Reseller Supplies I UseWondering what you need to get started selling on eBay, Poshmark or Mercari? Here is the list of the exact supplies I use for my reselling business where I flip thrift store finds for profit online.

Perfect for if you sell on eBay, Etsy, Mercari, or Poshmark. This list includes everything from what you will need to photographing items, shipping your sales, and cleaning/prep of items.

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(Please note some of the links below are affiliate links, including Amazon Affiliates, and I make a small percentage from sales to keep this blog running.)

A Bit About Reselling

If you’re not quite sure what reselling is, it is essentially buying something at a low price (like at a garage sale or thrift store), then selling it for a higher price (like online).

You might also hear it referred to as “flipping” items for profit.

By doing this, you can make quite a bit of money!

In fact, I’ve made over $100,000 net profit flipping used items online in my spare time.

My name is Lee, and I’m a mom of 4 and part-time reseller.

I’ve created my amazing business selling used clothes during my babies’ naptimes!

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Here Are My Must Have Reseller Supplies

Without further ado, here are my must have reseller supplies – the exact supplies I use!

Photography Items

1. Lighting Kit

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This is the exact lighting kit I use. It is pretty basic. Definitely not top of the line, but it is affordable and great for part-time resellers. It comes with everything you need.

When setting it up, I use just the two light stands with umbrellas. The third light bulb I used as a replacement. I’ve had this about a year and a half and haven’t had any bulbs burn out yet. I have had kids knock them over twice now (whoops), so that is what the third bulb got used for. They now get lowered when I’m done using so that they are less likely (knock on wood…they haven’t been knocked over yet) to get tipped over by the kids.

2. Light Bulbs

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If you need to replace light bulbs they aren’t terribly expensive. You can also purchase these in higher wattages, which I recommend.

3. Photodrop Background

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When first starting out, I tried many different setups and backgrounds for taking pictures. I finally settled on this one and have been using it about two years. And it is still holding up well!

I love it because it can be used for flat lays or upright pictures (with a mannequin or hanger). When I use it as a flat lay, it is totally fine to walk on (in socks or bare feet!).

Another reason I like it is because of the size (5′ x 7′). I tried smaller backgrounds and always ended up with some items (overalls and plus-sized clothes) that were too big. I’ve never had anything too big to fit on this one.

I will say, when it first arrives it comes folded and will have fold lines in it. It takes some time for them to come out. I just kept mine rolled around a yoga mat and the wrinkles eventually came out.

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4. Velcro Hanging Strips

If you want to use this background to go back and forth between flat lays and upright pictures you will also want to get some 3M Picture Hanging Strips. I have two stuck to the top of my wall for vertical pictures and the matching partners on the background.

I actually thought they would come off the background right away, but a year and a half later they are still working great and have never come off. And I switch between flat lays and upright pictures several times a week.

5. Mannequin

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If you’re just starting out, don’t worry about getting a mannequin right away. I got by without one for almost two years. Everything I did was a flat lay.

However, I eventually got tired of arranging flat lays and bought two mannequins (one male, one female). They have been a total game changer when it comes to taking pictures quickly.

I looked for several months and finally found the ones I wanted on OfferUp from a store that had gone out of business. If you’re ready for mannequins and you want yours quicker, Amazon has several great options. If I had to pick one, it would be this one because it is tall enough to accommodate dresses.

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6. Lazy Susan

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If you have a full mannequin on a stand, like the one above, you won’t need this. But if you have a tabletop mannequin, you will definitely want to get a lazy susan so you don’t have to constantly pick up and move your mannequin.

This is the lazy susan I use. It’s heavy duty and affordable. And makes my job so much easier!

Shipping Items

7. Scale

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If you’re just starting out and can only pick one thing from this list, a scale is it. It’s pretty hard to ship without one.

I use a kitchen scale we received as a wedding present since we already had it. You just need to be able to read ounces on it.

The kids broke my scale (are you sensing a pattern here) from putting a giant stuffed animal on it. Luckily my hand husband was able to take it apart and fix it. This is the one I had picked out because of the price and reviews. It is substantially cheaper than anything you will find in local stores (I looked!).

8. Shipping Labels

An item that has been a huge time saver is sticky paper for printing labels on.

You may see a lot of sellers using label printers. I’m currently shipping 6-8 items a day and still use a regular printer.

I’ve calculated the cost and it’s very comparable to a label printer (considering I already own the printer). To save a TON on ink, I get my cartridges refilled at Costco. Then I print on these labels.

You can double your mileage with these labels by printing 4 labels per page. You can read the directions here on how to print 4 labels per page.

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9. Poly Mailers 10"x13"

Poly Mailers are a must have item. You can get them very cheap. Just a few pennies a bag.

The cheapest are usually the plain gray ones. But I like to make the drab job of shipping fun by using some fun printed bags. I’ve put together an Ultimate Roundup of the Trendiest Poly Mailers here.

The ones I have been using for a long time now are from eBay. I’ve used all the heart prints, flower prints, paisley prints, and bunny prints. Blue paisley is the one I order to ship men’s items. You can buy these in bulk to get a steep discount. You really can’t get much cheaper than these. Here is the link for cute bags at a great price.

