to “My Sales” to see the closets of customers who have bought from you. From there you can easily share their items.

14. Share Your Friends’ Listings

Once you’ve shared your own closet and your customer’s closets, the next thing you will want to do is share your Poshmark friends’ listings.

Find friends either in real life or online who sell similar items on Poshmark and build relationships.

Share each other’s items and you will soon be PFFs (Poshmark Friends Forever)!

This is another place where an automation tool comes in handy as you can “Community Share” and automatically share other people’s items.

15. Host Live Shows

Live shows are the future of Poshmark!

Most sales on Poshmark nowdays are coming from selling live.

Not sure what a live show is?

Is basically jumping on camera and showing (and talking about) the items that you are selling as part of your show.

If being on live video is not your thing (it’s DEFINITELY NOT mine!), don’t worry – there are other options for making sales.


16. Join A Share Group

Never heard of a share group? A share group is a group you can join where members share each other’s items.

Just type in “Share Group” in the Poshmark search bar (just like when you are shopping) and all the share groups will come up.

Poshmark Share Groups

Share groups have various requirements when it comes to sharing and some are on Facebook.

As a bonus, create your own share group.

17. Get More Followers

It goes without saying, that more followers you have, the more eyes will be on your items when you share to followers.

Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to get followers on Poshmark. I find that when you follow other Poshers, a high percentage will follow you back.

This is another task that can be automated to save you time!

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18. Make Your Packages Memorable

Once you make a sale, you will want to be sure to make your package memorable for your buyer.

A memorable purchase turns buyers into repeat customers!

They are excited to receive their item and you, of course, want them to be happy with their purchase.

Before they ever even get to the item, you want to create a magical first impression.

Use free USPS priority boxes. Medium Flat Rate Boxes are the most popular, versatile size. Just go here to order them and have them shipped to you free of charge.

Also make sure you include a personalized thank you note with their name.

flat lay photo of book and pencil

Here are some other shipping supplies that will give your sale the “Wow” factor:

You can find the complete list of Poshmark Shipping Supplies I recommend here.

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19. Make Sure You Have Notifications Turned On

With Poshmark, it’s important that you are responsive to potential buyers.

Make sure you have notifications for Poshmark turned on on your phone so that you can:

  • Answer questions promptly

20. Become A Poshmark Ambassador

Becoming a Poshmark Ambassador can sound daunting but the requirements aren’t too bad:

  • At least 15 sales
  • 50+ available listings in your closet
  • 4.5 star or better rating
  • Less than 3 days average ship time
  • 5,000 shares of your own items
  • 5,000 shares of other’s items
  • Leave at least 1 love note for a purchase you made

In addition to these requirements, you must also share items from 50 new Poshers.

New Poshers Shared

To get credit for the “new Poshers shared” requirement, you must be one of the first 50 Poshers to share a listing from a new seller.

The easiest way to find new Poshers is from the app:

  1. Account
  2. Find People
  3. New People
  4. Choose between “Freshest Closets” or “Just Joined”

All you have to do is click through to their account and share at least one item.

How Being A Poshmark Ambassador Can Increase Your Sales

Once you become a Poshmark Ambassador, when new Poshers join Poshmark, you will be recommended to them!

Checking Your Progress Towards Poshmark Ambassador

If you’re wondering how close you are to becoming a Poshmark Ambassador, just go to your account, then here to check out your progress:

Poshmark Ambassador Progress

Your progress towards becoming a Poshmark Ambassador will look something like this:

Progress Towards Becoming Poshmark Ambassador

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21. Cross Post To Other Platforms

While technically not a way to increase sales on Poshmark, cross listing or cross posting to other platforms will increase your sales in general.

And in the end, that’s all the matters.

More sales means more money in your pockets.

Consider cross posting to eBay, Mercari, Facebook Marketplace, and Etsy (for vintage items).

Thankfully, cross posting isn’t as much work as it sounds like with tools like Vendoo. Follow this link to get 25% off your first month. You can even try it out for free!

I Hope These Easy Tricks Increase Your Poshmark Sales!

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Thanks for joining me!


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