Wondering How Much You Can Make Reselling? Here’s My Actual Revenue & Expenses.

If you’re wondering how much you can actually make reselling “junk,” wonder no further. Here you can check out the exact amount I make each month. Each and every month I share my revenue & expenses with you. This is my revenue & expenses for March 2020!

Why do I share this with you? Because I want you to know what’s possible for a part-time reseller. And what’s possible for YOU!


Revenue This Month

This was an interesting month to say the least. The first two weeks were normal. Then the coronavirus hit. The schools closed on March 13. The thrift stores closed shortly after on March 18.

Sales were only slightly effected by everything going on. I still was able to list 254 items this month. I sold 237 items! You can learn how to implement my aggressive selling strategies here.

I had quite a few good sales. You can read about my Top Sales from March 2020 here.


Expenses This Month

I sold several items for my dad. So you will see the amount he received listed as “Consignment Payout.”

All also spent much more on sourcing than I normally do. I stocked up prior to the thrift store closing and spent almost all my $300 I allocate for sourcing each month. I then spent additional money sourcing online. The cost per item is substantially higher, so it is definitely going to effect my profits.

My eBay fees were quite a bit higher than normal. That is due to shipping through FedEx and through eBay’s new International Standard Delivery. Both are billed through eBay and show up on the monthly invoice.

You will also notice I had $2.50 go to charity. Giving a portion of your sale to charity is really easy on eBay. There are tons of different charities to pick from. The minimal percentage of your sale is 10%. The item I sold was a women’s Columbia jacket that had a pink breast cancer awareness ribbon embroidered on it. I thought it would be cool to try out the “Sell for Charity” option and give a percentage to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for breast cancer research. Not only did the jacket sell for more than it would have without selling for charity, but I was able to give a small amount to a great organization.


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Read on to find out how much I ended up making.

Why Do You Share Your Revenue & Expenses?

“Why do you share your actual revenue and expenses?” you make be asking?  Two reasons:

  1. To show you what’s possible.  I am a part-time seller, full-time mom.  Depending on how much time you have and what you are selling your earnings may be more or less than mine.
  2. To make myself accountable.

Some Things To Note:

  • “Revenue” is total paid by seller (now including sales tax as of November 2019).  It includes shipping paid by seller.
  • eBay Fees include listing fees, final value fees, and store subscription fees.
  • I use the “Cash Method” for accounting.  All this means is the expense (or income) is dated for when the money actually comes in or goes out.  For example: A buyer pays on the last day of the month and I ship the next day (the first day of the next month).  I would have income coming in on the last day of the month.  The shipping expense for the item would be under the following month’s expenses. 
  • “Net” is prior to paying taxes including medicare and social security taxes.
  • Average selling price is rounded.
Without further ado, here are my actual revenue and expenses for this month:

March 2020 Revenue & Expenses

Sales Tax-$197.33
eBay Fees-$492.70Includes some FedEx and eBay International Standard shipping
Paypal Fees-$222.39


Sourcing-$504.84In addition to thrifting during the first two weeks of the month, I bought 3 "lots" on eBay for next month
Office Supplies-$36.02Polymailers, bubble wrap
eBay Charity-$2.50Susan G. Komen eBay for Charity
Consignment Payout-$266.62
Net Profit$2101.00

Number of items sold: 237

Average selling price: $21


It was my second best month ever in gross revenue. And despite all my expenses, it wasn’t too shabby of a month for net revenue either.

We will see how next month turns out with not being able to thrift at all. So stay tuned for that.

Thanks for checking out my revenue & expenses for March 2020! Wishing you the best!




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