Best Women's Clothing Brands To Resell For Big MoneyLooking for the best women’s clothing brands to resell on sites like eBay, Poshmark and Mercari?

In this post you’ll find 20 brands of women’s clothing that are selling for top dollar in used condition.

Discover the best women’s clothing brands and unlock your earning potential as a reseller!

Best Women’s Clothing Brands To Resell

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Top 20 Of The Best Women’s Clothing Brands To Resell


Let’s jump on into 20 of the best brands of women’s clothes to resell on sites like eBay, Poshmark, Mercari, Depop and more.

Now, this is in no way a complete list, so I’ve narrowed it down to just 20. Get the FREE brand list here for even more brands.

(Note that these sold listings were taken from eBay, but the value of these items will also be similar on other platforms like Mercari, Poshmark, Depop and more).

20) Aratta Silent Journey

This women’s clothing brand makes shirts and dresses. Items have a boho vibe and incorporate plaids, florals and embroidery.

Many of the shirts look like “normal” button up shirts from the front, but the back is another story. You’ll often find lace or embroidery on the back, like this peacock.

Here are a few sold items from this brand:

This is what the Aratta Silent Journey tag looks like. The text is script and small, and hard to make out.

The average sale price for Arrata Silent Journey items in used condition is around $35-$40.

19) Modcloth

Modcloth makes vintage inspired clothes, including some that are brightly colored or have big patterns.

This is more of a low-key style dress that sold for $29.

Here are some sold Modcloth items:

The tags are pretty basic looking and look like this:

I’d recommend going for sweaters, skirts, and dresses versus pants and tops.

The average sale price of this brand (including those lower price point items) is around $22.

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18) Flax

Flax by Jeanne Engelhart is one of my favorite women’s clothing brands to resell.

Most items are linen or linen blend.

And many fall into the “Lagenlook” category, which literally translates, “layered.”

This is a very typical selling price for one of their dresses:

Here are some other sold items from Flax.

On the tag, you’ll find large, capital letters for the word, FLAX. Underneath will say “by Jeanne Engelhart.”

Flax sells for around $30 on average, but if you go for dresses and jackets, these can sell for quite a bit mroe.

17) Commando

Commando’s signature look is faux leather. Their most popular items are faux leather pants and leggings, but they do make other types of items.

This skirt sold for over $60 in used condition.

Here’s some of the items that are selling:

Note that the tag is transparent and the brand name is vertical on the tag.

Commando items sell for around $25 on average, in used condition.

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16) Vetta

Vetta is a minimalist brand. Their items are typically solid or have minimal, or small print.

This brand is best known for its capsule-style wardrobes that are mix and match.

This skirt sold for $85:

Here are some of the other types of items that are selling:

Vetta’s tag is minimalist too, and looks like this:

The brand averages around $58 overall, and $35 for shirts.


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15) Knix

Knix is one of those unassuming brands that not a lot of resellers have heard of.

Pro tip: Thrift stores aren’t usually familiar with this brand either and don’t mark it up like they do with some other big name brands (I’m looking at you, Victoria’s Secret!).

Knix primarily makes wire free bras.

But they do make other items, like shapewear.

Here are a few sold items of Knix’s:

The tags are nearly always printed onto the item, and look like this:

Another way to spot this brand is by the logo, which is on the outside of some items.

This brand sells for around $22 on average, which is fairly high for a bra brand. Plus, they typically sell pretty quickly!


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14) Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher is one of those women’s clothing brands that definitely should make any “best brands” list.

The resale value of items varies, depending on many factors.

A couple things that help boost the resale value is the material type – look for linen, silk or other natural fibers – and the size. Bigger sizes typically sell for more, like this 3X shirt (also organic linen which is another thing it has going for it) that sold for $55.

Note that most Eileen Fisher items are solid, without print.

Tags are pretty standard and haven’t changed much over time. This is what Eileen Fisher tags look like:

Overall, this brand sells for around $35-$40 on average.

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13) Peruvian Connection

Peruvian Connection was originally a sweater brand – specifically using alpaca fibers.

This is a sweater I found while thrifting and it sold a few days after listing for the full asking price of nearly $100!

Peruvian Connections has branched out to make way more than just sweaters, and way more than just alpaca-based items.

Here are some of the items that are selling:

The tags on this brand can vary a lot based on when the item was made. Some but not all tags will have an alpaca logo.

