Things To Sell To Make Quick CashLooking to earn money quickly or turn your clutter into cash, here are items you may already have that you can sell to make some quick cash!

If you’re needing money fast you’ve come to the right spot!

Chances are, these things may be collecting dust and just waiting to be turned into cash.

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Okay, I know you’re anxious to get out there and make money.

But first things first. Here’s what’s included in this article:

  • 67 items you can sell quickly for cash
  • Where you can sell things
  • Tips for decluttering

How I Make Quick Cash Selling Things…

A few years ago I was just like you.

I knew I could sell things sitting around my house to make a quick buck.

I decluttered my house and made a few hundred dollars.

But what I didn’t realize, is that I could turn selling things into a business!

Fast forward a bit….and to date I’ve made over $50,000 flipping items like these just by working a few hours a week.

If you’d like to learn all the secrets, you’re in luck!

I’ve put together a FREE 5-Day Course called “Reseller Bootcamp.”

You can sign up and get the course delivered straight to your inbox. In it you’ll learn:

  1. What kinds of items you can flip.
  2. The best places to sell to maximize your profits.
  3. 6 keys to taking professional looking photos.
  4. The 5 components to get your items sold.
  5. How to turn flipping into a steady and reliable income.

What Can I Sell To Make Money Fast?

There are so many items that sell fast. You probably have things around you just waiting to be turned into cash.

Here are 67 Things To Sell That Will Make You Money Fast.

67 Items To Sell Quickly

These are organized by areas around your house to help you declutter quickly.


  1. Stand Mixer
  2. Food Processor
  3. Blender
  4. Pyrex
  5. Cookware (pots, pans)
  6. Cookbooks

Living Room

7. Gaming System
8. Games
9. Blu-rays
10. Printer
11. Ink Cartridges
12. Remotes
13. Board Games
14. Furniture
15. Books
16. Exercise Equipment
17. Weights/Workout Gear

This is a gaming keyboard I sold:

Bed Room

18. Outerwear (Jackets, Coats)
19. Snow Pants
20. Jeans
21. Tops
22. Swimwear
23. Bras/Lingerie
24. Bedding (down comforters)
25. Hats
26. Watches
27. Jewelry
28. Accessories
29. Handbags

Have a kilt sitting around? Here is one I sold recently…


30. Unopened personal care items
31. Partially used beauty items (skin care, etc)
32. Scale
33. Unopened makeup


34. Extra linens
35. Mason jars
36. Extra vacuums
37. Craft supplies
38. Craft kits
39. Sewing machine

This is a duvet cover I sold for a pretty penny:

Kid’s Rooms

40. Clothes
41. Toys
42. School Books
43. Puzzles
44. Decor

I’ve written a whole article with tons of specific ideas for 97 Kid Things To Declutter Today For Money.


45. Shoes
46. Old college text books
47. Outdoor gear
48. Tent
49. Camping gear
50. Tools
51. Car parts
52. Helmets
53. Collectibles
54. Bikes
55. Strollers
56. Skateboards
57. Halloween Costumes
58. Luggage
59. Sports Gear
60. Wagons

Here is an example of a collectible item I sold that was just sitting collecting dust in my parent’s garage:

Nursery/Baby Items

You will definitely want to run these items through the Consumer Product Safety Commission search tool.

61. Crib
62. Swing
63. High chair
64. Baby carrier (front pack, backpack, etc)


65. Camera
66. Video camera
67. Camera bags
68. Shoes

Where Can I Sell My Things To Make Money Fast?

Now that we’ve gone through what you can sell, you’re probably wondering where you should be selling these things.

There are lots of options.

It will really depend on:

  • the item
  • how much work you want to do
  • if you want to learn a new selling platform

Here are your best options to turn your things into cash quickly:

If you’re looking to go the eBay route, check out my 8 beginner steps to get started making money on eBay.

And if you didn’t sign up for my FREE 5-Day Course to learn how to make money selling things, here’s the link again:

Tips For Decluttering For Cash

Here are some tips I’ve found helpful when going through my own personal household items.

Use A Box System

Label three boxes (or bags) for sorting. Here are the categories I recommend:

  1. Trash
  2. Donate
  3. Sell

Simply place items in the appropriate bag. This makes it easy to run things to a donation center or put in the garbage. The “Sell” box you will definitely want to hang on to so you can turn those items into cash!

Tackle One Area At A Time

If your goal is to make money by decluttering your whole house, that’s a big praise-worthy goal.

But…it can be overwhelming!

Instead of focusing on the big goal of the whole house, break it into smaller chunks. Tackle one area at a time.

It could be a room. Or a closet. Or a shelf in the closet.

Practice Makes Perfect

It can be hard to get started! And it can be slow going at first.

But the more you practice, the easier it become to get rid of things.

Ask Yourself These Questions

If you’re having trouble getting rid of items, ask yourself these questions:

  • Have I used this item in the last three years?
  • Does this item bring me joy?
  • Could someone else enjoy this item more?
Temporary Storage

If you’re still having trouble discarding things, to putting items in a box. Put them in storage for a set time.

Once your set time is up, if you haven’t needed them, you can be sure it’s safe to get rid of these items.

It’s Time To Sell Those Things To Make Money Fast

Now that we’ve covered what you can sell to earn money fast, plus where to sell, it’s now time to get out there.

Take some action and get those items turned into cash!

Thanks for joining me!


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