What if you could create consistent and steady extra income flipping used clothes on eBay…..AND have a community and mentoring along the way?

How To Sell Used Clothes

Turn your passion into the business of your dreams!

Can you answer yes to any of these questions?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these….

Consistent, extra money from flipping used clothes could be in your future!

Special Offer ending in….

What if, in just a few short days from now,

Your life looked like this:

You wake up to overnight sales and offers.

Money hits your bank account on the daily.

You’re making money doing something you love.

You’re excited to get out of bed in the morning.

You finally have money to pay off debt and take that long-dreamed-of vacation.

You have the freedom to live the life you want.

Yes – this could be you.

You could have your eBay clothing reselling business launched in as little as 7 days from now!

A week or two from now,

You could:

It is possible!

You know reselling works for others,

and you’re ready to figure out how to make it work for you!


Maybe you’ve even been reselling for a while, but you’re ready to start taking it seriously.

You’re ready to start making extra money consistently.

You’ve been selling things out of your house, or maybe flipping an occasional item here and there.

Maybe you’ve even been at it several years.

But you’re ready for reselling to be a consistent source of extra income.

You know success all starts with

being on the right platform – eBay

You know that the other platforms out there take a lot of work and a lot of time.

They take jumping through all the hoops in order to make just a few bucks.

You know that eBay is different.

It’s set up for bulk sellers (and not just people selling an occasional item here and there).

It’s set up to be a tool for your business (to drive sales).

And eBay empowers sellers to make more money with built-in handsfree strategies (that can boost your sales tremendously – IF – you set them up correctly).

Here’s what you might not know about eBay


Secondhand goods is a $51 Billion dollar industry in the US alone.


With eBay, your market is around the world (190+ countries).


eBay has 159 Million buyers worldwide.


You know that almost all successful resellers are on eBay

But you’re:


Why eBay

and not other platforms out there?

You might be wondering why eBay is soooo important to your success as a clothing reseller.

Here are 8 reasons why you need to be on eBay (and how it compares to other platforms):

1 – eBay has BY FAR the largest customer base

eBay has millions and millions of buyers worldwide – 159 million to be exact!

When you sell on eBay, you are tapping into all of those existing customers.

Other platforms are much smaller by comparison. For example, Poshmark (the next largest platform) has only 80 million total ACCOUNTS – many of which are sellers themselves.

2 – eBay has people who BUY

People come to eBay for one reason – to buy!

People aren’t just coming there to “like” your items in hopes that you’ll “follow” them, as with Poshmark.

People aren’t just coming there to save items from your closet, like their building their personal vision board for fashion ideas.

They are there to buy!

3 – eBay provides dedicated customer service for sellers

Run into any problems along the way as a seller and you’ve got a whole eBay team dedicated exclusively to sellers!

The same can’t be said about any other platform out there.

Help is seconds away via chat or their return phone call system (no having to wait on hold!).

4 – eBay is built for real sellers – and not just people selling random things here and there out of their personal closets

eBay is built so that part-time and full-time sellers can easily run and manage their businesses!

Processes are streamlined so that you can make MORE sales in LESS time.

Here are some small examples, but I could go on and on:

  • With eBay, you can print all your labels at once. On Poshmark, if you have several orders, you have to go through numerous steps (including having labels emailed to you) if you want to be able to print all labels at once. With Mercari, you have to click into each order separately and print labels one at a time. What all this adds up to is TIME, whereas eBay is a click of a button – even for 5, 10, 37, or 137 labels.
  • With Mercari and Poshmark, when you want the money you’ve made, you have to manually go and request it. It takes several steps just to get it sent to you. And with Mercari, your funds aren’t released until you rate your buyer – and you have to do this for each order separately – no bulk option. With eBay, getting paid happens automatically (you can set it up to get paid daily – this is what I do). You don’t ever have to put any time or thought into getting your payouts. You’ll just wake up to notifications that the money’s hit your bank account. Maybe it seems tiny, but it frees up energy and time for more important things.
  • For sending offers, with eBay you can send all offers at once. Mercari you have to send one at a time. (And it’s not clear if listings are eligible to send an offer until you click into the listing). With Poshmark, there’s an option to bulk send offers, but they won’t go through if you don’t send a better offer than what you sent previously…..and there’s no way to keep track of the offers you sent. The only way you know an offer didn’t go through is when you get a message telling you to send a better offer.
5 -You don’t have to discount items on eBay nearly as much when you send offers

And speaking of sending offers….

