57 best vintage clothes to sell

Vintage clothes are one of the most lucrative

clothing categories to sell in!

In this article, you’ll learn how you can tap into some of the best items to sell on online platforms like eBay, Poshmark, and Mercari.

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Best Vintage Clothes To Sell

Okay, so are you ready to learn some of the best vintage clothes out there to sell?

These are ones I find on a regular basis. Items that have a high profit potential as well as a high probability of selling quickly.

Here they are.

1. Vintage Overalls

Overalls from the 90’s are a very popular trend right now. There’s not such a thing as a bad brand to sell. It’s not uncommon to get $50 or more for vintage overalls.

And don’t worry about stains, fraying, holes, or wear with this style. It’s all part of the 90’s look. Just be sure to accurately describe the item and provide plenty of pictures.

The sell-through rate for “vintage 90s women’s overalls” is 1.1.

Here are a few sold items from the overall category:

vintage clothes to sell
vintage clothes to sell - overalls
vintage clothes to sell - overalls

You will also not want to overlook shortalls (overall shorts). Surprisingly (at least to me) is that ones with embroidered characters such as Winnie The Pooh also sell well. Here are a few shortall sales:

vintage clothing to sell - shortalls
vintage clothing to sell - shortalls
vintage clothing to sell - shortalls

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2. Vintage JNCO Men’s Jeans

This brand of jeans is straight out of the 90’s. All the cool kids had them.

Wide leg. Big pockets. Worn hanging off the rear. That was the style.

Many of these jeans also featured large embroidered logos – the bigger, the wilder, the better.

The sell-through rate on “JNCO Men’s Jeans” is a 2.1! That means these are highly in demand. There have been more sold in the last 3 months that what’s currently listed, making this a good candidate for an auction-style listing.

Here are some sold JNCO jeans below. The ones that sold for $49 are mine that I started on auction for $1.99 starting bid. They had large holes in the rear (I guess it doesn’t matter when the whole point is to show off the boxers anyways!), had 37 bids and ended up going for $49. The buyer even paid over $20 for international shipping.

Another similar 90’s style wide-leg jeans brand to keep your eye out for are Lee Pipes, which can sell for up to $50.

selling vintage clothes - JNCO Jeans
selling vintage clothes - JNCO Jeans
selling vintage clothes - JNCO Jeans

3. Vintage Nike Windbreakers

In talking with my buyers, I’ve found out people collect these windbreakers. The sell-through rate is a little lower, but there is still quite a bit of profit potential here. Vintage windbreakers from Nike have a sell-through rate of 0.5.

Certain styles within this category sell better than others. The styles that have a higher sell-through rate and therefore typically a higher value have:

  • A large “swoosh,”
  • The words “Nike” or “Just Do It” in spellout style (large letters), or
  • Colorful or unique designs

Some of these types of sweatshirts can sell for close to $100 or more. Basic jackets sell for in the $20-$30 range.

Look for both full-zip jackets as well as ¼- or ½-zip pullovers.

best vintage clothes to sell
best vintage clothes to sell
best vintage clothes to sell

4. Vintage Gunne Sax Dresses

Gunne Sax by Jessica are straight out of the 70’s. These dresses have a flowy boho vibe, many of which feature floral print. Some additional keywords to use are prairie and hippie.

You may also less likely come across dresses from the 80’s which may feature big bows, puff sleeves, and oversized ruffles.

Here’s what the Gunne Sax tag looks like:

vintage clothes tag

All dresses in all conditions sell well. Dresses with the most intricate details will fetch higher prices. Look for lace, ruffles, decorative buttons, etc.

You will want to be sure to provide measurements in your listings as the vintage sizing runs nowhere close to today’s sizes.

You may also find some of these dresses have a strong odor from storage. Gently wash (or hand wash) with about ½ cup of vinegar and 3-4 drop of tea tree oil.

I’ve sold several of these dresses and they sell quickly. The pink dress in the below had a large black grease stain at the bottom which I couldn’t get out, hence the lower price.

Some very unique dresses can sell for a TON, such as this one that sold for $1,325,  although most will sell in the $75-$125 range. This just goes to show the potential value these dresses have.

The sell-through rate is 0.8.

vintage clothes to sell - gunne sax dress
gunne sax vintage dress
Gunne Sax White

5. Vintage Filson Men’s Clothing

Filson, new or vintage, is always a good seller. Vintage Filson retains its value and some items can sell for several hundred dollars. Here is an example of a vintage Filson tag:

vintage filson clothing tag

Mackinaw coats are one of the most popular Filson items, but don’t overlook other items such as vests, hats, or bags.

The sell-through rate on “vintage filson mackinaw” is 4.9!

This is a coat I sold for $249.99 plus shipping shortly after I started reselling. After paying for dry cleaning, my investment was about $22.


If you are unsure on the dates of your Filson item, reach out to Filson customer service. They have an amazing customer service team. When I contacted them about dating the above coat, they were extremely helpful. They had me send in several pictures. And actually several of the employees took a look at it. They dated it from the 60’s based on several factors.

