Ready to launch your own profitable reselling business in only 5 days?

Challenge begins in…

You’re invited to take part in Listing To Freedom’s 5-day Launch Your Reselling Biz challenge, sponsored by Vendoo.

For 5 days, I’ll going to be going live in an exclusive Facebook group to teach our proprietary Listing To Freedom system that has helped hundreds of resellers grow their sales and profits, PLUS we are giving away over $3,000 WORTH OF PRIZES!

Each day, we’ll teach you new strategies and mindsets that will give you the confidence to overcome your fears and TAKE ACTION to build and launch your new reselling business.

Want to know the best part?

You don’t need to buy inventory right away or spend any money up front.

You don’t need to be tech savvy at all.

Did I mention it’s 100% FREE?

During this 5 day challenge you’ll learn

How To Easily And Quickly Build A Sustainable, Profitable, Reselling Business (Even if you aren't tech savvy)

Deciding What To Sell (Without overwhelming yourself OR wondering where you're going to get stuff)

Pick Your Platform - How To Get Your Items In Front Of A Huge Buying Audience (With minimal effort)

Bootstrap your business - Getting started on a shoestring budget

How To Punch Fear In The Face And Finally Take Action On Your Dreams Of Starting Your Own Reselling Business


5 Days Of Actionable High-Value Training For FREE

Each day we'll walk you through the secrets of my simple system for building and launching a profitable reselling business. You'll get clarity on what you should sell, overcome the overwhelm, and learn the best ways to make BIG sales. Best of all, you'll be getting all this training for $0.00 - that's right - FREE!

Private Facebook Group

I'll be going LIVE every day and chatting with you in the private challenge Facebook group! This group is there for you to not only engage with me and learn new, valuable content each day, but for you to post your progress and ask your questions! There's nothing as valuable as an encouraging community and accountability to get you going!

August 21 - August 25

I know how hard it can be to get out of your own head, stop trying to make everything perfect, and actually get your new business started. So I've put together a five day program designed to teach, enoucrage, and support you on your journey!

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Meet Your Fearless Leader…

Hi! I’m Lee!

I’m a stay at home mom of  4 and part time reseller.

I’ve made over $100K reselling during babies’ nap times, averaging around $2,000 a month (net).

I’m excited to empower you to launch your reselling business!


Why are you offering all this training for FREE?

Let’s face it, the past few years have been crazy….who are we kidding. They’ve been a complete mess!

So I’m on a mission to help as many people as possible experience the freedom and impact that comes with running a successful reselling business, even in these times of fear and uncertainty.

You’ll get 5 days of actionable, high-value content, the ability to connect with a reselling expert and other people on the same journey, facing the same obstacles.

During the challenge, you’ll discover the secrets to running a profitable reselling business, and get up and running in just a few days!


Wondering What You’ll Learn Each Day?

Here’s The Complete Schedule:

Day 1: Monday, August 21

10am PST

“How To Overcome Your Fears And Take The First Steps To A Profitable Reselling Business”

Day 2: Tuesday, August 22

10am PST

“Deciding What To Sell” (Without overwhelming yourself OR wondering where you’re going to get stuff)

Day 3: Wednesday, August 23

10am PST

“Pick Your Platform – How To Get Your Items In Front Of A Huge Buying Audience” (With minimal effort)

Day 4: Thursday, August 24

10am PST

Bootstrap your business – Getting started on a shoestring budget”

Day 5: Friday, August 25

10am PST

“How To Make Thousands Reselling Using Listing To Freedom’s System”


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