With eBay, your offer just needs to be 5% off – and you can send the same offer again and again as new shoppers find your items.

On other platforms, the offer has to be 10% off – AND – it has to be 10% lower than all previous offers sent out (even to shoppers who have just found your item for the first time).

Plus, on Poshmark, you have to ALSO give a shipping discount along with your offer – which comes out of your profits.

This results in having to discount items further and further until hardly any profit is left.

If you don’t want to do that, then the only other option is to “trick the system” with a delist/relist so the platform thinks it’s a new item.

6 – eBay has less jumping through hoops

Like just mentioned, with other platforms you have to resort to going to great lengths just to make a few sales.

Delist/relist is one.

Sharing like crazy is another. As are live shows. (Plus, have you seen those $3 or $5 starts? What are they making…..a dollar an item?)

I’ve even seen YouTubers recommending that you edit the selling price on Mercari AFTER an offer is received. Then when you decline, the shopper notices a big gap and brings their next offer up to what you originally wanted (or more). Sounds like a lot of work (not to mention unethical, in my opinion).

With eBay, you get built in seller tools. Most of these are things you set up one time, or set up occasionally (like once a month), so you can drive sales while spending time with those you love.

7 – eBay requires less active time spent on the platform, allowing you to the flexibility you desire

I was recently watching resellers on YouTube talk about their strategies for making sales on Poshmark and Mercari.

One of the most important pieces of advice that kept coming up again and again was to be sending offers during the evening hours and on the weekend.

One YouTuber even recommended setting aside 30 minutes every evening to send offers. (With eBay, this is more like 30 seconds since it’s one click to send offers on ALL items).

This irritated me for a few reasons:

A – I don’t have 30 minutes in the evenings.

B – I don’t want to be on my phone or computer in the evenings. I got into reselling because of the FLEXIBILITY – so I could work on my own schedule, like when my kids are asleep or napping.

C – There are much better uses of 30 minutes, and much more effective platforms to be selling on (like eBay).


I’ve seen this time and time again – both for my own business as well as for students I work with.

Take 10 items. Take 30 items. Take 100 items.

Whatever that number is.

List the same items to multiple platforms.

You’ll quickly realize that the majority of your sales will come from eBay. (If this has not been your experience, it’s likely you’ve got a few pieces not quite right).

What this looks like in my own business….

In any given week, I might sell 40-50 items on eBay. Maybe 2-6 on Poshmark. Maybe 5-10 on Mercari. (I could probably make more sales on these other platforms if I put in the time and the energy, but I refuse to spend any more of the little time that I have, when they’re going to sell on eBay anyways.)

I get it!

figuring it all out can be SUPER overwhelming.

Not long ago, I was right where you’re at.

Like you, I had dreams of:


But I was so confused on how to make it happen.

I knew….


but more than that…

…I didn’t know if it was even possible.

I had no idea when I started…

Yes, I could find videos to help me know what kinds of items to sell.

I could find info on creating listings.

Or shipping items.

Or figuring out where to get things.

But…..I had no idea how to:

  • Make a steady income
  • Get consistent, daily sales

That’s when I  swallowed my pride, admitted I needed help, and had a friend show me the ropes.


My friend had told me about her reselling business.

But like a lot of people…

I thought I could figure it out on my own.

But it turns out, creating and growing a steady stream of income from reselling is tougher than you think!

When I finally got the help I needed….

…..that’s when success came!

Once I got help,

I was able to…


and quit worrying about every little penny!

In short, we went from just getting by….to having extra cushion in our bank account to actually enjoy life.

But more importantly, I have the

freedom I longed for.

Hi! I’m Lee!

And I now teach others just like you


with a successful clothing reselling business!

Here are 6 of my best tips for success

(from 6 years as a part-time reseller, myself, as well as helping hundreds of students just like you):

Keep it Simple

Anytime things get complicated, overwhelm (and inaction) can easily set in. Instead, focus on 1-2 categories (like clothes) and 1-2 platforms (like eBay).

Use your time wisely

Reselling can easily take over your life - especially with platforms like Poshmark and Mercari that require your constant attention. Instead, make use of handsfree seller tools that platforms like eBay provides.

