Ready to make consistent sales and see your income from reselling GROW?

Stop wasting months and years DIYing and piece-mealing info from YouTube just trying to make things work for you.

It’s time for a proven plan!

If you’re shaking your head and thinking, “That’s not for me,” let me ask you if any of these sound familiar:

If you’ve ever been frustrated by lack of sales, struggling to get inventory moving or how to grow your reselling income, this is the program you’ve been searching for.

Hey there, I’m Lee!

I’m a mom of 4 and a reselling expert.

And if any of those statements resonates with you, I want you to know one thing…

You CAN create a wildly successful reselling business (even in just a few minutes a week)

It’s time to stop thinking that other resellers are “just lucky” or that you need to have loads of spare time to make that extra money a reality.

Here’s the only thing successful resellers have that you don’t: workable systems and repeatable processes.

Seriously. It’s as simple as that, because…

Consistency is the key to success

That’s a fact.

So why aren’t we all just buckling down and checking things off our to-do list every day?

Because….we get bogged down in the details.

We get overwhelmed.

Our to-do list grows and grows, and we’re left feeling frustrated, wondering if it’s even possible to make money with reselling in the little spare time that we have.

And on top of it, we’re You-Tubing, ending up with conflicting information, and being told we need to do “all the things” and work harder to see our income grow.

You know you’re on the brink of success, but you’re not quite sure the next steps to take to get there.

Here’s the truth…

You don’t need more shiny new ideas to follow.

What you need are..

actionable, step-by-step plans so you can get the important (money-making) tasks done.

How many times have you said, “If only I had someone to show me how?”

Imagine what it would mean for you (and your wallet) if you just had a

simple, step-by-step plan to grow your income (even in just a few minutes a week)

You’d know exactly what to do right now to take your income to the next level…

…no matter where you’re starting from.

You’d never again wonder if you’re doing it right or how you’re going to “fit it all in.”

You’d know the right steps to take to move past the obstacles your facing so you can see your income grow.

You could stop experimenting and wasting hours and hours on YouTube just hoping to find something that works, and instead get REAL strategies, systems, and plans for success to build consistent income (even if you barely have any free time as it is).

You’d know – without a doubt – what’s working and what’s not so you could always focus on the things that are actually worth your time.

No more “winging it” and hoping for the best. You’ll make consistent improvements to make more money in less time.

It’s time to stop trying to piece-meal bits and pieces of info you pick up from various YouTube “gurus” and instead..



From: Lee Meier

RE: Flipping used items online

Dear Reseller (or soon-to-be reseller),

If you want to make more money selling online, spend more time with your family, or even if you just want to finally start to hit the goals you’ve set for yourself, then this is the most important letter you’ll read all year!

Here’s why…

The truth is – in today’s reselling world, there is a massive amount of competition. Everyone wants to make money online. You need a secret weapon to stand out. The Empowered Reseller IS the difference between failing and success for you and your business!

Here’s how and why I can make you this promise…

My name is Lee Meier and I am an expert at flipping (aka reselling) used goods.

Over the last few years I have sold 10’s of thousands of used items, have made over $100,000 net profit, have paid off thousands and thousands of debt because of reselling, and have been able to stay home with my babies.

I designed this program to give you everything you need to start a successful reselling business or grow your existing one to new heights!

Every minute you wait is another minute lost that you could be accelerating your sales and putting more money in your pocket, while building the life of your dreams!

More than 87% of all resellers struggle to meet their income goals.

This is because most resellers are trying to figure it out on their own INSTEAD of learning from a someone that has already achieved the results they desire. Investing in yourself with an online program dramatically speeds up the process, quickly teaching you the skills you need to be successful!

And YOU, and your dreams and goals are WORTH investing in.

Here are some testimonials from people just like you with real results from The Empowered Reseller methods…

William turned his small investment in The Empowered Reseller into enough that he was able to “say good-bye” to his corporate job for good!

Canadian seller, Marilyn, has made $30,000 and counting!

Djonica had sales on 6 out of 7 days in her first week and was shocked at how well it started off. (Plus, her husband is impressed with the results – my personal favorite part of her story!)

Steph, a single mom, was able to leave the job she hated and spend more time with her daugher!

The numbers don’t lie! The used goods industry is growing like crazy and will be worth nearly $1 Billion PER DAY by 2030. There is a reason for this insane growth!

People want USED ITEMS and they want the convenience of buying them ONLINE.

You will fast track the skills you need in a matter of days or weeks what would normally take you years to learn on your own.

Think about how good you’ll feel when you’re making extra money on your time, waking up to sales, and successfully bringing in profits from your reselling business each month!

Think about the trips you can go on, the things you can buy, the debt you can pay off and most importantly having time to spend with the people you love!

See yourself tell your friends and family about the business you created that allows you to bring in sales around the clock!

To your success,


Lee Meier


P.S. – Every minute you wait is another minute you miss of getting BIG sales results in your reselling business. Take action now and start building the reselling business of your dreams!


