How To Bulk Send Offers To Watchers on eBay

How To Bulk Send Offers To Watchers On eBay

Wondering how you can increase your sales? Here is one way you can get great results. In this post I will show you step by step how to bulk send offers to watchers on eBay.

And what do I mean by “bulk send?” Well, just that…sending offers in bulk, several items at a time. Being able to send in bulk, can be a huge time saver. Rather than having to go through each item and send an offer on each item, you can do it all at once. And I will show you how!

Before We Get Started

Before jumping in, I do want to mention one thing. And that is that currently there is no way to bulk send from a mobile device. Only from a PC. So instructions will be based on that. With that out of the way, let’s jump in!

Video Option

If you prefer to follow along via YouTube, here is the link. Otherwise, continue on to Step 1 for step by step instructions.

Step 1:

To start out, we will begin from the Seller Hub. It should look something like this:

How To Bulk Send Offers: Step 1

Step 2:

Next, hover over “Listings” and select “Active” as shown below. Or you can just click “Listings.” Either way, you will be taken to your active listings.

Step 2

Step 3

Now, your screen should look something like what is shown below. See where it says “Send Offers – Eligible?” That is where you can filter down to only see the listings that are eligible to send offers. (If the button is not there, there are no eligible listings). Go ahead and click that button and we will move on to the next step,

Step 3

Step 4

After completing Step 3, scroll down, and it should now look like this. You will see your items eligible to send offers on.

Step 4

Step 5

Next, check the top check box, to select all. Then, select the button that says “Send Offers.” This will bring up a window you will see in the next step where you can bulk send offers to watchers!

Step 6

Now, it should look similar to this:

Notice all the eligible listings to bulk send offers for are shown on the right-hand side. In the next step we will fill out the left-hand side and send offers for all the listings shown.

Step 7

You made it this far! We can now get to the fun of sending the offers!

It is as simple as:

  1. Selecting your discount (percentage or amount off) and entering the number you want.
  2. Checking (or not checking) the box for counteroffers.
  3. Adding a personal message to buyers.
  4. Hitting “Send Offers!”

My standard is something like this…

Just hit “Send Offers” and you have sent offers to all watchers at once! How easy is that?

You Made It!

You made it! Congratulations, you have just sent offers on all eligible items at once!

With a little practice, these seven simple steps will become second nature so you can save time and get on with your day!

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How To Bulk Send Offers To Watchers on eBay