Don't try to sell everywhere

Chances are, 1 or 2 platforms will bring in the majority of your sales. You will get diminished returns the more platforms you are in. (i.e. it becomes less worth your time). For me, as well as for nearly every student I help, eBay is the platform where the vast majority of sales are made.

Do more of what works

And less of what doesn't. Let go of needless tasks. This will not only free up your time, but it will allow you to grow your income without hustling harder.

Done is better than perfect

As a recovering perfectionist, I know it can be easy to let perfectionism get in the way. But here's the thing....it's much better to actually take action, even if it's not quite perfect. You will still make sales - I promise!

Take action!

If you're waiting for the perfect time to get started, or waiting to get everything figure out first, you're probably going to be waiting forever. Instead jump in right where you are and get started.

Meet Pam!

Pam had been selling off and on for 5 years, but felt overwhelmed when thinking about moving to the platform she knew she should be on (eBay!).

Less than 10 days after enrolling, she emailed to let me know she was already getting consistent sales every day.


“The weekend I sold 6 things really was a lightbulb moment. I hadn’t previously sold 6 things in a whole month!

That was when I realized I could actually use this as a way to make regular money, not just sporadically list things.”

8 Myths About Reselling

Are you getting trapped in any of these myths?

Myth #1: You can't make a lot with reselling clothes

Truth: Myself as well as tens of thousands of clothing resellers would tell you otherwise. In fact, I've made over $100,000 flipping used clothes.

Everyone needs clothes, right?

And the latest data tells us the demand for used clothing items is only going to increase.

There’s a nearly 400% growth in sales projected!

Plus, clothes are:

🩷 Easy to find

🩷 Cheap to source (no large investment required!)

🩷 Easy to store (and don’t take up much room)

🩷Easy to ship

Myth #2: It takes a lot of upfront money to buy inventory.

Truth: Would you believe me if I told you I started with just $7?

That same $7 has turned into over $100,000, simply by repeating the same process over and over again (source, list, sell).

Another way that a lot of resellers start with is with items out of their own house!

In fact, it’s estimated that the average American household has $4,517 worth of unused items that could be sold online.

It could be as easy as selling a few of the things you already have, then turning around and investing in things to flip!

Myth #3: Sales from clothes are low value and don't add up very fast.

Truth: It doesn't have to be this way!

Even as a seller who doesn’t have access to luxury brands, I’ve still found plenty of bigger-ticket items to sell – and so have my students.

Here’s a few examples out of hundreds and hundreds of items I’ve sold for more than just a tiny bit of money:

Military Officer Hat
Driza Bone Sold On eBay

And inside my program, I teach exactly how to find items that are worth your time!

Myth #4: You have to sell on a lot of platforms in order to make a lot of money.

Truth: You do not have to sell on several platforms.

In fact, you’ll find that your results decrease the more platforms you add.

Instead, I like to focus on mainly one platform – eBay.

eBay is where the vast majority of my sales come from.

Plus, selling on many platforms can easily lead to overwhelm.

Myth #5: eBay is full of scammers

Truth: This can be a complaint from brand new sellers: getting sketchy offers or messages from people who want to communicate outside of eBay.

The thing is, once you get a handful of sales (and feedback) under your belt, this phenomenon disappears almost entirely. (Plus, I help my students quickly get past this hurdle through what I teach in my program).

As a comparison….other platforms like Poshmark, sellers can get several skethcy comments a week asking well-established sellers to send them things like pictures outside of Poshmark. (It goes without saying: don’t do this!)

Myth #6: It's all about listing, listing, listing.

Truth: Success with reselling is about so much more than just listing.

It’s about knowing what to focus on, how to build systems, what to source, and so much more.

It’s about maximizing profits, understanding buyer behavior, and using effective strategies to make sales.

Success is more than just listing.

Myth #7: You have to hustle harder if you want to make more money

Truth: You can actually make more money (in less time), when you're selling on the right platforms and using strategies that work.

You don’t need to be on your phone constantly – sending offers, sharing items, or trying to get followers.

There are much better ways to make sales that are relatively handsfree – particularly when you’re on a platform like eBay.

Myth #8: You have to have a large inventory - hundreds of items - to have consistent sales

Truth: You don't have to have a large inventory to make a lot of sales. You can actually make more money (in less time), when you're selling on the right platforms and using strategies that work.