The Empowered Reseller

The roadmap you need to finally find success – it’s your secret weapon!

It’s an entire ARSENAL of training and tools to EQUIP, EMPOWER, AND PROPEL YOU TO SUCCESS with reselling.

In fact, here’s just the tip of the iceberg of what you get…

Specifically, you’ll get instant access to an entire library of training and resources to help you build and grow your income.

And you’ll never have to piece-meal anything again.

Instead, you’ll easily move step by step, continually improving your business, increasing your sales and average sale price, all while spending less time trying to figure it all out on your own and just hoping for success.

No more watching from the sidelines, wondering how it’s done.

Now you’ll be the one everyone is envying.

Whether you’re just starting out and need to finally get a handle on all the ins and outs of reselling…

….or you’re more advanced and are looking for ways to boost your income (without working more hours)…

The Empowered Reseller has what you need.

You get actionable bite-sized video lessons, workshops, checklists, spreadsheets and more to help you get started quickly and to make following the process easy.

But here’s the best part…

Even though these are dead-simple, easy-to-implement solutions, you are NEVER on your own.

The Empowered Reseller is not just another hands-off course with no support.

In fact, you’ll have personalized help not only from me, but from your fellow Empowered Reseller VIP community.

Here’s The Empowered Reseller Promise


Consistent action makes for consistent results. If you're tired of sales that are never steady, these proven, step-by-step processes are your guide to getting off the roller coaster.


Quit winging it, or worse, following YouTube gurus and hoping for the best. Instead, follow my proven strategies to boost sales, and take back your time.


Take advantage of the many ways to connect with me and your fellow members to get answers to your specific questions.


Smart resellers know that continual improvement is the key to higher profits. With The Empowered Reseller, you'll get what you need to see your income grow by working smarter, not harder.

Meet Alexis!

“You just made me feel like I could do it and you made it no stress and simple. I can’t thank you enough for that.”


Alexis sent this screenshot after just 1 week!

Here’s exactly what’s waiting inside your members area:

Each month, you’ll receive new training resources to keep your business growing including:

You’ll get instant access TO ALL 23 of these profit-building resources:


The course that started it all! Complete and proven step-by-step plan to start and grow a profitable reselling business flipping used clothes for big profits!


No more lost inventory or time wasted trying to find things when they sell. No more crazy spreadsheets or ridiculous SKU numbers – we’ll make this easy peasy, plus you’ll get a sneak peek at my FREE inventory storage system!

eBay Quick Win Videos

Answers to all your eBay questions so you can make the most of this powerful platform.


Learn insider tips to minimize the time spend in your business. Do less, make more with this training.


In-depth training on how to scale your business without spending more of your precious time to do it!


Success does not just happen! In this training, we’ll help you set goals for success!


Get your inventory moving with this unique, little-known, but powerful technique. Warning: only implement this if you have plenty of shipping supplies on hand!

eBay Storefront Setup


Create a winning shopping experience for your customers so you get more sales, bulk sales, and repeat customers.


We’ll dive deep into proven ways you can get inventory for free.


Should you or shouldn’t you? How are you supposed to without driving yourself crazy? In this training, we’ll make selling on multiple platforms easy so you can maximize your profits with minimal time investment.


It’s never too early to start getting prepared for tax season. You’ll learn what to do NOW, so you won’t be overwhelmed later.


In this training you’ll learn how you can grow your income by providing consignment services through the Flyp app.


Get the inside scoop on sourcing from garage sales. With these surprising items, you’ll be able to diversify your income to for a profit boost.


Short on storage room? Don’t want to deal with shipping and fulfilling orders? In this workshop, you’ll learn how eBliss can help!


Learn from the best! Kathy Terrill, from I Love To Be Selling, joins us for this workshop on how you can use social media to drive traffic and sales.


Ready for a way to put your sourcing on steroids? In this workshop, you’ll learn all the ins and outs of buying storage units from storage unit expert Vincent from Eye For Profit.


Learn with Libby from Consignment Chats on why you should be “consignment ready” and the steps you can take to get started with this amazing business model.


Crash course to help you make the most of selling on Poshmark.


For Poshmark sellers who are ready to expand their business to eBay and see their income skyrocket.


Master this up and coming platform and make sense of the shipping options available to you so you can maximize your profits.


Master one of the most lucrative platforms – so you can increase your average selling price.


One of my most popular workshops, you’ll get the complete strategy to double your sales.


Summer can be one of the best times for profits – if you have the right information. In this course you’ll learn how to keep sales strong all summer long!


Struggling with actually making sales or having low average sale prices? In this workshop, we uncover the secrets to sourcing better items so you can have consistent (and better) sales.

You get all this and more inside…

“I went from working at a job I hated, to being able to support myself and my daughter with reselling thanks to Lee’s help.”

– Steph E.

William email

“Lee is able to succinctly get her ideas across in a manner that even E-Commerce novices can understand. She has shown hundreds of sellers like myself a path toward becoming self-sufficient allowing them to work from home and set their own schedules.”