Although the above coat was in good condition, you’ll also find that coats with flaws such as large (several inches long) tears can sell for well over $100.

In doing this research, it seems that the average sale price has increase drastically since I sold the above coat a few years ago!

Here are some sold Filson items:

vintage clothes to sell: filson
vintage clothes to sell: filson
vintage clothes to sell: filson

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6. Vintage German Wool Pants

Despite being these types of pants being from Germany, I’ve come across these types of pants on several occasions in the US. You will find them with various German names (brands) printed on the inside. Here is what the tag looks like from a pair of Bulag Munchen:

vintage clothing tags: german wool pants

Yes, they will have a ton of numbers! Don’t worry about any of these. You most likely will not find a size. Just take measurements and give the dimensions (waist and inseam). You will also want to take a picture of the inside seams, so buyers know how much room there is for alternations.

These pants are now popular with hunters.

Pants typically have only buttons (no zippers) as these are easier to repair while out in the field.

All pants sell well, but you will especially want to look for pants that have a vapor barrier in the knees. You can easily tell if they have this as it will sound very crinkly when you touch the knee area. (Not sure why you would want this noise while hunting or in the military for that matter.)

The sell-through rate for all vintage wool German pants is 0.9.

Most are selling for around $50 plus shipping, although I’ve had some go for quite a bit more ($75-$85).

Use keywords military, army, and cargo when listing these.

German 1
vintage clothes to sell
vintage clothes to sell

7. Vintage Jean Jackets

Vintage jean jackets are a great item to sell. They can sell pretty quickly like this Levi’s jacket that I sold for $70:

Although there is much profit to be had in all jean jackets, the ones with the highest sell-through rate are jackets that are Sherpa-lined.

The sell-through rate for all brands of “vintage jean jacket sherpa” is 0.8. The majority that are selling are Levi’s, which have a sell-through rate of 1.0. Levi’s are selling on average for around $50, but as much as $100 or more for rare styles (such as the black jacket in the middle below).

Although Levi’s are one of the main sellers in this category, don’t overlook other brands such as Wrangler. Even the Sear’s brand on the right (below) sold for $75 plus shipping.

Jean Jacket 1
vintage clothes to sell: jean jacket
vintage clothes to sell: jean jacket

8. Vintage Wilson’s Leather Jackets

The sell-through rate for “vintage Wilson leather jacket” in the men’s clothing category is 0.6.

All styles are selling, especially for men’s. The more unique the better (such as the white jacket second from the right pictured below).

In the women’s category, the sell-through rate is half that of men’s, at 0.3. For women’s jackets, I’d recommend sticking to only popular styles that are selling well (such as motorcycle – aka “moto”), pictured below.

Wilsons 1
Wilsons 2
vintage clothes to sell
Wilsons 3

One of the types of items to look for are “Adventure Bound” jackets. (The two jackets on the below left are both Adventure Bound). They typically will come with a removable Thinsulate liner. I’ve sold a couple of Adventure Bound jackets, one of which went for over $100.

vintage clothes to sell: wilson's tag

How much Wilson’s jackets are selling for can be a bit all over the place. Because of that, I’d recommend pricing high and trying to wait it out for the right buyer.

9. Vintage Adidas Men’s Shorts

There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to vintage Adidas shorts.

First, the type of shorts matters. Vintage shorts specifically for running sell better than other shorts (such as soccer shorts). The sell-through rate for all vintage Adidas men’s shorts is 0.4. However, when you look at just running shorts, the sell-through rate bumps up to 0.7.

Running shorts from the 70’s and 80’s will have a very short inseam such as the one below.

vintage clothes to sell
Adidas Shorts 3

The other thing to keep in mind is the material. Any shorts with a shiny material, whether they are for soccer or running, are selling for more. If you are selling these kinds of shorts, you will want to be sure to include the keyword “shiny” in your title. The picture below is an example of shiny shorts. Note this material was also used for running shorts as well and they are typically selling for even more than the soccer variety.

Adidas Shorts 4

Next, the era of the shorts matters, with older (70’s and 80’s) shorts selling for more. You can distinguish between the two by the logo, which will be the trefoil logo.

But don’t dismiss 90’s shorts, some of which sell for in the $20-$30 range. Shorts from the 90’s will have the triangle logo like this:

While we’re talking about logos, an additional way to identify older shorts is to look for embroidered logos. In contrast, current logos are usually screen printed.

10. Vintage MuuMuus

These vintage muumuus are ones that you won’t probably be fighting other resellers over. They are usually always passed over (at least by the “professionals” in my area).

The sell through rate is 0.4 and there’s a decent profit potential with these.

Look for anything unique and brightly colored. Most items will be made in the U.S. and some may say they are made in Hawaii.

Here are some that have sold:

vintage clothes to sell
vintage clothes to sell
vintage clothes to sell

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