You see, it’s not so much about what you HAVE as it is about what you are SELLING.

I’ve seen sellers with thousands of items that are barely selling anything.

Or other sellers with substantially less items in inventory, but making way more sales.

Based off my own experience and experience from working with my students, consistent sales can happen at just 30-50 items.

Meet Djonica!

Djonica was nervous about getting started – worried about how she’d “source” items for her business. And worried about getting consistent sales.

But shortly after joining, she was already seeing results….

….she had sales on 6 days of the week just in her first week!


You’re ready for consistent, extra money from reselling

(and money hitting your bank account in just a few short days from now)

You’re done wasting time, trying to figure it all out on your own.

You’re tired of wasting time

trying to figure it all this whole reselling thing on your own.

You’re ready to 

make money now!


You’re also facing challenges because…

you’re not alone.

“Prior to enrolling in Rags To Riches, I was overwhelmed with the differences of opinions on how to run a successful reselling business. I was confused on how to use eBay and how to ship.

I’ve gained confidence to make it past these hurdles. Now shipping and listing are a breeze!”


Take a second to imagine a world where you could….


Wake up to overnight sales
When you run an online store, shoppers shop 24/7. You’ll feel amazing waking up to sales. It’s like making money in your sleep!

Do what you love!
There’s nothing worse than having to show up to a job you hate! Reselling is fun, especially when your phone is dinging like crazy with sales!

Have time to spend with family
Whether you’re looking for a way to not have to go back to work so you can stay with your sweet babe, or you want to quit wasting your time on jobs that pay a little of nothing, reselling can provide that for you.

Quit stressing about money
Imagine what it would be like to actually have more than enough money to make it through the month. Where you don’t need to stress about making ends meet.

Accomplish Your Financial Dreams
Whether that’s saving up for a house, paying off debt, being able to go on an amazing vacation, or being able to put your kids in swim, dance, or music lessons, reselling can provide that extra income to meet your goals faster.

Ultimately, if you want to…

then you’re in the right place.

I help go-getters like you turn reselling into a…

….steady and consistent source of extra income.

Your time is valuable.

and every passing day of trying to figure it all out on your own means one thing…

…lost income!

I don’t want that to happen to you!


Rags To Riches + Membership Pass!

My Proven step-by-step plan


plus a community to support you along the way!

Your step-by-step pathway

to fast-track your success!

You’ll save countless hours and hours of time.

“My 90-day eBay total is $1,5000 – a number I could have never imagined reaching before Rags To Riches.”



Remember Pam? She’d been selling online for several years, trying to figure it all out on her own.

But when she got the help she needed, everything changed.

Here’s what Pam had to say about Rags To Riches:

“I really feel that I could not have achieved this without the Rags To Riches class….I highly recommend the straightforward and specific training that Lee presents in Rags To Riches.”

Meet Danielle!

Danielle is a busy stay-at-home mom of two young kids as well as running her own photography business.

She was drawn to the flexibility of reselling (and not having to work evenings or weekends), but she was completely overwhelmed with knowing how to get started.

Once she enrolled in Rags To Riches, things took off. Here’s what she had to say:


“Lee is so knowledgeable about reselling. Following her strategies, I was able to make nearly $500 in sales in my first month flipping used clothes! I highly recommend her course for everyone; anyone can do this!!”

-Danielle, busy mom of 2

I love how “step-by-step” Rags To Riches is. It makes it easy to create that business-level income and get  consistent sales.


Meet William!

William found me at a place in his life when he was looking for a career change.

He wanted the flexibility to make money on his own time.

To be his own boss and to actually like what he did.

He had spent countless hours scouring the internet looking for ways to make money online.

Frustrated with all the “sales gurus” out there promoting get-rich-quick schemes, he felt defeated.

Just about ready to give up on his dream of being his own boss and having to return to what he calls “the endless corporate grind,” he stumbled upon Listing To Freedom.

He had sold a few items as a hobby seller on eBay years previously, but was confused when returning to the platform.

And confused knowing how to make a business out of reselling.

William quickly enrolled in Rags To Riches, absorbed all the information in the course, and put his new-found knowledge into practice.

Here’s what he had to say about his progress shortly after starting:

“I’ve closed over $600 in sales in my first two weeks and well over $1,000 by the end of the month!”

What’s more, William’s gone on to create the business of his dreams and is enjoying the daily freedom of being his own boss.