There are also many stylish, trendy options on Amazon as well. Here are a few options there:


10. Poly Mailers 6"x9"

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I love having some smaller sized poly mailers on hand. These are perfect for small shirts, shorts, and kids clothing items.

You may need to print small versions of your labels to go on these bags. I have directions here on how to do that (thereby cutting your printing costs in half!).

11. Oversized 19"x 24" Poly Mailers

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Every once in a while I have to ship something very big that won’t fit in much else. This is where these bags come in. And unfortunately there aren’t any “cute” options. But these do the trick.

I also sometimes use these if I’m having a hard time fitting an item in a box. By putting it in the bag first, then squeezing out all the air, it is amazing how much smaller items become!

Then they easily fit in boxes and can actually help save you money by being able to use smaller boxes.

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12. Tissue Paper

I don’t use tissue paper too often, but it’s fun to have some cute tissue. Here is one of many options.

13. USPS FREE Shipping Supplies

One of the most frequent questions I get is “Where do you get your boxes?” Or, “Aren’t boxes expensive?”

That’s where these come in. USPS has lots of different sizes to pick from and the shipping price is fairly reasonable. You can see the exact sizes of boxes and envelopes I order here.

Prep/Cleaning Supplies

14. Alwayslux EasyLint Professional Sweater Shaver

This shaver is amazing! After using a small, unprofessional shaver that did basically nothing, this was a huge step up for me!

It costs more than your basic shaver, but it is totally worth it!

The best part is it plugs in. So there is no need for going through countless batteries.

I did receive a defective one the first time, but the company was super nice. They got back to me right away and sent a new one out quickly, no questions asked! You can’t get much better customer service than that. The second one I received works like a charm!

This is probably the one item on the list that will quickly pay for itself in just a few items.

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15. Fels Naptha Bar Soap

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This is a bar soap that is my go to for stain removal. It gets out pretty much everything, even what OxiClean can’t get out!

You can either rub the bar directly onto the fabric (with some water), or you can use a toothbrush.

Just wet the toothbrush a little, rub the bar of soap to pick up some soap, then gently rub the spot. Then let it sit a bit before rinsing in (preferably) hot water.

I’ve had the same bar of soap for probably 4 years now (since before I start reselling!) and it is still going strong! It is only about half gone.

And it is cheap!!!

16. OxiClean

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I use OxiClean for items that have all-over staining or yellowing. I like to dissolve some in hot water in a sink or washing machine.

Then I just put the item in to soak and let it sit for 30+ minutes. Sometimes as long as overnight.

In the rare cases that the Fels-Naptha Soap doesn’t work, I then use Oxi-Clean to treat stains.

I just mix some with just a small bit of water to make a paste. Apply it right to the stain and let it sit for a bit, maybe 15-30 minutes.

Don’t let it sit too long as it may bleach the fabric.

17. Magic Eraser Extra Durable

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Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are a must have when it comes to shoes. They are great for anything with scuffs, especially white rubber such as on Converse shoes.

Just be sure to get the ones labeled “Extra Durable” or “Heavy Duty” as they won’t fall apart like the regular ones.

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18. Lint Rollers

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Lint rollers are a must for every reseller.

Whether you have pets or not, you need these as used clothes usually need lint rolled.

I keep one lint roller in my photography area for lint that can be seen in pictures.

I keep a second lint roller at my listing station so I can roll any item that needs it prior to folding and storing.

19. Tea Tree Oil

One thing is for sure….when you buy pre-owned clothes, sometimes they just downright stink!

But fortunately, it’s a simple fix! Simply wash the item as you normally would plus add about 1/4 cup white vinegar and 5-6 drops of tea tree oil.

This will even get rid of the smell of cigarette smoke!

20. Microfiber Cloths

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For the items that don’t smell too bad, sometimes they have a little bit of something on them. Rather than wash the whole thing, I simply spot clean with these cloths and a little water.

This works especially well for jeans. It can also work for other items like shoes.

Don’t you love the playfulness of these? Makes the job a little bit more fun!

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21. Heavy-duty Flocked Gloves

Gloves are a must for cleaning shoes. This is one item I like to splurge on. I prefer to get ones that will last, are thick, and are flocked (soft!) on the inside.

If you have to clean shoes, you might as well as give yourself a little enjoyment!

Reseller Tools

22. Vendoo

If you haven’t heard of Vendoo, it’s a cross listing tool that allows you to list your items to multiple platforms at once.

They currently support around 10 platforms.

I recommend adding on both the Relist/Delist tool, as well as the importing tool.

23. Free Flyp Cross Lister Tool

I haven’t tried this one yet, but since it’s completely free, I wanted to include it for you!

Much like Vendoo, Flyp’s cross-lister tool makes cross listing to multiple platforms easy.

All you need to do is request access:

24. Free Flyp Poshmark Sharer

In addition to the cross lister, Flyp has a sharing tool for Poshmark!

In addition to sharing, it can also:

  • Bulk send offers
  • Auto-send offers
  • Follow
  • Community share (share other people’s items)

You can schedule all these activities so they run automatically every day, and the best part is, it’s FREE!

Conclusion To Must Have Reseller Supplies

Well that’s pretty much everything I use to make money from home through reselling thrift store items for profit.

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