Where To Get Clothes To Sell On PoshmarkWondering the best places to get clothes to sell on Poshmark? Here are 21 places to get new, used or secondhand clothing to sell online.

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Are You Wondering Where To Get Clothes To Sell On Poshmark?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!

If you’re looking to make money from selling clothes on online platforms like Poshmark, let me tell you….it is a great way to make money!

Clothes are a dime a dozen and can be found almost everywhere you look.

In fact, I’ve made over $100,000 from selling (mostly) used clothing during naptime!

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The Best Places To Get Clothes To Sell On Poshmark

Here are the best places to get clothes to sell online.

1) Your Own House

Before you start searching elsewhere to find clothes to sell, don’t look over your own closets!

Your own house can be one of the best places to get clothes to sell on Poshmark.

Chances are, you already own some clothes that you can sell for money.

And if you have kids or other household members, check their clothing as well.

2) Garage Sales

Whether you call them garage sales, yard sales, rummages sales or something else entirely, garage sales can be another great place to find clothing cheap!

Here are a few tips when shopping at garages sales to get clothes to sell on Poshmark:

  • Look for neighborhood sales to minimize driving.
  • Look for sales held by groups or multi-family sales.
  • Buy several items in bulk and ask for a discount.
  • Again, ask for a discount! Prices are usually negotiable.

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3) Thrift Stores

Thrift stores are another place where clothing is abundant!

While the prices may be a bit higher than garage sales, thrift stores are open year around and are organized.

Some may also offer returns within a certain time frame if tags are still attached.

Here are some tips for getting the best prices at thrift stores so you can maximize your profit when selling online:

  • Learn the store’s method of sales. Some use color-coded tags and progressively clearance the items more and more.
  • Shop sales. Most thrift stores will hold occasional to frequent sales. Sales tend to occur on holidays or anniversaries.
  • Get on their mailing list. Many thrift stores send out coupons when you sign up for their mailing list. They may also send occasional coupons throughout the year. This is another great way to stay informed about upcoming sales.
  • Follow them on social media. Social media is another way to stay connected to your favorite store. Follow them and they may offer special coupons or discounts to their followers.


Have you heard of Flyp?

It’s a consignment app.

Although not technically free, this is a great way to get items without spending anything up front.

Simply apply to become a Pro Seller (no charge anywhere along the way until you sell your client’s items).

4) Goodwill Outlets (aka Goodwill Bins)

This is my personal favorite!

Goodwill outlet locations are where Goodwill sends all their surplus inventory.

They have both:

  • Donated items they haven’t had time to sort as well as
  • Unsold merchandise from their retail stores

Pricing for most items is by the pound.

Shopping at Goodwill Bins can be a little intimidating at first and it is definitely an experience.

But it is probably the cheapest place to get clothes to sell on Poshmark and other platforms.

You can read more here about Buying Clothes By The Pound: 11 Tips For Shopping The Goodwill Bins.

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5) Thred Up

Have you heard of Thred Up Rescue Boxes?

When customers send in their items to Thred Up, Thred Up goes through the items prior to listing and pulls out items that may have minor defects or might not be quite what they are looking for.

These items end up going into rescue boxes along with unsold inventory.

Boxes start at just $22.

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6) Poshmark

How about buying clothes on Poshmark to sell on Poshmark?

Yes, it’s possible to do this and make money at it!

Just search “reseller lot” and there will be lots to pick from.

Some sellers also offer “Mystery Boxes.” Just make sure to do your homework and check reviews before purchasing.

This can be a great way to get higher-end brands to sell on Poshmark.

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7) Mercari

Like Poshmark, Mercari has a lot of reseller lots to pick from.

Again, just search “reseller lot” to find used (or new) clothes to sell on Poshmark.

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8) Consignment Stores

If you have consignment stores in your area, this may be another place to get clothes to sell on Poshmark.

Some areas of the country may have locally-owned consignment stores. Others may have national chains such as Plato’s Closet.

Just google “consignment stores near me” and you should be able to find some in your area.

9) Ross Dress For Less

If you have a Ross store in your area, you may want to check it out.

Most of the clothes tend to be lower end, but there may be a few hidden gems here and there.