And even better, he’s quickly grown his income to a place to where he hasn’t had to return to his corporate job!

With Rags To Riches

you’ll be able to

And you’ll be all set up and started in as little as 7 days from now!

Say goodbye to

hours and hours of wasted time.

It’s time to fast-track your success!

Inside the program…

you get my complete system

to save you loads of time

It’s as easy as 1-2-3…


The FREEDOM FORMULA starts with…

Building a strong foundation

Step 1: Foundation

This is where we’ll set you up for success!

Inside this step, you’ll learn my framework for consistent and steady extra income with reselling

You’ll also design your business around your lifestyle and in a way you’re gonna love it!

Lastly, you’ll learn the ins and outs of reselling – all of the what to source, where to source, and more! Even if you’re already reselling, you’re gonna learn how to take your income to the next level!

Next, you’ll learn how to

Master the platform

Step 2: Mastery

You’ll master what it takes to sell on eBay…so you can do it confidently!

This is where you’ll dive in and get everything set up – from setting up your shipping policies, to creating listings that sell, to confidently getting your sales out the door!

You’ll get behind-the-scenes of my own seller account, plus over-the-shoulder videos to follow along with.

I hold your hand every step of the way, and make it super easy!

Lastly, and most importantly, you’ll learn

The artistry of creating a successful business

Step 3: Artistry

It’s about so much more than just listing things.

In this step, you’ll learn the artistry of selling, the artistry of creating a profitable business, and the artistry of creating consistent income.

This is where the magic happens! 

When you complete my FREEDOM Formula…

….you’ll have your business set up and be bringing in consistent income in as little as 7 days from now!

It’s possible!

Here’s exactly what you get

inside my FREEDOM Formula…

Modules 1 & 2: Foundations & Framework to turn Rags into Riches

I’ll show you the entire framework and structure behind turning clothes into cash and what it takes to creating consistent and steady income from selling used clothes on eBay. These incredibly valuable modules will give you the correct mindset and perspective to get the most out of the course moving forward.

Module 3: Building Your Business Plan

If you want to get paid like a business, you need to treat it like a business! I’ll help you put together an amazing business plan setting you up for success now and years to come!

You’ll also get a ready-to-go business plan template to make this as simple as possible. And we’ll go in depth on how to set effective goals that you’ll actually achieve.

Module 4: The Key To Sourcing Inventory That Sells

You’ll learn the best brands to source (plus a printable cheat sheet of the best brands!), what to do if you don’t have great brands (yes, it’s possible to be successful without amazing brands – I do it every day!), and the best places to find the best (and most profitable) clothes.

You’ll also learn the keys to sourcing including knowing what price point to invest in and how to quickly research comps to make wise buying decisions.

Module 5: Understanding eBay

You’ll learn all the basics of eBay including knowing whether or not you need an eBay store, if you should list items on auction or fixed price, how to figure out your fees, and insights into how the eBay search algorithm works – necessary knowledge in order to sell successfully.

Module 6: A Tour Through eBay Seller Hub

I’ll give you a tour through eBay Seller Hub, the place where you manage your seller account from. You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look into my actual account as I show you over-the-shoulder in my web browser how to make use of this incredible tool.

You’ll get a tour through:

  • Using and navigating Seller Hub
  • Orders & labels
  • Open “cases”
  • Listings
  • Marketing
  • Performance
  • Payments
  • Research
  • and more!

Module 7: Setting Up Your eBay Seller Account

This module is all about getting you set up to be a successful seller. You’ll get your business policies set up including your payment policy, return policy, and shipping policies. You’ll also get a cheat sheet to get your shipping policies all set up. Once you’ve got your policies in place, listing on eBay is a snap!

Module 8: Listings That Sell

This is the meat & potatoes part of the course where you’ll learn how to go about creating listings that sell. You’ll learn how to take incredible pictures with your phone, how to create listings that will show up in search results, and how to price for profits. Follow along with me as I give Pro Tips on creating listings that sell.

Module 9: Shipping The Right Way

Another meat & potatoes part of the course…you’ll walk away confident with shipping on eBay. With your new knowledge and easy-to-following Shipping Method Decision Tree, you’ll choose the right shipping method every time.

Keep more money in your pocket when you’ve got your shipping done right. We’ll make this easy peasy!

