Best Toys To Keep Kids Busy These are the EXACT toys we have and love. As two engineering parents (I now work at home reselling thrift store items, but am still a licensed engineer), we are always looking for toys that will help our kids learn. They are ones that:
  • They come back to over and over again
  • Are screen-free
  • Encourage creativity, problem solving, and engineering skills
  • STEM/STEAM toys
  • Actually keep them busy
This complete guide will help you find the perfect toys to keep your kids busy so you can get some work done. You will find my reviews of the exact toys we have and love. But first, here are our top picks!

Best Toys To Keep Kids Busy 2020




Best For All Ages

  • Not too messy
  • Lots of tools
  • Two colors of sand

Best For Older Kids

  • Build STEAM skills
  • Comes with motor
  • Ages 9+

Best Craft

  • Hours of entertainment
  • Comes with everything you need
  • Just iron

Best Preschool Toy

  • Food “cuts” apart
  • Comes with knife
  • Great for little chefs

Best Preschool Craft

  • Comes with many tools
  • Battery-powered drill
  • Many options for play

Best Blocks

  • Open ended play
  • Endless options
  • Ages 4+

Best Blocks For Younger Kids

  • Open ended play
  • Endless options
  • Ages 18 mo.+

Best All-Ages Blocks

  • Unlimited construction
  • Long lasting
  • Eco-friendly

Best Quiet Play

  • Repositionable
  • Hundreds of stickers
  • Pages tear out

Best All-Ages Doodle Pad

  • All ages
  • Draw pictures, play games
  • Practice writing, spelling

Types Of Toys To Keep Kids Busy

Thankfully, today’s parents have endless options at their fingertips of types of toys to keep kids busy.

Here are several different types of toys to look for:

The best crafts to keep kids busy while you work are ones that:

  • Don’t make a mess
  • Encourage creativity
  • Keep kids engaged for a long time
  • Can be done mostly independently

Puzzles are terrific for engaging and challenging kids.

Puzzles should be just challenging enough to keep your child interested, but not so challenging that they loose interest.

Once a puzzle is mastered, you will want to provide the next step up.

Puzzles reviewed below are sorted by age to make this easy for you.

Logic puzzles encourage reasoning and thinking skills. They also develop problem-solving skills.

There are many different kinds of logic puzzles to choose from.

Hands-on logic puzzles with manipulatives are some of the best as they give children a good visual picture.

Blocks and building toys encourage children to think creatively, plan ahead, and develop fine-motor skills.

The best blocks can go together in multiple configurations providing an infinite number of things to construct.

Educational toys will help your child learn necessary skills for life.

There are plenty that will keep kids busy so you can get some work done.

Look for toys for kids to learn:

  • Letter recognition
  • Pattern recognition
  • Fine motor skills
  • Sorting
  • Matching

Pretend play can sometimes be an under-valued type of play.

But pretend play allows for children to:

  • Try being someone else
  • Empathize
  • Imagine and create
  • Develop socially and emotionally
  • Build language skills
  • Emulate adult activities such as cleaning, cooking, or repairing things

When shopping for games to keep kids busy while you work, look for ones that can be played relatively independently.

This works best for elementary-aged kids and up.

The Best Toys To Keep Kids Busy Of 2020

Having toys on hand to keep your kids busy can be a lifesaver!

The best toys allow for creativity, imagination and multiple ways to use them.

Here are some of my kid’s (and my) favorites!

Reviews Of Best Toys To Keep Kids Busy

Below, you will find reviews of the best toys to keep kids busy.

They are broken down into the following categories:

  • Crafts
  • Puzzles
  • Logic Puzzles
  • Blocks & Building Toys
  • Educational Toys
  • Pretend Play Toys
  • Games

Within each category, toys are sorted by age from youngest to oldest.

Best Crafts

1. Stencil Kit

Stencils are a favorite around our house.

This kit comes with everything you need plus more:

  • 20 stencil plats (with 370 shapes)
  • 15 colored pencils
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Mechanical pencil
  • Sketch pad
  • Lockable carrying case with handles

If your child is having trouble keeping the stencil in place, use a little blue painter’s tape at the four corners. The tape will keep everything secure and it won’t damage the paper.

Recommended for ages 3+.

2. Magnetic Drawing Board

This drawing board will quickly become your preschooler’s go to toy.

Here’s what we like about it:

  • Handle to carry
  • Attached pen (won’t get lost)
  • Colored quadrants
  • Stamps
  • Cinch sack to hold everything

Recommended for ages 3+.

3. Drill & Fill Play-Doh Dentist Set

This was (and is) one of my kid’s favorites.

If you’re working at the table, they can set up their dentist station next to you are work along side you.

Here are some of the favorite activities with this:

  • Make a tongue by squeezing the play-doh through the back of his mouth
  • Make braces with a stamping roller
  • Pull teeth
  • Make toothpaste and brush his teeth
  • Use the mold to make teeth
  • Drill out cavities with the battery-powered drill

You will be able to get quite a bit done while they play!

And this is definitely one they will ask for over and over again.

Recommended for ages 3+.

4. Aqua Doodle Mat

We love this mat! Just fill the pens (it comes with 5!) with water and you’re good to go!

At 40″ x 32″, it is big enough for more than one kid to use at once.

In addition, it has letters to trace for practicing small motor control and letter recognition.

Plus it comes with stencils and stamps.

It dries out quickly so kids can keep drawing. And it folds up for convenient storage.

Recommended for ages 3+.

5. Boogie Board

This board is the best all-ages doodle board. It’s a nice small size. You can “write” on it with the pen, your finger, or pretty much anything. A favorite writing tool at our house is match box car wheels! Here are some of the things we like to do with our boogie board:
  • Scribble (toddlers/preschoolers). Fingers work great!
  • Drive cars on it to make lines
  • Play tic-tac-toe
  • Play dots and boxes (the one where you try to complete all the sides of a square)
  • Practice handwriting
  • Practice spelling words (actually makes it fun!)
  • Draw pictures
  • Play hangman
Here are some features we like about it:
  • It is always “on”
  • Erases with a touch of a button
  • Comes with a button battery
  • We’ve only had to replace the battery once and we’ve had ours several years now
The one drawback is the pen is easy to loose. Luckily they make replacement pens. Recommended for ages 3+.

6. Shrinky Dinks

Did you ever do these as a kid?

They are still just as much fun now.

There are so many creative things you can do with these:

  • Write words before shrinking
  • Color before shrinking
  • Make ornaments, key chains, jewelry by punching a hole prior to shrinking

We like to use our toaster oven at the lowest temperature to shrink these. In just 2 minutes they shrink to 1/3 of their original size.

Older kids (10+) can do these supervised.

Younger kids can do the initial artwork first, but will obviously need help with the oven part.

Recommended for ages 4+.

7. Sidewalk Chalk

With 24 bright bold colors, these provide hours of entertainment when the weather is nice.

If you’re trying to get some work done, just bring your work outside while the kids make masterpieces for you.

The colors even have fun names like:

  • Macaroni & Cheese
  • Granny Smith Apple
  • Pink Flamingo

They are nice and fat, so they don’t break easily. And with a square design, they won’t roll away.

Recommended for ages 4+.

8. Melissa & Doug Stamp Set

This is another great activity that your kids can do at the table or desk next to you while you work.

Just get them set up with some blank paper and you’re good to go.

This wooden stamp set by Melissa & Doug is not only well made.

But it comes with colored pencils plus a stamp pad that is really washable like it says.

Recommended for ages 4+.

9. Slime Kit

There’s nothing more fun than making slime. Plus it’s great for sensory exploration.

This kit comes with enough to make two batches in different colors.

Kids will need help (plus you will want to help!) with making the slime.

Once it’s made, your kids can keep playing and you can squeeze in some work time.

Just be sure you have enough for one batch for each kid.

When they are done playing, just store in a plastic baggie in the refrigerator and it should keep for quite a while.

I can’t seem to find a recommended age on this, but it should be good for kids old enough to know not to put it in their mouth. (Of course, you will want to supervise just in case.)

10. Paint By Sticker

I’ll be honest here, when I hear the word “paint,” I just cringe.

There’s a time and place for that and it’s not at my house!

So when I saw this book, I jumped at getting it! Non-messy!

Just peel the stickers one by one and place on the correct number to “paint” your own picture.

This is the one we have, but there are many others to choose from including:

Recommended for ages 5+.

11. Perler Bead Set

This one probably wins the vote for most hours spent creating things.

This particular set has flowers and butterflies, but there are lots of others to choose from such as: 

They all include everything you need: pegboards, tweezers, ironing paper.

You’ll just need to supply the iron (and broom!).

If you go through as many of these as we do, you will also want to get a refill of beads.

You will also want to have lots of basic shape pegboards on hand. This will allow your kids to make multiple projects until you get a chance to iron them.

Recommended for ages 6+. Kids will need help with the ironing part.

(Hint: set pre-ironed projects somewhere safe until you get a chance to iron it.)

12. Spirograph Tin Set

Maybe you had one of these as a kid.

If so, you will appreciate this toy and so will your kids.

Unlike the old version, this one comes in a tin, hinged case for easy transporting and storage.

In addition, it comes with 7 wheels that will keep your kids creating an infinite number of patterns.

Recommended for ages 8+.

13. Weaving Loom

This is another favorite from back in the day.

This set comes with everything you need to make potholders. Included is:

  • Loom
  • 120 fabric loops
  • weaving hook

You will want to consider buying refills of the fabric loops for this as well.

Packaging says it is for 4+, but from my experience that age would require A LOT of help.

By 8 years old, most kids should be able to do this buy themselves, but will probably need some help when it comes to taking it off the loom.

Best Puzzles

14. Take Along Shape Sorter

Shape sorters like this one are perfect for the youngest of kiddos.

This one comes with a zippered storage case and handle to make carrying it around easy.

Recommended for 9 months and up.

15. Jumbo Knob Puzzle

The is a great beginner first puzzle.

It has big knobs for little hands and will help your child learn to recognize shapes.

Recommended for 12 months and up.

16. Beginning Pattern Blocks

This is another puzzle great for shape recognition.

It comes with:

  • Circles
  • Square
  • Rectangles
  • Ovals

There are plenty of pictures to pick from as the wood boards are double sided.

Perfect for ages 2-4

17. Sound Puzzle

Sound puzzles are so much fun! We have several different ones.

When you put the piece in, it will make the corresponding sound.

Here are some of the ones Melissa & Doug make:

Zoo Animals

Musical Instruments


Construction Tools

The only drawback to these, is it works by light/dark. So if your child puts their hand over or the wrong piece over the sensor it will still make the sound.

Recommended for ages 2+.

18. Shape Sorting Puzzle

This is a great Montessory-type toy.

It will help your child with colors, shapes and numbers, as well as fine-motor skills.

Comes with 25 blocks.

Recommended for ages 3+.

19. Alphabet Train Puzzle

This is probably the longest puzzle – 10 feet long!

That length makes this a fun one for kids to put together.

There is one piece for each letter, plus two for the train engine for a total of 28 pieces.

Recommended for ages 3+.

20. Floor Puzzle

Floor puzzles are so much fun! The large pieces are good for little hands just learning puzzle skills.

This one comes with four different puzzles, all with large pieces.

Recommended for ages 3+.

21. Farm Cube Puzzle

If your child tires of regular puzzles, a cube puzzle is a good option.

They not only have to get the pieces in the correct configuration, but each block needs to be turned with the correct side up.

Comes with 16 wood cubes, for a six-in-one puzzle.

Recommended for ages 3-6.

22. Latches Board

This is another great non-traditional puzzle option.

This latches board comes with six different types of latches. Great for fine motor skills, building strength in fingers (needed for writing), as well as figuring out how things fit together and work.

Recommended for ages 3-6.

Best Logic Puzzles To Keep Kids Busy

23. Wood Animal Puzzle/Stacking Blocks

These wood animals are just so cute!

There are so many things you can do with them.

You can:

  • Put them in the tray in many different configurations
  • Stack (and balance) them
  • Create different shapes by putting them together

Comes with 13 animals.

Recommended for ages 3+.

24. Imagination Magnets

The magnet set is an amazing toy that I’ve used with all three of my kids.

Unlike a lot of similar shape toys, this one is magnetic so you won’t loose pieces.

The magnetic boards double as the storage/carrying case.

What I like about it is the 50 puzzle cards it comes with.

Your child will enjoy looking at the cards and trying to copy them with the 42 magnetic blocks.

I also like that the colors on the cards match the blocks, perfect for young ones.

Recommended for ages 3+.

25. Tetris Puzzle

This wooded tetris puzzle will keep kids of all ages occupied.

It comes with 40 blocks that fit into a 7″ x 1″ wood board.

While it is recommended for ages 3+, I would recommend it for elementary-aged kids and up.

26. Castle Logic Puzzle

The company that makes this, makes so many great logic games for kids.

This is the castle one. The goal is to build a path to unite the knight and princess.

It comes with a booklet with 48 different challenges at various skill levels, plus the solutions for each if you get stuck.

Recommended for ages 4+.

27. Rush Hour Jr.

Think Fun is another company that makes numerous logic games. We have several of them and they are all great!

This goal of this one is help the ice cream truck get out of the traffic jam.

Comes with 15 vehicles, 40 challenge cards and four different skill levels from easy to super hard.

Recommended for ages 4+.

28. Gobblet Gobblers

Gobblet Gobblers is a fun twist on tic-tac-toe. Instead of simply placing your pieces like tic-tac-toe, these come in various sizes that nest together so you can gobble up the other pieces.

This game sounds simple, but requires a lot of logical reasoning as well as strategy. My kids often beat me at it!

It is a great two player game. If you have two elementary-aged kids, this is perfect for playing together and will keep them busy for a long while.

Recommended for ages 5+.

29. Cat Crimes Logic Puzzle

Cat Crimes is a game based on the original pencil and paper logic grid puzzles.

But rather than pencil and paper, there are objects to place in the correct positions as you read the clues.

If you’re looking to keep kids busy this works really well for kids who can read independently.

Recommended for ages 5+.

Best Blocks & Building Toys

30. Duplo Blocks

Legos little brother (or sister), duplos are hands down the best blocks for kids not old enough to play with legos.

This classic set is ideal for open-ended play and building an infinite number of things. It also comes with a car and person.

While it’s nice to have general building blocks like this, it’s also nice to have some sets to build complete with animals, vehicles, and people.

There are numerous options out there including:

Recommended for 18 months and up, with some sets for older ages.

31. Bristle Blocks

Bristle blocks are a good option for younger kids not quite ready for duplos.

With 112 pieces blocks in various shapes and colors, your child can use their imagination to build just about anything.

Recommended for ages 2+.

32. Popular Playthings Mag Builder

It’s tough to find gifts for two year olds.

I got this a couple Christmases ago for my youngest and it is still played with everyday.

It doesn’t take a lot of find motor skills to put together so it is great for the littlest of ones. The pieces easily stick together with hidden magnets.

The funny part is, my older kids like it just as much and also build things daily.

It comes with 40 pieces including two sets of wheels and an idea sheet.

Recommended for ages 2+.

33. Magnetic Tile Blocks

These classic magnetic blocks are a must for any kid.

This set comes with 100 blocks in various shapes and colors.

If you haven’t played with these blocks before, they will quickly become a favorite. You can build not only 2-dimensional shapes, but 3-dimensional shapes as well – great for future math and engineering skills.

Recommended for ages 3+.

34. Brio Train Set

The Brio train sets are a classic, made-to-last toy.

Some of the sets can be pretty expensive. But you will get the most bang for your buck with this 54 piece set with everything you need to construct an awesome track.

It is also compatible with other Brio railway pieces if you want to add on later.

Consider getting this train table for a play space and storage area.

After outgrowing the train stage, we now use ours for Legos.

Recommended for ages 3+.

35. Fort Building Toy

Every kids needs a toy to help them build forts.

This is a favorite activity at our house. The options are endless:

  • Cave
  • Boat
  • House
  • Teepee
  • Spaceship

Just make sure you have some blankets on hand too so they can have their own hideout!

Comes with 25 balls and 44 sticks.

Recommended for ages 3+.

36. Tinkertoys

Tinkertoys are a classic toy that has been re-designed.

The plastic pieces won’t split or crack. As a bonus, it’s made in the USA.

Comes with 200 pieces for various uses plus 30 building ideas.

Recommended for ages 3+.

37. Lincoln Logs

Did you know Lincoln Logs were invented in 1916 by the son of the infamous architect Frank Lloyd Wright?

I didn’t.

But I do know my kids love these. Plus it takes quite a bit of skill and planning to configure your house, especially if you want to complete it with windows and doors.

This is also made in the USA.

Recommended for ages 3+.

38. Wood Unit Blocks

These Melissa & Doug wood blocks are great for general building.

They come with 60 blocks in many different shapes including trianges and arches.

This is another one that is pretty much always out at our house.

Recommended for ages 3+.

39. Legos

If I had to pick one thing off this entire list, Legos would be it!

This box of 484 pieces pieces comes with 35 different colors and will allow you to build just about anything.

Open-ended play like this is so great for kids to build their imagination skills.

If you want to add on, there are hundreds if not thousands of set available including:

Creator Sets

My kids as well as many others I know favor these “Creator” sets. I didn’t know what was so special about them until my kids pointed out that they are 3-in-1. Meaning each set can be used to build 3 different things!

Here are some of the Creator sets:

Lego Friends

Another type they really like (both my son and daugher), are Lego Friends. They always come with plenty of people, animals and props.

