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Hey new clothing reseller!

What if you knew exactly what to source and sell…

…and where to get it.

What if you could quit making costly sourcing mistakes, and start making bigger profits?

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You know that inventory is the foundation of every profitable reselling business.

When you’ve got this piece mastered, your reselling business will flourish!


But you’re not sure what to sell

and where to get it

I mean…..are there really things that are worth your time to flip where you live?

Maybe you’re thinking…

Hey, I’m Lee and here’s the funny part…

…. I said all of those EXACT things before I started reselling!

I truly thought reselling could never work for me – that there was nothing worth flipping where I live….

Never in a million years did I dream that I’d go on to make over $100,000 (net) from flipping used clothes!

After working with hundreds of resellers, I’ve seen two ways that sourcing mistakes are costing you.

#1 Wasted Money

You may be wasting money on inventory that doesn’t sell.

You’re watching it sit there and getting kicking yourself for wasting your money.

#2 Missed Opportunities

You’re mostly likely passing by profitable inventory right in front of you.

It’s the equivalent of leaving money on the table.

So let me ask you….


what if you could quit making those costly mistakes and master sourcing….even if you don’t think it’s possible…

…..even right where you live.

I bet you’d be pretty excited, right?

you’d be running a successful reselling business and excited to…

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The Ultimate Reseller Sourcing Kit!

the complete kit to help you master sourcing so you can make bigger profits with reselling!


Dear Reseller,

I know that sourcing holds a lot of people back from getting started with reselling.

Maybe you’re not sure what sells best, what to look for, or where to find things.

Or you’ve listed things, but they’re not selling because they’re not the right things.

It’s left you wondering if you can really be successful with reselling.

I get it!

I know what it’s like to be skeptical…..wondering if reselling can work for you…

….wondering if there’s enough of the right things out there to source for big enough profits to make it worth your time.

…wondering if it’s actually possible to make $200, $500, $1000 or more a month with reselling.

I’ve been in your shoes, know the struggle, and have come out on the other side.

I’ve figured out all the things:

  • what brands to look for
  • what to look for when big-name brands aren’t readily available
  • where to source (even in a small town)
  • and options for sourcing that don’t involve shelling out an arm and a leg

It’s because of this that I’ve been able to make over $100,000 from reselling, go on dream family vacations, pay off tens of thousands of debt, and stay home with my kids.

And that’s why I want to help you – because I know your dreams are worth it, too!

So I created the Ultimate Reseller Sourcing Kit to help you master sourcing and finding profitable things – no matter where you live!

Plus with the kit, you’ll drastically reduce your learning time.

Inside, you’ll get my best sourcing secrets that I’ve learned over the past years, including:

  • Brands you’ll find on the regular
  • Options for sourcing – even if your choices are limited
  • Critical info to help you make smart sourcing decisions, so you don’t end up wasting money on inventory

I’m excited to get the Ultimate Reseller Sourcing Kit in your hands because it is the foundational key to your success!


P.S. It’s really hard (or should I say “impossible”?) to build a reselling business without inventory. This kit will make it easy for you to make big profits as a reseller, by helping you know exactly what to source and where to get it!

one-time offer: 60% off!


Here’s exactly what you get with the Ultimate Reseller Sourcing Kit:


This no-fluff added video course will help you confidently source and uncover profitable items for your clothing reselling business.


In this 60 minute workshop, you’ll learn how to make “cents” of average sale price and sell-through rates so you can make smart and informed sourcing decisions – and never waste money on inventory again!


Don’t think you have anything worth flipping in your area? In this workshop you’ll learn to master the what and where of sourcing profitable items – no matter where you live!


Not sure where to source? Using my 3 step process, we’ll identify and prioritize the best places to be sourcing for your reselling biz!


In this guide, I’ve laid out 100 essential clothing brands to know when running a profitable reselling business. This in depth guide features brands that you’ll find on the regular and that have higher profit margins.

With loads of pictures (including tag pictures), you’ll know EXACTLY what to look for!

Guide To Selling Vintage Clothing


A fan favorite guide to help you make loads of money in one of the most lucrative niches: vintage clothing!

SOURCING KIT PLUS: Monthly Live Q&A’s ($997/mo Value)

Ensure your success by getting personalized help from a part-time-reselling, mom of 4, who has made over $100,000 (net) flipping used items for profit!

SOURCING KIT PLUS: Monthly Live Workshops ($997/mo Value)

Themed workshops hosted monthly to help you succeed with reselling, make more sales, and bigger profits!

SOURCING KIT PLUS: Exclusive VIP Community ($997/mo Value)

Get support, motivation and accountability inside this amazing community of resellers.

Master sourcing with the Ultimate Reseller Sourcing Kit, like Lisa!


“I now know what to look for in items that hold value and I can resell at a rate that will grow my profit margins. Thank you Lee for taking the time to put these resources together!”

-Lisa M.

Here’s exactly what you get with the Ultimate Reseller Sourcing Kit:

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Buy back thousands of hours of your time with this resource.

Ready for the bonuses?

(and you thought we were done)

BONUS #1: $100K Brands List ($37 Value)

150 of the brands that have pushed me over the $100K mark! These are the everyday brands that I source and sell.

BONUS #2: Easy & Profitable Diversification ($97 Value)

Ready to branch out into other categories and diversify your income stream? In this workshop you’ll learn about some hard goods items that have a high profit margin and are easy to find and ship!

