mortgage payoffThis series is to document my progress towards paying off my mortgage by reselling thrift store items for profit. If you are new here and are wondering what this whole Mortgage Payoff Countdown thing is, you can read about my crazy goal here. I started this project when my loan was at $102,847.39! Last month, I ended the month at $85,400.15.

How I’m Paying My House Off By Reselling Thrift Store Items For Profit

A few years ago I didn’t know it was possible to make money by flipping thrift store items online. I had no idea that people could make a full-time income from it!

While, I don’t resell full time, it does allow me to bring in a good chunk of income every month.

I work a couple mornings a month “sourcing.” Then I photograph and list in the afternoons during naptime.

Most of what I sell are not high-value items. But even so, I make $30-$40 per hour!

The best part is, money comes in every day of the year whether I’m working, sleeping or on vacation! 

If you’re wondering how you can do this too, it basically comes down to knowing:

  1. The best things to resell.
  2. How and where to sell them.

The Best Things To Resell

Knowing what kinds of items you can sell, and more importantly, the best things to resell, is half the battle.

One of the best ways to get an idea of what you can sell is to look through actual sold items.

You can find some of my actual sold items in these posts:

Reseller Bootcamp

If you want ALL the details on how to make money from reselling, I’ve put together a FREE 5-Day Course called “Reseller Bootcamp.”

You can sign up and get the course delivered straight to your inbox.

You’ll learn:

  1. What kinds of items you can flip.
  2. The best places to sell to maximize your profits.
  3. 6 keys to taking professional looking photos.
  4. The 5 components to every great listing.
  5. How to turn flipping into a steady and reliable income.

How This Month Went…

This was the second full month of everything being shutdown due to COVID.

Because of that, I had ZERO trips to thrift stores, garage sales, and the like.

I did list several items that I had purchased the previous month.

However, people are still doing tons of shopping online, so I had 132 sales. But that is less than my normal 200+ items I usually sell in a month.

The best of what I sold can be found here in Top 15 Sales of the month.

And if you’re wondering how much you can make from reselling. I publish Income Reports every month.

You can find the latest Income Report (including gross revenue, expenses, and net profit) here.

Read on to find out how much I was able to put towards my mortgage this month.  And how much is remaining of my loan!

Why Do You Share Your Mortgage Info?

“Why do you share your actual mortgage payoff amount?” you make be asking?  Two reasons:

  1. To give you an idea of what’s possible.  Your goal may be different than mine and that’s okay.  It’s just nice to have a big goal to work towards.
  2. To make myself accountable.  The money I earn from reselling is primarily going towards extra principle payments to pay off my mortgage early.  If I share the amount with the world, I am bound to stick with my goal.  I will complete it if the world is watching.

Some Things To Note About My Mortgage:

  • 30-year fixed
  • 4.3750%  interest rate
  • $160,000 original loan amount
  • Loan mature date: Feb 1, 2039
  • We’ve put additional extra principle on the loan as extra money (tax returns, credit card rewards, etc) has come in and will continue to do so.  The amounts will be noted separately from my reselling money.
  • The official start date of my goal to use my reselling money towards extra principle is August 2019.
  • The loan amount at the beginning of August 2019 (when I started my goal) was: $102,847.39
Without further ado, here is my actual mortgage payoff countdown for this month:

Mortgage Payoff Countdown - Month 10

Here are the numbers for this month:

Loan Amount (beginning of month)$85,400.15
Principle Paid Off From Regular Payment-$507.48
Principle Paid Off From Reselling-$811.66
Loan Amount (end of month)$84,081.01


Even though I made substantially less this month due to the shutdown and not being able to source items as much, I was still able to put over $800 towards principle.
That brings me up to a total of $18,766.38 paid off since August 2019 when I started my goal to pay off my house by reselling.
A total of $12,761.21 has come just from reselling thrift store items for profit!

Progress Chart Update

Every month I update a progress chart. It is a huge motivator and visual tool for me to see the amount getting paid down each month.

This month, I was able to color in 1 house and am $81 from being able to color in a second!

Each of the 100 houses on the chart represents $1,000.

Here is the updated progress chart:

Tracking Your Goals

Sticking with your goals is all about knowing your why, tracking your progress and celebrating milestones.

If you’d like to track your goals towards saving for a down payment, building house savings, or paying off your mortgage, I’ve created some goal charts for you! You can get them here:


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Let’s Celebrate

Thank you for joining me! Let’s celebrate our progress together! And don’t forget to sign up for Reseller Bootcamp here!: