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This video workshop will reveal the secret formula for creating a winning reselling business that works for you. (Warning: You will make money with this formula!)


How the heck do I ship? What method is best? How do I NOT lose money on shipping?? 

I’ve got your back! I’ll walk you through, step by step, making this easy peasy for you, so you can ship your sales confidently!


My proprietary tool that allows you to view over 100 of my best sales so you never have to go searching for inspiration again.


The world-renowned, world-famous Empowered Reseller Roadmap…Okay maybe it’s not world famous, but our students sure love it. It’s a three page PDF that is your complete guide to our system. Every step.


Use this simple cheat sheet to make sure you’re 100% ready to launch! Check off each step as you’re building your business and following along with the trainings.

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BONUS #1: Pricing Your Items (for the most money!)

Here’s a downer: pricing your item wrong. Either it’s too high and doesn’t sell, or you short yourself out of a lot of money and sell too low. With this guide, you’ll learn how to price your items to earn what you deserve. Never second guess yourself again.

BONUS #2: 50 Most Profitable Things To Sell

Much more than just a list, you’ll discover the items that will make you the most money. Work smarter, not harder, right?


Planner, inventory spreadsheet, listing templates, profit tracker and more! These are some real “business” tools you need. I’ve got you covered on the stuff you might not be thinking about.

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  • START YOUR RESELLING BUSINESS TODAY: A no-nonsense video workshop and pdf that will show you how to stop guessing and get started NOW.
  • THE WHAT, WHERE, & HOW OF RESELLING FOR PROFIT: A video workshop that reveals The Empowered Reseller formula for winning with reselling based on years of experience and testing.
  • SHIPPING EXPLAINED: A video training that takes the guesswork and overwhelm out of shipping. Beginners welcome!
  • RESELLER’S IDEA BANK: A database of my best sales that you can use for inspiration for sourcing, no high-end brands required.
  • EMPOWERED RESELLER ROADMAP: A three page PDF that outlines the ENTIRE Empowered Reseller system and pinpoints your exact next step no matter where you are in your journey.
  • LAUNCH CHEAT SHEET: A PDF worksheet that ensures you don’t miss a step before launching your reselling business.
  • PRICING GUIDE: This straightforward guide will show you how to always get the most money for your items so you earn what you deserve.
  • MOST PROFITABLE THINGS: Discover the best items to sell – the ones that will sell the quickest AND make you the most money, so you can work smarter and not harder.
  • RESELLER’S TOOLBOX: A collection of our best proprietary tools such as the inventory spreadsheet, planner, listing templates, supply checklist, and profit tracker.

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$497 Value

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Questions you might be asking…

Who is the Reseller Starter Kit For? This kit will help anyone reselling or anyone who wants to start a new reselling business. Even for the more experienced, you’ll find tons of golden nuggets to grow your business.

How long are the workshops? The video workshops included in the kit are all under 60 minutes. That way you can do less sitting in front of a screen and more implementing. They are as long as needed to teach the info, but short enough to get it quickly and not complicate anything.

Is this just for one platform? Nope. The principles and strategies we teach are universal and will work with any platform. That said, the trainings will help you choose the platforms where you’ll get the most bang for your buck.

Do you offer refunds? There are no refunds for the Reseller Starter Kit and here’s why:

This is an enormous amount to give people for $27.

It’s extremely low-risk.

Months and months of work have gone into this offer (actually years!).

Plus, I want you to stand behind your own buying decision, and really soak up everything this kit has to offer.

What do I do if I need more support? I’m here to help. Please shoot me an email at and I’ll take excellent care of you.

Do I get lifetime access to the Reseller Starter Kit? Heck yea! You get forever access for only $27. Take all the time you need. Grab it now while it’s available (I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be offering it at this price) and use it whenever you’re ready.

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