Module 10 – Turning Reselling Into A Profitable Business

In this module you’ll take all your new knowledge and learn how to turn reselling into a profitable business that provides a steady income stream. You’ll also get spreadsheets to track your inventory and profit (as well as a printable version of both)!

We’ll also touch on all those “fun” (or not so fun, but important) parts of business like accounting, taxes & licensing.

Ready for the bonuses?


When you enroll now, you’ll get the following bonuses:

  • Top 100 Items I Source & Sell Most Frequently
  • Ready-to-print thank you cards (to quickly boost your seller feedback)
  • Buyer Response Swipe File (so you know exactly how to respond to buyer questions)
  • Listing Templates (to speed up the listing process)
eBay Storefront Setup

BONUS MODULE: Storefront Setup ($97)

Get your storefront set up in record time with this bonus module. Includes ready-to-go graphics, templates to create a store banner and logo, as well as swipe text to make set up quick and painless!

Here’s a closer look inside Rags To Riches….

Here’s everything you get:


the empowered reseller

Ready for success?

Let’s get you making some serious money!

to recap:

the Rags To Riches + Membership Pass includes….

the empowered reseller


…that’s a lifetime value of over $12,067.


Who is this for?


Anyone new to reselling
If you are new (or newer) to reselling, this course is for you! If you’ve occasionally sold things on eBay or other platforms, but are ready to start taking things seriously, this is your chance!

Anyone ready to turn their hobby or side hustle into s consistent and steady source of extra income.

You enjoy finding deals, you enjoy selling things online but you’re ready for it to be more than just a hobby. You want business level income, and Rags To Riches will help you do exactly that!

Anyone new to the eBay platform.
If you’ve had some experience reselling on other platforms, but you haven’t yet taken the dive into eBay, this course will get you there! Designed to take the overwhelm out of eBay, this course will launch your selling efforts!

Anyone on eBay, but struggling to make sales there.

If you’re already on eBay, but you’re having a hard time making consistent sales, then Rags To Riches can help. You’ll learn how to master the platform so you can get consistent sales relatively handsfree!

Anyone reselling, but struggling to make it to the $500-$1,000/mo.+ mark
If you’re currently reselling, but having a hard time brining in a consistent income each month, this course will give you the tools you need to reach the income level you deserve.

Anyone wanting to level up and open an eBay store.
Maybe you’ve been selling on and off for a while, but you’re ready to take the next plunge with opening up an eBay store! This course will help you make the most of your eBay store subscription and get you to your selling goals quickly!

Busy people
Yes, you’re busy! Whether you’ve got kids and/or a full-time job, this course was created with you in mind. All lessons are delivered via video so you can learn on the go! There’s a ton of content in the course, but it is delivered in bit-sized, manageable chunks. I’ll break everything down for you as simple as possible while cutting out the fluff.

You’ll also learn how to run your business in a minimal amount of time…..so you can add the extra cushion to your bank account even if you’ve already got a full-time job.

Sound like you?

Lets do it, then!

Who is this NOT For?


Anyone looking to get rich quick
There’s no such thing as getting rich quick. All good things take time, but this course is designed to drastically cut down that time for you!

Anyone scared of rolling up their sleeves and doing some work.
No, you don’t become a successful reseller or become great at ANYTHING without putting in work. Welcome to life.

eBay sellers who are already crushing it
If you’re already killing it at the reselling game, this course is not for you.

Meet your course instructor…

Hey there!

My name is Lee and I’m a mom of 4 kiddos as well as a part-time reseller.

I’ve made over $100k (net) with this nap-time business of reselling, all thanks to a friend helping me get started in those first months.

Without her help, I would not be where I am today.

And now it’s my turn to help others!

I’m excited to help you find success with reselling!

Oh, and here’s a quick snapshot of my recent eBay 90-day total (approximately 10 hours a week):

I love helping people like you find success – even if you only have 30 minutes a day for reselling!

I’m excited for you to be the next success story!

Earn the income you know you deserve.

Yes, I’m ready!

Here’s How It Works:

Add to cart and complete the secure checkout.

You’ll get instant access to the course so you can get started right away.

Follow the steps and make that steady extra income from reselling YOUR reality!

Limited-time discount

Get started for 92% off!

Your life is about to change!

Get started NOW!


the empowered reseller

Total Value: $12,067!


