Sell On Poshmark FastLooking to turn your clothes into some quick cash? These 11 tricks will help you sell fast on Poshmark!

Have some clothes sitting around? Or maybe you want to try your hand and flipping thrift store items for profit?

Let me share these tricks with you that help me sell fast!

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First, A Bit About Me...

I am a full-time mom and part-time reseller. Yes, I flip clothes for profit!

It’s a fun nap-time job that has made me over $100,000!

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Now Onto Some Tricks To Get Your Poshmark Items Sold Fast!

Are you ready?

Here we go!

1) Know What To Sell

This is the number one way to sell fast on Poshmark!

Above all else, you need to know what kinds of items sell best!

If you don’t have items anyone wants, none of these other tricks will magically make your items sell.

So what are Poshmark shoppers looking for?

They are looking for the latest styles from top brands.

If you need help knowing which brands are best, check out my list of 100 Best Brands To Sell On Poshmark.

The list is broken down into different clothing categories as well as shoes, handbags, home goods and more!

When you have what buyers want, your items will sell quickly!

2) Take Great Pictures

Now that you know what brands sell best, that’s not enough.

You have to have great pictures!

No one is going to stop and look at a wrinkled up item thrown on the bed, pictures taken with the lights off.

Buyers want clear, bright pictures of items.

The best way to achieve this is with a light-colored background and lighting kit.

Photo Background

Yes, you can make due with what’s around the house, but a WHITE photo background can make all the difference.

Why white? Because our eyes as humans are naturally drawn to it. It will help your listing stand out from the rest.

The best part is, they are pretty cheap to pick up.

Here are a few great options:

Last update on 2024-06-24 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Lighting Kit

Lighting kits are a bit more expensive, but if you have a dark house, you definitely need one.

The most exciting part about when I got my lighting kit was that I could take pictures anytime of day – before my kids got up in the morning, or after they went to bed.

Here are a few starter options for lighting kits:

Last update on 2024-06-24 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


If you want to go the extra mile, a mannequin is also nice to have, but not absolutely necessary.

This is an affordable one if you are going to be selling a lot of tops or dresses:

Last update on 2024-06-24 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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3) Use Keywords In Your Listings

Keywords are how buyers find your items. They can include:

  • Brand
  • Item Type
  • Style

There are two places you want to be sure you have keywords:

  • Title
  • Description

Since you are limited to the number of characters in the title, you will want to add additional keywords into the description section.

In the description section, I also include the color, size, as well as who it is for (men’s, women’s, girl’s etc.)

Keywords help buyers find your items on Poshmark AND in search engines!


4) Price Your Items Competitively

There’s nothing that can kill sales like prices that are outrageously high.

When your items are priced right, they will sell quickly!

So how do you know how much to price your items?


  1. Search for similar items
  2. Use the filters to only show “Sold” listings

Looking at sold listings will help you determine how much similar items are actually selling for.

If you need help filtering, here are a couple of screen shots to get you to the right place:

Price Items On Poshmark


Filter To Sold Items Poshmark

You will then only be shown items that have been sold.

What you are interested in is the price items are selling for.

Try to price your item at or just above similar sold items.

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5) Be Willing To Accept Offers

The reason I suggest to price your items a little high is so that you have a bit of wiggle room to negotiate with buyers.

Doing so, will allow you to be able to accept offers.

When you are willing to accept offers (i.e. be flexible on your pricing), your items will sell much more quickly.

Be flexible with your pricing!

6) Send Out Offers Regularly

While accepting offers is a great way to sell quickly, sending out offers to likers is even better!

This is a much more proactive approach. It is like playing offense to win the sale.

By sending out offers, you are able to control how much you are willing to take (rather than being left wondering if you should accept a subpar offer sent to you).

The key to note here is this: you must send offers out on a regular basis.

Tip: Use an automated offer tool, like Flyp’s Poshmark Sharer. (Completely free!)

7) Share Your Closet Daily

If you want to sell quickly on Poshmark, sharing your closet daily is a must!

When you share your items, you push your items to the top of the search results.

If you don’t share, your items will get pushed to the bottom of search results and they will be harder for potential buyers to find.

If you want even bigger results, share your entire closet three – ten times per day: morning, afternoon, and evening!

Yes, that sounds like a ton, but that’s where automated tools like Flyp’s sharer comes in.

Go here to request access:

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8) Encourage Buyers To Bundle Items

One of the great things about Poshmark is the ability for buyers to bundle items.

Selling bundles is a great way to get multiple items out the door at once.

Here are some ways you can encourage buyers to bundle items:

  • Set up bundle discounts (Account > Seller Tools > My Seller Discounts)
  • Use Poshmark Closet Signs to advertise “Bundle & Save”
  • State in your Meet Your Posher that you offer bundle discounts.
  • Send an offer when a buyer adds an item to a bundle. (Note: you don’t need to offer a shipping discount when you send an offer on a bundle!)

9) Host Live Shows

Live shows are the future of Poshmark!

Most sales on Poshmark nowdays are coming from selling live.

Not sure what a live show is?

Is basically jumping on camera and showing (and talking about) the items that you are selling as part of your show.

If being on live video is not your thing, there’s a better way!

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10) Get More Followers

It goes without saying, the more followers you have, the more buyers will see your items when you share to your followers.

More followers will therefore translate into more sales.

Here are some easy ways you can get more followers:

  • Start following other Poshers (approximately 30% will follow you back!)
  • Become a Posh Ambassador
  • Change your Poshmark name (not your username) to start with an exclamation or even better a . Simply copy and paste this symbol. Followers are always shown alphabetically, so by having a symbol at the beginning of your name, you will be towards the top of lists.

*Hint: The Flyp tool also will auto follow other closets for you, likely getting you followers in return. (And it’s free!)

11) Package Nicely & Ship Quickly

There is nothing buyers love more than to receive an item quickly that is packaged nicely!

Packaging nicely and shipping quickly is nearly a guaranteed way to receive a 5-star rating and hopefully a repeat customer!

Getting a 5-star rating will help future buyers make a buying decision to buy from you. When you can show you have great feedback, buyers will be much more likely to purchase from you.

In addition, creating a fun and positive experience with your buyer can bring them back to shop with you again and again!

Here are some tips when it comes to packaging and shipping:

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Wrap Up

With these 11 tips, you will be sure to sell on Poshmark fast!

And again, if you want to learn how to resell for profit, join Reseller Bootcamp today!