BONUS #3: Mystery Sourcing Alternative #1 ($97 Value)

In this workshop, you’ll expand your sourcing opportunities by learning this unique sourcing avenue to get items in bulk (without hours of shopping, or buying “lots” online)!

BONUS #4: Mystery Sourcing Alternative #2 ($97 Value)

In this workshop, you’ll learn my favorite alternative to traditional sourcing. Diversify and grow your income with this non-traditional method that has ZERO upfront inventory cost!

That’s $328 in bonuses alone!

Never waste money or time again on items that don’t sell!

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Here’s everything you get with the Ultimate Reseller Sourcing Kit:

  • CLOTHING SOURCING SECRETS ($197 Value): Uncover the best insider secrets to maximize your profits with clothing
  • SMART SOURCING ($97 Value): Boost your profits when you fully understand the critical numbers behind making sourcing decisions and never waste money again on items that don’t sell
  • SOURCING WHERE YOU LIVE ($97 Value): Conquer the where and how of sourcing profitable items – no matter where you live
  • PROFITABLE BRANDS GUIDE ($57 Value): Your guide to brands that you will find on the regular, featuring loads of pictures so you know exactly what to look for!
  • VINTAGE CLOTHING GUIDE ($57 Value): Master this lucrative niche for big profits!
  • MY $100K BRAND LIST ($37 Value): 150 of the everyday brands that have pushed me over the top of making $100K
  • EASY & PROFITABLE DIVERSIFICATION ($97 Value): Branch out into other categories that are easy to find and ship.
  • MYSTERY SOURCING ALTERNATIVE #1 WORKSHOP ($97 Value): Learn how to source clothing and other items in bulk and free up your time for better things – all without spending endless hours shopping, or having to buy liquidation lots online.
  • MYSTERY SOURCING ALTERNATIVE #2 WORKSHOP ($97 Value): Grow your reselling business with this non-traditional method, zero inventory cost required!
  • SOURCING KIT PLUS – MONTHLY LIVE Q&A’s: Ensure your success with personal help and support.
  • SOURCING KIT PLUS – MONTHLY LIVE WORKSHOPS: Trainings to help you succeed with reselling, make more sales and bigger profits.
  • SOURCING KIT PLUS – EXCLUSIVE VIP COMMUNITY: an encouraging community of other resellers so you have support for the journey

Total Value of the kit: $1,007

one-time offer ends in:


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Your investment in the Ultimate Reseller Sourcing Kit will quickly pay for itself!

In just a few sales, you’ll be able to recoup your investment into this resource!

But more importantly, you’ll have everything you need to keep making money over and over again!

Meet Your Fearless Leader…

Hi! I’m Lee!

I’m a stay at home mom of  4 and part-time reseller.

I consistently have $2,000+ months with very minimal time!

In total, I’ve made well over $100K – just from reselling during my babies’ nap times!

I love helping clothing resellers make more money without hustling harder!

when the timer hits zero, this 60% off is gone


Give Yourself a Pay Raise With The Ultimate Reseller Sourcing Kit!

Here’s 2 ways the kit will help you financially:

  • You will save money sourcing by knowing what items to avoid. (No more stagnant inventory that you have to end up tossing! No more throwing money away!)
  • You’ll make MORE money with being able to source more items AND better items

Remember, selling just a few items, will more than pay for the ENTIRE bundle!

Get ready to master sourcing and make the profits you deserve!

Questions you might be asking…

Who is this for? All stages of resellers, especially new sellers who want to hit the ground running, knowing exactly what to be sourcing and selling, as well as where to get inventory. Veteran sellers will benefit too by learning new brands and sourcing methods.

How long do I have to go through everything? Access to the kit is lifetime. And the kit is yours to keep, either option you choose! Some students get through everything quickly so they can take action quicker, and some take their time – it’s up to you. Others like to come back periodically for review and reference.

What is the format of the resources? Workshops are all in video format – perfect for learning on the go. All guides are in PDF file format, and are downloadable! Everything is hosted on my course platform Kajabi, so you’ll be able to head there anytime to access them – you don’t ever have to worry about misplacing them because you can access them at any point in time (now or way down the road).

Do you offer refunds? There are no refunds for the the Ultimate Reseller Sourcing Kit – basic or plus – and here’s why:

This is an enormous amount to give people for $97 (not to mention a ton of downloadables that hundreds of hours of research went into).

It’s extremely low-risk.

Months and months of work have gone into this offer (actually years!).

Plus, I want you to stand behind your own buying decision, and really make use of everything inside of the bundle.

What do I do if I need more support? Then the Sourcing Kit Plus option is for you! With Sourcing Kit Plus, you get the support of my VIP community as well as monthly trainings and Q&A’s where you can get YOUR questions answered!

Should I get this if I’m new to reselling? Yes! Knowing what to sell is half the battle (actually probably way more than half!). Being able to source profitable items is the key foundational piece of a successful reselling business. In fact, selling the wrong things is the #1 reason for lack of sales or slow sales. With this kit, you’ll but your learning time in half and never have to worry about wasting money on items that don’t sell. 

What if I’ve already been reselling for a while?  Even if you’ve been selling for decades, I’m certain the Ultimate Reseller Sourcing Kit will help you source more items as well as better items for your business and that they will help you make more money.

Will this work for me if I live in a small town and don’t have a lot of sourcing options? Yes! If this is you, I know exactly what that’s like! This kit will help you know what things to be on the lookout for in your area, plus you’ll learn some alternative methods for sourcing inventory.

Yes, I’m ready to master sourcing and make big profits!!

Order before the timer hits zero!