Items sell for around $45 on average with this brand.


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12) Spanx

Although Spanx is probably best known for their shapewear, they also make other apparel items for women.

These other types of items include pants, dresses and more, and they are built with the same firmness and control that makes Spanx popular.

These are some leggings that sold for almost $35 in used condition.

And some other sold items for you…

The tags are typically red and look like this:

The overall average selling price for Spanx is around $25. For pants it’s about another $10 (around $35).

11) St. John

St. John is another classic that definitely makes one of the best women’s clothing brands to resell!

The value of items will vary greatly based on many factors.

This 3 piece set sold for nearly $300.

Most items will sell for less, but St. John is still a fabulous brand to find while thrifting.

Tags vary a lot. Here are just a couple of tags to give you an idea of what they look like.

St. John has an average sale price of around $70-$80.


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10) Comfy USA

Comfy USA is a brand that’s well, comfy AND made in the USA! Who woulda guessed!

Their items are mostly solid colors and many are oversized like this dress that sold for $65.

Comfy USA tags look like this:

9) Empriente

This brand is a high-end bra brand that sells for over $30 on average. (That’s one of the highest average sale prices out there for bras!)

Many of their bras are lace.

You’ll want to especially look for bigger cup sizes and bigger band sizes.

This 38F bra sold for $60.

The tag looks like this and on the backside you’ll find the sizing for various countries.

8) Latched Mama

As you might expect, Latched Mama is a company that makes clothing for nursing mommas.

The brand averages in the $25 range, but some items sell for much more.

Three types of items that sell for more are:

  1. Rompers (or Mompers, as they call them)
  2. Hoodies
  3. Maxi Dresses

This is an example of a hoodie that sold for over $40.

The tags look like this:


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7) Sundance

Sundance started in 1989 and was a catalog-based company.

The brand was popular then, but has flourished even more with the invention of the internet and online ordering.

Items are colorful and are known for their quality construction as well as premium materials (like the silk tank top above).

The tag is fairly basic looking and looks like this:

6) CP Shades

CP Shades is a brand that specializes in linen women’s apparel, with their most popular items being blouses, button up shirts, and dresses.

Most items are solid, but they do make an occasional print like this plaid shirt that sold for $44.

The brand averages $44.

If you’re lucky, you’ll find a tag like this:

But unfortunately most tags look like this and are very hard to read:

Just look for that ribbon texture and embroidered words to help you identify this brand.


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5) Hell Bunny

Helly Bunny makes a variety of women’s apparel items.

The brand overall averages a $27 sale price, but their dresses usually sell for more.

And in particular, their fit and flare style dresses.

You’ll want to look for unique patterns or designs like this rainbow stripe dress that sold for $55.

The tag is easy to recognize with the red bow attached to the tag.

4) Reformation

This is a brand I don’t come across too often, but it’s one that you may find more frequently depending on where you live.

Reformation specializes in eco-friendly and sustainable products.

Items are often made from natural fibers like linen.

This is a dress that sold for nearly $100:

Reformation items have a classic look.

And the tag has a bold look, like this:

3) Naketano

This is a brand that I DO come across quite often.

And surprisingly most other resellers pass this one by.

Naketano is primarily known for their hoodies.

They are very chunky, heavy and thick.

Most have rope drawstrings.

Naketano items average just over $30, but bigger sizes will sell for more.

They have leather patches on the outside of their items that make them easy to spot from a distance.


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2) JW Anderson

JW Anderson makes clothing for both men and women.

Items have a trendy, but classic look.

Their tag is white with capital letters:

1) Johnny Was

Alright, so I’ve saved the best for last!

This is my all-time favorite brand to find and flip.

Johnny was is definitely a boho-vibe brand with lots of floral and paisley prints.

The average sale price for the brand overall is just $33, BUT the secret to making more is to know which items are worth the most.

The best items to sell are their dresses (which average $68), and in particular, their maxi dresses.

If you can find them in silk, your sale price will likely be higher, like this dress that sold for $185:

Their tops sell for quite a bit less.

And pants and shorts are an even harder sell.

The tags vary greatly, but most will be embroidered.

Many have interesting designs, like the peacock below:


Well, that’s it for this best women’s brands to resell.

If you’re looking for more things to resell, and specifically a list of brands, then I’d like to invite you one last time to grab my FREE list!


Happy sales!


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