non-clothing items to sellLooking for things you can flip online for profit? Learn what kinds of non-clothing items to sell. See 27 items I’ve sold recently.

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1. Portable CD Player

There is a market for pretty much any type of old technology.

When someone needs a device to play their old CD’s, where do they turn? Online.

This item was new in the package, but used items are selling equally as well (but for a bit less money).

Some other types of items in this category include:

  • Blank CD’s
  • Cassette Players
  • Boomboxes

Time To Sell: 1 Month

2. Used Shin Guards

Sporting gear always has buyers.

Looking to play a sport, but don’t want to spend a ton of money on gear? Online you go!

Other items I’ve sold in similar sporting gear categories include:

  • Baseball pants
  • Equestrian riding pants
  • Racquets
  • Snowboarding gear (some for $100+!)
  • Golf gloves

Time To Sell: 2 Months

3. Vintage Pencils

I never knew pencils could be “vintage.”

I had these sitting on the counter for the longest time trying to figure out what I was going to do with them (where I was going to put them).

I didn’t need 17 more pencils when pencils seem to multiply exponentially at my house with three kids around.

Finally I thought I’d check eBay just for kicks and giggles.

To my surprise they were worth much more than I thought!

There were very few new in package like these. Most were used, but were still selling for quite a bit.

Other items in this category that were selling:

  • Vintage pens
  • Eraser refills
  • Lead refills
  • Ink refills

Time To Sell: 2 Weeks

4. Golf Balls

I’ve sold several packages of golf balls recently. These happened to be new in package, but used balls are also selling.

My best advice is to bundle them in as large of lots as you can to minimize shipping costs.

All ball lots I sold I was able to ship for about $7 using USPS Padded Flat Rate Envelopes.

Other options for shipping would be one of these little known shipping methods.

Time To Sell: 3 Weeks

5. Vintage Kool-Aid Tin

Certain vintage tins are selling as they are considered “collectibles.”

Look for recognizable brands, unique designs, or nostalgic art.

You are likely to find things like this at estate sales, rummage sales, and garage sale for very cheap.

Time To Sell: 11 Days

6. Gaming Keyboard

This gaming keyboard made the #1 spot for one of my monthly Top Sales.

Any type of specialty keyboards or specialty mice (is that the plural of mouse?) can sell for close to $100.

This particular keyboard must have had a sticker all the way around the edge. There was a TON of sticker residue that I had to clean off using Goo Gone.

But, the time invest was definitely worth it!

Look for anything specific to gaming or anything that is considered “ergonomic.”

Time To Sell: 3 Weeks

7. Leap Pad Books & Cartridges

Educational-type items always have a large market.

If you are selling books/cds/etc, don’t forget you can use USPS Media Mail. It is by far the cheapest way to send these types of items.

You can read about the types of items that can be sent Media Mail here.

This particular package however, ended up going to Australia!

So it was sent using USPS First Class International. First Class International is the cheapest way to send internationally through USPS for anything up to 4 pounds.

You can read here about how to do your own international shipping when selling on eBay.

Time To Sell: 6 Weeks

8. Vintage Starbucks Coffee Maker

Starbucks anything is a big seller. This coffee maker was new in package.

It had several watchers and a lot of inquiries from people looking for this exact model.

Other Starbucks items I’ve sold:

  • T-Shirts
  • Aprons (Red “Christmas” ones are especially popular)
  • Thermoses (See #21 in this list)
  • Cold Cups with Reusable Straws

Time To Sell: 2 Weeks

9. Replacement Toy Phone

If you have a toy, but you’re missing one important piece, where do you go to look for one? You guess it! Go online!

This particular phone goes with a push toy. The phone doesn’t have a cord for safety reasons so they get lost easily.

Believe it or not, I’ve sold THREE of these phones!

Time To Sell: 5 Weeks (the other two phones I had sold in under 2 weeks for about the same price)

10. Vintage Semi-Truck

This is a vintage semi-truck that was new in package. There are tons of these selling with pretty much every company logo imaginable.

This one happened to be plastic. But if you come across any metal trucks, they sell for much more.

Other types of vehicles to look for include:

  • dump trucks
  • mixers
  • loaders
  • dozers

Time To Sell: 3 Weeks

11. Cinch Sack

Cinch sacks like this are pretty easy to find for around 50 cents.

This one happened to be a Harley Davidson one. But, Nike is another popular brand that I’ve sold several of for this price or more.

Time To Sell: 1 Month

12. Complete Set Of Vintage Bike License Plates

These were mini license plates for bikes that would be considered a collectible.

I have no idea why someone would by these, but that’s how it is with a lot of things in the “Collectibles” category.

Time To Sell: 2.5 Weeks


13. Build-A-Bear Workshop Outfit

I have to say I was a little bit disappointed in the resale value of this of this build-a-bear workshop outfit. (But I paid around 50 cents for it, so the return was still good).

I was hoping to get more for it just because it was a Seattle Sonics jersey.