It’s hard to pick a favorite, but here are a few:

Recommended for ages 4+. (Sets vary by age)

40. K’Nex 3-in-1 Classic Amusement Park

This is one I wanted so bad as a kid, but wouldn’t ever break down and spend the money.

Luckily, now I have it for my kids! The first time, I built it with them and it was so much fun.

The great things about this K-Nex set is you can choose between building three different rides – a nearly three foot tall ferris wheel, boom ride, or swings.

Plus it includes a motor to bring your rides to life.

Recommended for ages 9-14.

Best Educational Toys To Keep Kids Busy

41. Leap Frog Fridge Phonics

This is another one that I’ve had for all three of my kids. I could probably sing all the songs too!

It lives on my fridge and gives them something to do when I’m working in the the kitchen

There is also a pink version if you prefer that.

Recommended for ages 2-5.

42. Wood Lacing Beads

These Melissa & Doug wood lacing beads come with 27 wood beads and two laces.

The holes are big enough in each bead that your child won’t get frustrated threading them.

We also like all the different colors and numbers including counting dots on each numbered block.

Recommended for ages 3+.

43. Learning Resources Sorting Pie

This is a really great toy if your child is working on sorting skills. There are three sorting discs that go in the bottom of the pie – to sort by colors, numbers, and type of fruit.

It comes with 60 fruit counters to keep your kids busy.

In additional to being a great educational toy, your child will also develop fine-motor skills by using the large tweezers, perfect for little hands.

This pie also makes a good pretend play toy. Your child will enjoy making and serving you various types of pies!

Recommended for ages 3+.

44. Melissa & Doug Lace & Trace

These are traditional lacing cards by Melissa & Doug. They are made up of a sturdy wooden board and come with plenty of laces.

This bundle comes with a total of 10 wooden panels and 10 laces.

Lacing cards grow with your child. Initially they will be doing good to get the lace in and out of the holes. As they grow and develop, they will come up with different patterns for lacing.

These have keep my kids busy for hours and are still in good shape.

Recommended for ages 3+.

45. See & Spell

This Melissa & Doug See & Spell puzzle is just the right thing for preschool kids working on letter recognition and phonics skills.

It comes with over 50 letters and 16 words on 8 double-sided wooded boards.

Initially, this puzzle will help your child start to recognize the shape of different letters. As they grow, you can use it to help them learn phonics.

Recommended for ages 4-6.

Best Pretend Play Toys To Keep Kids Busy

46. Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Tea Set

We’ve had this tea set for years and still love it. My daughter still plays with it even though she is well past the recommended age.

In addition to the tea pot, it comes with two cups, and a serving tray and desserts that double as a shape sorter.

The fun part is the 30 songs and phrases is sings/says as well as the spout lighting up when you pour.

Recommended for ages 18-36 months.

47. Wooden Cutting Food

Play food is a must in any arsenal of toys to keep kids busy.

We love these because your child can “cut” them apart. It even comes with two knives and cutting board to make them feel like a real grown up!

The pieces are easily put back together by the attached velcro.

Recommended for ages 3-6.

48. Stainless Steel Pots & Pans

Pots and pans are a must for any budding chef.

These pots and pans have held up surprisingly well for us.

Get ready for the delicious creations your child will make you!

8 piece set

Recommended for ages 3-8.

49. Reusable Sticker Pads

These reusable sticker pads win the award for best quiet play toy.

This is a quiet form of imaginary play as your child places people and objects in different settings.

With 680 stickers and backgrounds for fairies, princess castles, playhouses, and dress up, there are endless options for creativity.

The best part is, stickers can be re-positioned and re-used as needed.

Other sets available are:

Jungle, farm, and under the sea

Vehicles, habitats, and prehistoric times

Recommended for ages 3-8.

50. Wooden Cleaning Kit

Kids always like to mimic adult activities. This is how they learn best!

This wooded cleaning kit will have them cleaning up the house in no time. Comes with 7 pieces including mop and dustpan, broom, duster and more.

Recommended for ages 3-6.

51. Playmobil Noah’s Ark

If you haven’t seen Playmobil toys before, you are in for a real treat.

They are really well made and hold up well.

This Noah’s ark set comes with plenty of animals, Noah and his wife, a plank to load animals and a working pulley to load food and supplies.

It even has a place on the bottom to add on propellers for going in the water. (Not included, can be purchased separately).

