hey new reseller…

Confused on eBay shipping?

You’re not alone!

eBay is a powerful platform and there’s a HUGE potential for sales, but shipping can be confusing.

And it can even keep many sellers away because they don’t feel confident.

But even scarier is that most sellers are making costly shipping mistakes and don’t even know it!

I’ve shipped well over ten thousand items and have worked with hundreds of students on shipping.

This has allowed me to come up with a system for shipping that:

  • eliminates those costly mistakes
  • makes it easy to set up your shipping policies (once they’re set up, listing is a breeze)
  • allows you to ALWAYS choose the correct shipping method
It’s time to feel confident with shipping on eBay!

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You’re ready to master shipping on eBay


I know the feeling because I’ve been there…

unsure of myself

and not understanding how it all works.

There’s a lot that goes into shipping on eBay…

Like knowing which shipping method to use.

How to charge for shipping.

How to not loose out on shipping.

And so much more…

When you get these things figured out,

You’ll feel confident both with listing and shipping your sales!

And wouldn’t that feel amazing?

You Could…

So how do you get it all figured out correctly?

Well, there’s two ways.

The first is to try to figure it all out on your own.

I’m sure you could eventually do that – but at what cost?

How many mistakes would you make along the way?

How many sales would you lose in the process?

How much would it cost you in mistakes?

Because here’s the scariest part….most resellers are making costly mistakes and don’t even know it!

So if you go this route, you could go for months or even years with the wrong shipping methods that are costing you profits.

The second (and smarter) route, is to learn from someone who’s already gone through the hard route for you, but has come out on the otherside and is able to help you get started correctly.

No more researching, experimenting, guessing, or unknowingly making costly mistakes!

The Shipping strategies your getting today will eliminate those costly mistakes

so you can feel confident that you’re making the most sales as well as the biggest profits!

Get Instant Access & Start Shipping Correctly TODAY.

Scott went from losing money to making money on shipping!

Hint: if you’re not “making money” on shipping, you’re actually losing money – because eBay fees are charged on shipping.

After student Scott went through the training, he went from losing money on every sale to shipping, to now more than covering his shipping fees.

Yes! You can “steal” my shipping policies

Because I’m giving it all inside of eBay Shipping Simplified.

Get Instant Access & Start Shipping Correctly TODAY.

✅ If you don’t save money on shipping and start feeling confident TODAY….I’ll send you a refund for wasting your time.

That leaves you with two options.

OPTION #1: You can say “no” to eBay Shipping Simplified (likely with a little bit of FOMO in the back of your mind)…

….wondering what could have been.

…wondering exactly how much money you’re losing to shipping mistakes.

…still fearful that you’re not doing things right when it comes to shipping.

And you could work on trying to get it all figured out yourself

…and waste a bunch of time going down rabbit holes on YouTube and ending up even more confused than before

And after you’ve spent all that time, you’re still not doing things right.

Or, there’s OPTION #2: You can use my eBay Shipping Simplified to get everything set up correctly.

And stop unknowingly making  costly mistakes.

Not next month.

Not next week.

Like, literally, TODAY.

In less than 90 minutes you could learn as well as get your shipping policies all set up correctly.

And if you don’t save money and feel more confident, just email leemeier@listingtofreedom.com to get a refund.

But like I said, I’ve shipped over 10,000 items and have helped hundreds of students.

So I don’t anticipate that you’ll have any issues.

But isn’t it nice to know I’m STILL giving you a guarantee?

Imagine being able to set up your shipping in minutes….

No more headaches or confusion, wondering how to set it all up.

You won’t EVER have to worry about losing money to shipping.

Or missing out on making sales because shipping is to high.

And more importantly…

You won’t have to keep feeling overwhelmed.

Get Instant Access & Start Shipping Correctly TODAY.

here’s what you get with

eBay Shipping Simplified!

✅ These methods are over 99% OFF compared to what my private clients pay for me to teach them.

As I mentioned, I don’t know if I will keep eBay Shipping Simplified available for long at this price…

While my goal is to help as many eBay sellers as possible quit making costly mistakes….start making bigger profits…and more sales…

…I’m not sure this is sustainable, business-wise.

Because it’s the things like these that private clients pay me up to $3,000 to teach directly.

I also teach a lot of these strategies inside my $1,000 program.

So I may take this down at any moment (or double the price) if this offer sells too well.

I don’t say all this to brag.

I say it because you’re literally stealing my methods and policies for making shipping set up as easy as possible!

Get Instant Access & Start Shipping Correctly TODAY.

If I were in your shoes, I’d buy this right away….

It’s already crazy that I’m selling them for less than the “suggested retail” of $297.

And it’s what clients pay me THOUSANDS to teach them.

And yet, while I know that charging even just $100 is perfectly fair (given that $100 doesn’t seem like much anymore)….

I’m going to make it such an obvious decision to say “YES” right now…

Which is why when you decide to take action right now…

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It won’t even cost you $97, or even $47.

Or even $27.

Instead, by taking action today….

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What students have to say about Lee’s products:

To sum up what you’re getting today…

Imagine how relieved you’ll feel in the next few minutes…

Knowing that you can learn and set up these policies today…

Knowing that you’re not making any costly mistakes….

All without having to spend hours trying to track down helpful information online.