Just $97/mo

Trust Badges

More Results:

Let these student’s results speak for themselves:

Pam had consistent sales just 10 days after enrolling.

Djonica had sales on 6 out of 7 days in her first week!

Danielle made $500 in her first month (even as a busy mom with very little time!)

William said “Goodbye” to his corporate job!

More results from those I’ve helped:

Meet Steph!

Steph, a single, homeschooling mom, felt trapped in a job she didn’t enjoy and felt like her life was at a dead end.

She had heard about my success with reselling, but felt unsure of where to start.

After getting my help, she had almost $1,000 in sales in her first month!

But more importantly, her life completely changed!

Here’s what she had to say

“Reselling (let’s be real…THRIFTING!!) has very quickly become my passion. I felt like my life was lacking, in more ways than financially. I was unhappy and was afraid that my life had come to a dead end. Now the sun is shining in my corner once more and the sky is the limit on where I can take this!!”

A few short weeks later, she sent me this update:

“Things are going very well and I had my first $500+ payout last week, all thanks to you!”

That was $500 in just ONE WEEK of sales!

Steph has left the job she hated and is now running a successful clothing resale business!

Meet Alexis!

Alexis wanted to start a reselling business, but was overwhelmed to the point of feeling paralyzed when she thought about starting.

We were able to get her past those fears, and on to the path of success!

“You just made me feel like I could do it and you made it no stress and simple. I can’t thank you enough for that.”


Alexis sent this screenshot after just 1 week!

Can’t wait for you to be the next success story!

Enroll & Simplify your life!

Get my straightforward, path to success!

I’ve gotten so much feedback from students telling me how much they loved how step-by-step the course is.

Really, it’s all about simplifying your life, and making things as easy as possible for you – no more having to struggle and just hoping for the best.

Here’s how Rags To Riches can simplfy your life:

Plus with this special pass….

you also get access to The Empowered Reseller for community, mentoring, and additional support!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Starter Kit is just that – a kit for beginning resellers with tools and resources to help you launch your reselling business quickly.

The Starter Kit covers a wide range of topics – various types of items, various marketplaces.

Rags To Riches is different for a few reasons:

  • It’s much more in depth and includes loads of over-the-shoulder videos
  • It focuses on clothing
  • It’s geared around eBay – where you’ll get the most results
  • It helps you not only launch, but see continued, on-going success (aka money) from reselling

Plus, this pass comes with access to the ENTIRE Empowered Reseller membership program so you have community and mentoring to make sure you have success!

Yes, all lessons can be completed from a computer, tablet, or phone.

If you’re interested in reselling, but haven’t quite jumped on the bandwagon yet, this course is perfect for you!

Taking this course will help you achieve success quicker than trying to figure it all out on your own.

First – eBay because it works!

It is designed for people who want to make business-level income. It is set up so you can make money and manage your inventory in as little time as possible on the platform.

Clothes – The used clothing category is set for tremendous growth over the next few years. Clothes are also a good starting point and it’s easy to branch when you’re ready.

Clothes are easy to find, cheap to buy (perfect for flipping for a profit), easy to store, and easy to ship.

If you’ve done some reselling on other platforms, but haven’t yet dived into eBay, this course can take your biz to the next level.

If hours spent sharing and following aren’t your thing (Poshmark, anyone?), eBay is where it’s at!

If you’ve been selling on Facebook Marketplace, and are tired of communicating with potential buyers who never actually buy….the great thing about eBay, is it’s full of shoppers who are there for one thing….to buy!

With eBay, for the most part, you put in some work upfront to list, then you can sit back and watch money in.

One of the largest platforms out there, eBay is sure to be a game changer!

If you’ve given eBay a shot and had trouble selling, you’re not alone!

I know the frustration firsthand because it took me a few times (and a lot of learning and lost money) to figure everything out.

Lucky for you, I’ve got it down to a science.

What’s more…the same strategies have worked for others as well.

(Plus when you enroll now, you’ll also get my popular Double Your Sales Lab – a $397 Value!)

While not a requirement for selling (you get 250 free listings a month without a store subscription!), this course is geared around having an eBay store.

There are lots of perks of having an eBay store such as the ability to put inventory “on sale” as well as set up a vacation hold (Making money while on vacation? Yes, please!)

Store subscriptions start at just $4.95/mo with 1-yr plan, or $7.95/mo for month to month.