There are many different sets available in various sizes. Here are a few: 

Camping Mega Set

Tiny Paws Pet Hotel

Mission Rocket With Launch Site

Recommended for ages 4-10 years. (Various ages for other sets.)

52. Hot Wheels

Basic hot wheels cars a great for going with pretty much any type of building blocks.

Any time your child can combine two or more toys, the longer they will play.

These cars will keep kids busy especially if they have a play mat like this.

Recommended for ages 3+.

53. Mini Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are another one that will bring their block constructions to life.

It will take their building to a new level with incorporating imaginary play.

This set comes with 82 colorful dinosaurs that are non-toxic.

Recommended for ages 3+.

54. Army Men

The classic army men.

My kids use these for just about everything. A favorite (again combingin multiple toys) is to build a town with blocks, have dinosaurs tromping around, and army men protecting their city.

Comes with 100 men in 12 different poses.

Recommended for ages 3+.

Best Games To Keep Kids Busy

55. Catch & Count Magnetic Fishing Game

This little fishing set from Melissa and Doug comes with two rods and 10 fish numbered 1-5, all magnetic.

The fishing rods even have a line and reel!

Great for matching colors and numbers, and for number recognition.

Recommended for ages 3-5.

56. Don’t Break The Ice

If you’re looking for a game to keep two kids busy for a while, this is the one.

If you haven’t played it before, it’s very simple. Each play takes a turn hitting the ice until it all falls out.

My brother and I would play this one over and over. And now my kids do the same.

Comes with 2 mallets.

Recommended for ages 3+. (You will need to help them put the ice in the holder at this age. They should be able to do it by them self around 6-8 years old)

57. Hungry, Hungry Hippos

Another game that doesn’t take a lot of skill, but will keep the kids busy.

They will play over and over.

For 2 -4 players.

Recommended for ages 4+.

58. Spot It Jr.

This is the cutest game. It is essentially a matching game.

This junior version is played the same way as the adult version but has bigger objects and less on each card, making it a bit easier for kids.

For 2-4 players.

Recommended for ages 4+.

59. Sleeping Queens

If you have older kids, this is one that they will play together over and over.

The premise of the game is 12 queens have fallen under a spell and are asleep. It’s the player’s job, through skill, strategy, and some luck, to wake them up.

This card game was created by a kid for kids and features cute artwork, dragons, knights, sleeping potion, magic wands and more.

2-5 players

Recommended for ages 8+.

Toys To Keep Kids Busy FAQs

As an engineer myself, I can answer from my own experience. Any toy that promotes imagination, creativity and problem solving will help your child develop the skills needed for engineering.

Our favorites are:

  • Blocks
  • Puzzles
  • Logic puzzles

The best way to keep kids busy is by providing them with open-ended toys and activities.

Open-ended toys provide multiple ways to play – there is no right or wrong way.

These types of toys can keep kids engaged and playing for lengths of time.

Plus they will come back to these toys over and over again.

If your kids start to get bored of the toys they have, I would suggest putting toys on a rotation schedule.

Simply place toys in a storage tote and put them away for a while. Rotate out every 30 days or so.

By doing this, kids will have “new” toys to play with on a regular basis.

The best way to get kids to play with their toys longer is by:

  • Providing open-ended toys
  • Rotating toys
  • Providing toys that can be used together (such as blocks, cars and dinosaurs; or kinetic sand, army men, and cars)

STEM stands for:

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics

STEAM is the same with the addition of Art.

STEM/STEAM toys encourage development in these areas.

STEM/STEAM is a huge buzz word right now. And while there are a lot of expensive toys marketed towards it, there is no need to drop boatloads of money.

In my opinion, the best toys that will help your child in all these areas are ones that promote:

  • Creativity
  • Independent thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Reasoning

For us, clear containers work the best as they make it easy to see what’s inside.

You also want to look for ones that stack, have locking lids, and preferably have wheels.

These are some good options:

Make Money From Toys

When your kids outgrown these toys, consider making back some of your money by selling them online.

A lot of these toys have really good re-sale value even in used condition. Some, like Lego sets, even increase in price.

Here are some of the best used toys to sell online:

  • Blocks
  • Building Toys, like K’Nex
  • Educational Toys
  • Games
  • Puzzles
  • Logic Puzzles

If you want to learn how to sell online, I offer a free course that will teach you:

  • The best things to sell
  • The best places to sell
  • How to make the most money

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Thanks For Joining Me!

Thanks for joining me for this round up of best toys to keep kids busy.

I hope these toys provide hours or entertainment for your kids so you can get a lot accomplished!