Chances are, even if you’re a veteran reseller, you’re making mistakes with your eBay shipping.

Or maybe you’re just getting started on eBay, and you want to learn how to do things correctly from the start.

Then this blog post is for you!

After working with hundreds of resellers over the years and reviewing thousands of listings, it’s become apparent just how big of a problem this is.

Resellers are unknowingly making these costly shipping mistakes.

How these mistakes are costing you.

Before we jump in, let me quickly introduce myself.

My name is Lee.

I’ve been reselling for over 6 years on various platforms (mostly eBay) and I’ve made over $100,000 selling used clothes!

I also empower clothing resellers to make more money without hustling harder.

Shipping mistakes could unknowingly be costing you a lot of money – probably more money than you think.

AND, they’re costing you in many ways.

Making these mistakes can cost you in:

  • lost sales because your shipping is too high
  • lost profits because when you do make a sale more money is going to shipping than it should
  • loosing money on shipping – your profits on the item go to cover some of the shipping cost

So what are the mistakes I see most often?

1) Using the wrong shipping method

Let’s face it, shipping on eBay (or at least the setup), is not for the faint of heart.

So many options.

How do you know which to choose? Which is going to be the best deal for your customer and for you?

If you choose the wrong method, you could easily overcharge, making your item less attractive to customers, thereby costing you sales.

This is the mistake I see the most commonly!

The good news – once you’ve gone through setting up your shipping policies, shipping is a breeze.

2) Undercharging

A lot of sellers don’t realize that what they charge for shipping on eBay will be charging seller fees on.

For example, if you charge $10 for shipping an item that will required $10 to ship, around $1.50 of that will go to eBay fees. That’s $1.50 out of your profits.

3) Inaccurate weight

Some sellers might guess on the weight of the item, or forget to weigh the item with packaging.

That can sometimes make a big difference and you end up undercharging for shipping and losing money.

4) Forgetting the measurements

Did you know a package’s measurements can effect the cost of shipping?

It’s dimensional measurements (how much space it takes up), can drive up the cost of shipping considerable – depending on how big the item is.

This is definitely true for items over a certain dimensional measurement and you could end up having the pay out of your pocket the extra it costs for shipping.

5) Free Shipping Mistakes

If you’re offering free shipping, that can be fine.

But you’ll want to make sure that you’re adding the cost of the label into your price.

Easier said than done, especially for newbies.

A mistake I often see new sellers make is that they haven’t figured in the shipping costs, they make a sale, and now they’re suddenly PAYING to sell the item because they have to pay for the shipping label.


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I hope learning about these mistakes has opened your eyes to ways that shipping might be costing you.

Here’s to more sales and more money in your pocket,