If you’re not quite ready for an eBay store, most of the principles in this course will still apply for you. Then when you’re ready for a store, you’ll be all set to go with what you learn.

Thankfully, start-up costs for reselling are very low.

As an example, I started with just my smartphone, printer, a couple of shipping supply items from the Dollar Store, and a scale (around $20 from Amazon).

If you don’t have a printer, there are some options for you…such as having your labels printed at the post office or library, but you’ll definitely want to eventually have either a printer or label printer available for ease.

You may also want to invest in a lighting kit and photo drop background (less than $75 total) and possibly a mannequin (approximately $50).

I invested in these around a year into my business, but if you can get these sooner, they really improve pictures and your sales. Definitely a great investment!

It’s also nice to have some basic household items on hand such as lint rollers (a must if you have pets!) and stain removers (I like OxyClean, Fels Naptha soap bars, and hydrogen peroxide).

You will also may need to make an initial investment in clothes to sell.

The amount is up to you and how quickly you want to grow your income. You can start with how little or how much you want.

For example, my initial investment was $7 for a few items. I sold a couple, then turned around and bought more. That same $7 investment is what I’m still flipping today!

It took a while to get where I’m at, and if you want to grow quickly you will most likely need to invest a bit more.

The other option is to sell your own items first so you can start investing in other items.

You’ll need room on either a wall or floor to take pictures. I recommend a 5’x7′ background as well as room for a lighting kit.

You’ll need a small space for shipping supplies. I use a small foot-wide cupboard, to give you an idea of size.

For inventory storage, that will depend on how much you plan to have. (You’ll take this into account for developing your business model as well).

Here are a couple of scenarios to give you an idea of how much storage room you’ll need:

I initially started out with a few cleared out dresser drawers to hold around 100-150 items.

Then I expanded to my proprietary (free) storage system which allows me to store a large amount of inventory in a small amount of space. An approximately 16″x24″ floor space with 6 feet of vertical clearance can hold around 100+ items. For my current sales volume, I have around 500-700 items on hand at any one time.

While you can resell from pretty much any location, if you live hours away from stores, you will probably have trouble sourcing enough inventory.

That being said, there are resellers who source everything online.

As well as those who travel two or more hours to source, spend the day sourcing inventory for the month, then drive home to get it all listed.

Also, small towns can have some pretty sweet vintage items – one of the most lucrative things to flip!

(Plus…when you enroll now, you’ll get access to my workshop, Getting Free Inventory From Flyp – $397 Value – this is how I get inventory delivered to my door!)

Yes! If this is you, let me tell you…I’m in the same boat!

Living in middle class suburbia, I rarely come across really great brands. But I haven’t let this hold me back!

In this course, I share all my biggest secrets with you for sourcing….including valuable items no one ever thinks about.

You have access as long as you which to remain a member.

We’ll be sorry to see you go but understand that things come up.

Cancellation is as easy as a click of a button inside of your course area. You’re also welcome to email me at leemeier@listingtofreedom.com, and I’m happy to take care of it for you as well.

This is where I’m supposed to tell you I offer an amazing money-back guarantee.

But here’s the thing…

….my program works.

The results of my students prove it.

And I’m confident it will work for you too.

You see….your best shot at success comes when you roll up your sleeves and do the work.

Sitting on your rear end, not completing the lessons, and not doing the work will NOT get you results, no surprise there, right?

I’ve done my part to deliver an amazing program. Now it’s your turn to do your part.

You’ll thank me later!


You will have video instruction and step-by-step walkthroughs of every major topic. This is by far the best way to learn the material.

This course is based on using eBay.com. eBay’s website in your country may be a little different. Also, the shipping methods discussed in this course are specifically for US sellers.

Credit card security is extremely important to me.

That’s why Teachable (where the course is hosted) handles the billing.

They provide a secure socket layer and 128-bit encryption.

Frankly, your credit card data is safer making an online purchase through Teachable’s site than it is paying for gas or food at a restaurant.

So feel comfortable knowing your transaction is 100% completely protected from fraud.

Your piggy bank’s gonna need a bigger pair of jeans!


Special Offer ending in….

Please note that results are dependent on what you put into the course. There is no such thing as “passive income.” You won’t make millions. But you will make extra income honestly. All of my students achieved success because they worked hard to learn and apply what they learned. I fully believe that anyone, anywhere can do this too – including you!