kid things to sell for moneyEvery parent knows kids can come with soooooo much stuff! It seems to accumulate from no where – birthdays, holidays, grandparents.

And sometimes it just gets to be too much. If that’s you, here are 97 kid things you can sell to make money.

Read on to find out how to turn your clutter into cash.

Turning Your Clutter Into Cash

If you’re at that point of needing to downsize kid stuff in your house, why not make some cash in the process?

In fact, this is the exact way I got started reselling (flipping thrift store finds for profit)! Little did I know it would turn into a profitable naptime business making me almost $20,000 last year alone!

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So Back To Kid Things You Can Sell For Money…

Oftentimes it’s so easy to overlook the things right in front of us. Clutter has a way of being present but sometimes forgotten about.

You may have items you can turn into cash today sitting in plain sight!

Here are 97 kid things you probably have sitting around your house that you can declutter and sell for money today!


assorted-title book lot placed on white wooden shelf

Chances are you probably have some books sitting around your house. In our house, books seem to multiply on their own. Or, maybe your kids have outgrown some of them. Either way, you might as well de-clutter and make some cash in the process.

What kinds of kids books are worth selling?

1) Kids book series

2) Baby books

3) Parenting books

4) Home schooling books

Some tips for selling books:

  • You can sell locally through Facebook marketplace, Facebook groups, OfferUp or other similar sites.
  • If you sell online, be sure to ship through USPS Media Mail. It is by far the cheapest way to send books!
  • You can easily look up how much you can get for your books by following these directions from Dollar Sprout.
  • Considering bundling like items together.

Plush Toys & Dolls

brown bear plush toy on white surface

 Believe it or not, people actually buy pre-owned stuffed animals online! Some resellers make a full time living just on selling stuffed animals!

What happens when your kid loses his favorite stuffed animal that they don’t make anymore? Apparently you go online to find an identical replacement!

Here’s some types of plush toys that may be worth selling:

5) Build-A-Bear

6) Cabbage Patch Kids Dolls

7) Disney

8) Vintage Or Unique Plush Toys

9) Ty Beanie Babies

10) Barbies

11) American Girl Dolls

12) Puppets

Here are some examples of used puppets sold on eBay:

Puppets Sold For Money


person piling blocks

Educational toys like blocks are always sought after, especially well-made, well-known brands.

Here’s some kinds of blocks that you can turn into cash:

13. Legos

14. Duplos

15. Tegu magnetic blocks

16. Magna-tiles

17. Lincoln Logs

18. Wood blocks

19. K-Nex

20. Mega Bloks

Some tips for selling blocks:

  • Blocks can be sold by the pound.
  • Full sets usually sell for more than incomplete sets.
  • Vintage or retired sets can sell for more than their original price.
  • Unique pieces can sell for quite a bit individually.

Here are some recently sold blocks on eBay:

Kid Toys Blocks To Sell


person holding assorted clothes in wooden hanger


This list would be incomplete without including kids clothing. New clothing can be so expensive, that lots of parents only buy used clothing.

Here are a few ideas of what you can sell as far as clothing goes:

21. Shoes

22. Snow gear

23. Vintage dresses

24. Nicer brands shirts/pants

25. Coats & Jackets

26. Dresses

27. Christening clothing

28. Sports/athletic items

Athletic shorts and pants are popular around the beginning of sports seasons. I’ve also sold:

  • protective football gear
  • padded pants/shorts
  • baseball pants
  • soccer shinguards
  • wrestling shoes

29. Halloween Costumes

30. Dance Costumes

31. Dance Shoes

Some tips for selling clothes:

  • Gently used shoe brands like Stride Rite, Nike, See Kai Run sell well.
  • Halloween costumes sell year around
  • Sell nicer, high-end brands online. Basic brands can either be sold in lots online, or sold locally through Offer Up, Facebook Groups, Craigslist, etc.