– William (who was able to kick his soul-sucking boss to the curb!)

Earn back your investment with just one sale

Smart resellers carefully review the returns they make on every item they invest in, and The Empowered Reseller is no exception.

The goal for every single course, workshop, and checklist inside The Empowered Reseller program is to increase your income.

Implement even one or two suggestions from a single lesson, and the additional sales will more than cover your membership fees.

Then just rinse and repeat for steady growth you can measure.

Grow your income for less than the cost of dinner out.

Listen up. At this price, The Empowered Reseller is quite seriously the very best investment you can make in your business today.

Implementing just one small piece of any of the trainings can instantly cover the small monthly charge, making for a massive return on your investment. Who doesn’t want that?

And let’s not forget, if you wanted to purchase these courses, workshops, resources, and support all individually, it would cost you thousands of dollars.

But even with all that said, The Empowered Reseller isn’t for those looking for a magic pill or a get-rich-quick scheme.

Meet Pam!

Pam had been selling off and on for 5 years, but still felt overwhelmed when it came to starting a reselling business.

Less than 10 days after enrolling, she emailed to let me know she was already getting consistent sales every day.

“The weekend I sold 6 things really was a lightbulb moment. I hadn’t previously sold 6 things in a whole month!

That was when I realized I could actually use this as a way to make regular money, not just sporadically list things.”

“My 90-day eBay total is $1,5000 – a number I could have never imagined before.”



“I really feel that I could not have achieved this without Lee’s help…I highly recommend the straightforward and specific training that Lee presents.”

“Prior to enrolling, I was overwhelmed with the differences of opinions on how to run a successful reselling business. I was confused … especially when it came to shipping.

I’ve gained confidence to make it past these hurdles. Now shipping and listing are a breeze!”


The Empowered Reseller is definitely for you if…

You should give The Empowered Reseller a pass if…

Here’s everything you get when you become an Empowered Reseller member today:

What members are saying:

Get INSTANT access to the ENTIRE Empowered Reseller program – training vault, community, and LIVE masterclasses and Q&A calls

Stop struggling to get consistent sales, and start putting proven systems in place to see your income grow!




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Hassle-free. 7-day money-back guarantee + easy, one-click cancellation.

Get the price-lock guarantee!

Trust Badges

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

You are fully protected by my 7-day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If after browsing through the trainings inside, you feel The Empowered Reseller won’t give you more profits and more freedom, just let me know and I’m happy to refund you in full, no questions asked!

Meet Danielle!

Danielle, a mom to a toddler and baby, was tired of giving up her evenings and weekends as a photographer.

She went through my training and just a few sales later, she hit that $500 mark!

She’s loving that she can make money on her schedule and that she can spend evenings and weekends with her family.


Meet William!

William found me at a place in his life when he was looking for a career change.

He wanted the flexibility to make money on his own time.

To be his own boss and to actually like what he did.

He had spent countless hours scouring the internet looking for ways to make money online.

Frustrated with all the “sales gurus” out there promoting get-rich-quick schemes, he felt defeated.

Just about ready to give up on his dream of being his own boss and having to return to what he calls “the endless corporate grind,” he stumbled upon Listing To Freedom and my program.

He had sold here and there as a hobby seller online years previously, but was confused when wanting to get started as a reseller.

William quickly enrolled, absorbed all the information in the program, and put his new-found knowledge into practice.


He got results (aka money) right away, and his since gone on to be able to leave his corporate job for good!

What’s more, William is enjoying the daily freedom of being his own boss.

If you’re like William and are ready to be your own boss (and to actually enjoy what you do), just click here to enroll now:

Can’t wait for you to be the next success story!

Questions you might be asking…

Who is The Empowered Reseller for? Anyone who wants to have consistent sales and see their income grow.

Will this work if I’m just starting out? Yes! You get the advantage of learning the right way from the start.

What if I’ve already been reselling for a while? If you’ve been reselling a while but are ready to grow your income and implement proven strategies to get there, The Empowered Reseller is for you.

What happens if I cancel my membership? We will miss you! But seriously, cancellation is as easy as logging into your account and clicking a button. You’ll continue to have access until your renewal date, after which you will be no longer able to log into The Empowered Reseller course area or member community.

What if I need help? I’ve built in multiple ways for you to get personalized help, so you’ll never have unanswered questions or unresolved issues. You can ask questions in the private community or get your questions answer on our live calls.

I still have questions. How can I reach you? Simply send an email to and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Lee Meier is a wife and mom of 4 from the Pacific Northwest.

Reselling part-time during babies’ naptimes, Lee has eclipsed over $100,000 in sales on platforms like eBay, Poshmark, and Mercari.

But her focus is not on numbers, it’s on people

Through her online courses and community, Lee has helped hundreds of people get started with reselling, and even leave their day jobs or create a side hustle, and many more have recently made their first sales through her teaching.

Lee isn’t just passionate about teaching people how to grow reselling businesses, she’s obsessed with helping people experience the freedom that comes with becoming a successful reseller.