But rather having a simple method that allows you to ALWAYS choose the correct policy…..

No more headaches…
Or confusion…
Or wondering if you’re doing it all right.
In just a few minutes from now you could have all this behind you and those shipping policies set up.
And once they’re set up, it makes listing quick and easy – especially when you know the right policies to use.

All this is possible when you click the button below and place your order now:

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REMEMBER: All orders today are backed by my 180 Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee:

And while I’m absolutely certain that eBay Shipping Simplified can save you loads in costly mistakes and virtually eliminate your overwhelm and confusion….

….I know that in today’s society of internet gurus’ and over-the-top hype and false promises….

….talk is cheap.

That’s why I want to put my money where my mouth is…

And offer you the opportunity to try eBay Shipping Simplified for 180 days at no risk to you.

(that’s MONTHS worth being able to use these methods….and if you don’t save money on shipping and start feeling confident, I’ll give you your money back)

It works like this:

Simply click the yellow button below to order now.

Fill out the form and complete your order.

You’ll instant get access to the eBay Shipping Simplified trainings and resources on my course platform (no having to worry about losing an email, plus it’s lifetime access).

Then you can immediately learn and implement the shipping policies in a little over an hour.

I’m positive that once you do this, you’ll start saving money and making more sales…

And for months & years to come.

Truth is, I really don’t care about the $17.

Because I know that some of my customers will love this copy & paste strategy SO much that they’ll do ‘real business’ with me in the future because of how much this helped them

This measly $17 is just a way to separate the women from the girls (or the men from the boys)…And figure out who’s serious about reselling & who’s not.

But if for any reason these methods don’t work for you…

If you can’t make back your $17….

(which is practically impossible unless you buy this & never use it)

Then just shoot me an email, even 179 days, 23 hours, and 59 minutes from now – showing me that you actually gave it a try and it didn’t work…

And I’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

And the only reason I’m doing this is because, like I said, it’s virtually impossible NOT to save more than $17 using my proven eBay Shipping Simplified.

And I want to make sure that you know how much confidence I have in it…and more importantly…How much confidence I have in YOU to succeed with this.

Still though, isn’t it nice knowing that you have nothing to lose?

You’ve heard my story, you’ve seen the results, and yet you still get 180 days to try it out.

So click the button now and get eBay Shipping Simplified right away:

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I can’t force you to click the button & stop making costly mistakes and start feeling more confident…

The decision is up to you.

And I can’t keep writing forever.

Ultimately, the choice is yours.

You can either…

A. Ignore all of this and simply go on about your day, thinking that it “I’m not making costly mistakes” or “I’ll figure it out myself”…

And possibly lose loads of money (maybe without even knowing it). As well as lose sales (if you’re shipping is wrong).

We both know that’s not a good choice.

But if that’s the choice you make – to not take action – then there’s no hard feelings. I wish you the best!

But just think about what life could be like a few short minutes from now…

Still confused.

Still overwhelmed.

Still not sure if you’re doing things right.

(And probably missing out on sales and profits in the process.)

You’ll probably think back to this moment when you had the chance to get my simple methods.

Won’t you think back to this moment…

…..when you had the chance to grab them for just $17?

And feel just a little bit of “uggghh” that you didn’t at least try?

If the answer is even a “maybe”…

Then I would strongly encourage you to take the MUCH smarter Option B…

Which is to say “YES” to’ eBay Shipping Simplified’ right now…

By clicking the yellow button below so you can QUIT making costly mistakes and START feeling confident…

While it’s still available.

But ONLY on this page.

Your decision today is covered by a 180 Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee….

So you truly have nothing to lose…

And everything to gain.

I can’t make the decision for you.

But I trust that you’ll make the right decision.

Thanks for spending time with me today, and I look forward to hearing about your success with eBay Shipping Simplified.

Talk soon,

Lee Meier
Listing To Freedom & The Empowered Reseller

Get Instant Access & Start Shipping Correctly TODAY.

Here’s How It Works:

Complete the secure checkout.

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Learn, implement and feel confident listing your items and shipping your sales!

My Promise To You:

I’m so sure that you’ll love eBay Shipping Simplified that I’m offering an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee.

If you are not completely satisfied, all you have to do is notify me within 180 days of your date of purchase and I will refund you, in full, with absolutely no questions asked, no hard feelings!




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Hi! I’m Lee!

I’m a stay at home mom of  4 and part-time reseller.

I consistently have $2,000+ months with very minimal time!

In total, I’ve made well over $100K – just from reselling during my babies’ nap times!

I can’t wait to show you the ropes and see you succeed as well!

Get ready to feel confident shipping your sales!

Questions you might be asking…

Who is this for? Anyone who wants to feel confident with shipping on eBay, and for those who want a better understanding of the new USPS Ground Advantage method.

I’m busy. How long will this take? Designed for your busy lifestyle, in less than 90 minutes, you’ll be able to go through all videos as well as create/update your shipping policies.

Will this work if I’m just starting out? Yes! It’s best to learn these things from the beginning, right?

What if I’ve already been reselling for a while? Even experienced resellers are confused when it comes to shipping on eBay. Many of the veteran resellers who have gone through this training, learned new tricks and methods, and are now saving money on every single sale they make!

Yes, I want to ship confidently!