The shoe section is one place to look for inventory for your Poshmark closet. They often carry staple brands like Nike that sell online for much more than they sell for in store.

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10) Marshalls/TJ Maxx

If you have a Marshalls or TJ Maxx near you, consider yourself lucky!

Marshalls typically turns over their inventory frequently.

For you, this means heavy discounts.

What you want to look for here are yellow tags. These are final clearance items with the steepest discount.

11) Burlington Coat Factory

Burlington is another place to keep your eye on for getting clothes to sell on Poshmark.

Like Ross and Marshalls, Burlington is a discount store that features brand names with big discounts.

12) Nordstrom Rack

Many resellers frequent Nordstrom Rack to purchase clothes for Poshmark.

To get the best prices at Nordstrom Rack, you will want to shop their “Clear The Rack” events that are held several times a year.

These 3-day clearance events feature rock bottom prices to clear out their inventory.

Your best bet to find clothes to sell on Poshmark is to:

  • Go at the beginning of the sale
  • Look for the red tags

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13) Free Piles

Is it just me, or do your neighbors ever set out a pile of things and put a sign that says “Free” next to it?

Those piles are free game for you to find clothes to sell on Poshmark.

You never know what you will find. As they say, one man’s trash is another’s treasure!


14) eBay

Shockingly, eBay is a great place to get clothes to sell on Poshmark!

I’ve bought several items and “lots” over the years.

Here are a few tips for finding great deals:

  • Search auctions ending soonest. Sellers who don’t know what they are doing may have started an auction cheap and no one has bid on it.
  • Search for typos. You can do this by searching for a common misspelling.
  • Shop lots. Some lots are specifically aimed at resellers. Other lots are just regular people clearing out your closet. Either way, most of the time when you buy in bulk, there is a big discount.

Go here to shop reseller lots on eBay.

15) Facebook Groups

Most likely where you live, there should be at least one to maybe several different Facebook groups dedicated to buying and selling.

Join as many as you can and review new listings often.

Sellers seem to like selling large lots and this can be a great place to get clothes to sell on Poshmark.

16) Facebook Marketplace

Separate from Facebook Buy & Sell Groups, Facebook Marketplace is Facebook’s own attempt at creating a platform to buy and sell on.

If you go here, you can view available items near you and well as create listings.

17) Offer Up 

Another place to get used clothes locally, Offer Up is easy to browse through.

Again, your best bet for finding clothes to sell on Poshmark is to look for large lots.

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18) Craigslist

One of the first online buy/sell websites out there, Craigslist is still around although not as popular as it once was.

This can give you an advantage as a buyer looking to find clothes to sell on Poshmark.

Because it doesn’t typically have as high of demand, you may be able to find some terrific deals.

19) Big Lots

If you’re out and about, Big Lots is another store you can pop into to check on clothes to sell on Poshmark.

While you probably won’t find any amazing brands, it might be possible to find some unique items, like graphic tees, to sell online.

Big Lots is one of those stores that is hit or miss. So don’t make a special trip. But if you’re out already you might want to hit this one up.

20) Online Liquidation Sites

If you are looking at purchasing large lots of items, liquidation sites can be interesting to shop from.

Liquidation can be unsold merchandise or customer returns. It can also include salvage, which is essentially damaged goods.

There are several websites you can find liquidation lots from including Bulq and BStock.

Some lots you may be able to buy now. Others you may need to bid on.

Just be sure to thoroughly review the description and the manifest (list of items included).

My personal experience with a salvage lot was I had to toss about 1/3 of the items. The other items sold for surprising amounts even damaged and I was able to make money on what I spend on the lot.


21) Friends & Family

Last but not least, don’t overlook friends and family.

If you let them know your cause (i.e. why you are selling used clothes), some may donate things to you.

I regularly share my goal to pay off over $100k in mortgage debt through reselling. On occasion, friends or family members will clean out their closets and give me their things to help me reach my goal.

I’ve also done some consignment on occasion for friends and family. This can be another way to get some really nice clothing brands to sell in your Poshmark closet.

More On Selling Used Clothes On Poshmark

Hopefully this list of ideas will help you figure out places to get clothes to sell on Poshmark.

Here are some additional considerations:

If you’re struggling with getting items sold, check out these articles:

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