Cloth Diapers

If you used cloth diapers, you already saved a ton of money! But did you know you can now sell them?

Yes, there is a market for used cloth diapers! Not just diapers, but anything that goes along with them.

Why not earn back some of your money, help another parent out, and save the planet at the same time?

Here’s a complete list of cloth diaper items you can sell:

32. Cloth diapers

All-in-ones, pocket diapers, prefolds.

33. Diaper Covers

34. Inserts and prefolds

35. Wetbags

36. Diaper Pail

Here are a few sales of cloth diapers on eBay:

Cloth Diapers Sold On eBay

Educational Toys

multicolored learning toys

Any educational type toys are a good bet. We already covered blocks, but there are so many other things in this category.

Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

37. Puzzles

38. Games

39. Logic Games

40. Shape sorters

41. Wooden toys

Best Toy Brands

Sometimes, it’s the brand name that is most important when it comes to selling.

Here are some of the best toy brands to sell used (excluding ones already mentioned, like Lego):

42. HABA

43. Battat

44. Hape

45. Playmobil

46. Calico Critters

47. Learning Resources

48. Thomas The Train Engine

49. Littlest Pet Shop

50. Polly Pockets

Here’s some examples of Playmobil sets sold on eBay:

Playmobil Sets Sold On eBay

Baby Gear

gray textile hanging on brown wicker basket

Babies come with TONS of gear.

Here are some ideas for what you can sell:

*Be sure to check Consumer Product Safety Commission for recalls prior to selling. Recalled items should NOT be sold.

Nursery Items

56. Cribs

57. Monitors

61. Bassinets/Co-sleepers

62. Swaddling Wraps

63. Blankets

64. Crib Bedding

65. Nursery Decor

76. Mobiles

77. Changing Table

78. Rockers/Gliders

Feeding Items

51. High Chairs

74. Bottles

75. Food Grinders/Blenders

Items For Getting Out

54. Strollers

55. Baby Carriers

59. Diaper Bags

71. Toddler Safety Harnesses


58. Swings

52. Bouncers

53. Activity Centers

60. Bumboo Seats

66. Vibrating Seats

67. Pack N Plays

68. Walkers/Push Toys

69. Ride On Toys


70. Safety Gates

72. Bath Tubs

73. Diaper Pails

79. Potty Seats

80. Toilet Sets

Electronics For Kids

girl and boy using Android smartphones

Don’t forget about those unused electronic gadgets when you are decluttering.

Even if they are older, they may still be worth good money.

81. Leap Frog Leap Pad & Cartridges

82. Tablets

83. Kid’s Fitness Tracker/Smart Watch

84. Kid Cameras

85. DVD’s/Blue rays

86. Gaming Systems

87. Gaming Cartridges

Here’s some tips for selling electronics:

  • Bundle like items together.
  • Depending on the item, broken items can be sold for parts.
  • If selling online, do not refund items without having the item returned to you. Electronics tend to be more prone to fraud and this can deter anyone from trying to scam you.

Classic Toys

pile of assorted-color toy boxes

Have any classic toys floating around?

These toys never go out of style. Declutter and turn them into cash today!

88. Etch-A-Sketch

89. Light Bright

90. Spirograph

91. Jack In The Box

92. View Master

93. Rocking Horses


red and white car toy lot

94. Matchbox Cars

95. Hot Wheels

96. Remote Control Cars

97. Train Sets

Places You Can Sell Kid Things

There are many options for places you can sell kid things.

A lot will depend on how big/heavy the items are as well as how much they are worth for resale value.

For example, something that isn’t worth very much and weighs a lot, you will probably want to sell locally.

Here are some ideas for places where you can sell kid things:

Did you get some good ideas for what you can sell?

Chances are, your answer is yes! So start decluttering today and turn them into cash!

If you need help with knowing where to sell, pricing and more, be sure to sign up for my FREE 5-Day Reseller Bootcamp!

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