Related items I’ve sold include:

  • Other Build-A-Bear Workshop bears and outfits
  • Vintage bear clothes (look for Made in the USA)
  • Seattle Sonics apparel and collectibles

Time To Sell: 5 Months

14. Binoculars

These binoculars were another item that sold half way across the world!

The difference was it didn’t require international shipping because it went to a US Territory.

It went to a very small village on a very small island of “Rota” that is part of the Northern Marianas.

Anytime you ship to a US Territory or US military base (assuming you are a US seller), it costs the same to ship as if it were being shipped domestically.

Pretty cool if you ask me!

Time To Sell: 2 Weeks

15. Oversize Plush Toy Collectible

This is another one that falls into the category: “Why would anyone want this?”

In addition, the picture doesn’t quite convey the size of this thing! It is a full three feel long!

But someone out there wanted it. And actually, not just one, but several. The drawback was the shipping price.

Since I live on the west coast and most of my buyers are on the east coast, shipping was quite expensive to ship cross country (upwards of $50).

It finally sold to someone that lived not too far from me.

And while we are on the topic of shipping costs, if you ever have to ship anything large, FedEx (with eBay discounts) is by far the cheapest way to go. Much cheaper than USPS and UPS.

Time To Sell: 3 Months

16. Basketball

This is another one that falls into the sporting goods category.

Other items I’ve sold (in addition to what was mentioned with the shin guards) include:

  • Dog agility training gear
  • Leather baseball mitts

Time To Sell: Same Day

17. Doll Carrier

This was so cute. It’s basically a miniature version of a baby carrier so a toddler can practice baby wearing just like mom and dad.

It took a little while to sell and sold while on sale.

Sales are one of the great things about having an eBay Store Subscription.

You can read about this plus 9 other perks of having an eBay store here.

Time To Sell: 3 Months

18. Harley Davidson Insulated Cooler Bag

Harley Davidson is one of those brands I love to come across. Pretty much everything sells.

Here are some other Harley Davidson items to look for:

  • Riding gear
  • Any and all apparel (both men’s and women’s)
  • Christmas ornaments

Time To Sell: 7 Weeks

19. Vintage Embroidery Kits

Vintage craft kits and supplies are something I come across quite frequently at thrift stores.

I think it’s one of those things people are quick to get rid of when cleaning out their closets.

I’ve even seen other sellers sell partially completed craft kits!

Some other things I’ve sold in this category include:

  • Vintage embroidery thread
  • Vintage wool yarn
  • Yarn for latch hook

Time To Sell: 3 Months

20. Collectible Train Set

This is one that falls under both the “Train” category and also “Collectibles.”

My thought was it would probably sell best right before Christmas, but I listed it when I did anyways. And it was quick to sell.

Don’t be afraid to list items during the off season.

I’ve had Christmas things sell in July; Valentines things sell in March; Halloween things sell in February.

And that’s one of the things that makes eBay so great….there’s always someone looking for what you have!

Time To Sell: 11 Days

21. Starbucks Bullet Thermos

Any type of Starbucks anything sells. Especially any type of cup/mug/thermos.

Some in particular are considered collectible (certain place and series) and can fetch over $100.

There wasn’t anything specially about this particular thermos and it still sold quickly.

Time To Sell: 2 Weeks

22. Talking Taco Bell Dog Plush

I never have quite understood buying plush. It’s just not something I would ever spend money on.

But there is a lot of money to be had out there in this category.

In fact, some sellers make a full-time living selling nothing but plush toys!

Time To Sell: 3 Days


23. Golf Tees Collectible

This is one that I would love to know why the buyer bought this.

It’s a champagne bottle filled with golf tees and is labeled with “Oscar Mayer Country Club”.

The tees didn’t seem to be standard size. They were only about 2″ long, so I’m assuming it was purchased as a collectible.

Time To Sell: 3 Weeks

24. Vintage LL Bean Tote Bag

I love finding LL Bean bags.

Especially ones that have some leather trim. The leather trim on this was pretty much just the handles.

I’ve also sold a vintage leather-bottomed duffel bag (LL Bean) for almost $100 as well as a no name brand vintage duffel with leather trim for $50.

Time To Sell: 3.5 Months

25. Collectible Bank

This is another for the “Collectibles” category. It’s amazing the things people collect!

Maybe it just floors me because as a minimalist, I have no desire to collect anything.

Time to Sell: 1 Month

26. Tumi Duffel Bag

I don’t consider myself an upper-crust sort of a person.

In fact I’d never even heard of this luxury brand until another thrifter gave me a Tumi keychain and told me I needed to know what it was!

That lesson stuck with me and I came across this basic bag a few months later. It sold for full asking price.

Oh, and if you list a duffel bag, be sure to use both “duffel” and “duffle” in the title as there seems to be a lot of confusion on the spelling.

Time To Sell: 12 Days

27. Collectible Planter’s Peanut Bank

Last but not least, is this collectible peanut bank. Another one for the “Who would want this?” category.

Or more accurately: “Who would pay this much?” category.

I don’t know. But there is always someone out there who wants what you have and is willing to pay for it.

Time To Sell: 2.5 Months

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