Hey eBay seller….tired of not making as many sales as you’d like?

You’ve put your items out there into the world, but sales are just a trickle.

Read on to learn:

  • What  things most resellers try (but will most likely NOT improve sales)
  • The ONE thing that makes making sales difficult
  • 3 things you can do to start seeing sales as early as today!


You’re doing all the right things….

Most people who get started with reselling have all the basics down.

It’s likely that:

….but your things still aren’t moving quickly.

Sales seem to be slower than molasses.

Yes, you’re making sales here and there…

but it’s not consistent

And it’s certainly not enough to reach those big goals of yours.

Maybe you’re only making a couple of sales a month.

Or at best, a few sales a week.

You’re not hitting that $500, $1,000, or $2,000 per month mark where you want to be.

I know it can be frustrating.

and most resellers try these 5 things to get their inventory moving…

1) Revising their title or descriptions

Yes, a well-written title is important. Yes, keywords are important. But will small tweaks help? Probably not. And descriptions? Don’t waste your time writing fluff. It won’t help (I’ve tried it!).

2) Taking better pictures

Yes, good pictures with good lighting is important for standing out. But a flat lay versus a mannequin. It doesn’t make much difference at the end of the day.

And photo editing (particularly using filters) is a good way to get complaints about colors.

3) Trying things like delist/relist

Delist and relist to put your items at the top of search results, or so they say.

But really….are shoppers not savvy enough to scroll or use filters?

And what good does it do if everyone else is doing it? You just have to do it more than them. That doesn’t seem very sustainable.

And from personal experience, delist/relist is mostly a waste of time.

Yes, it might bring an occasional sale. (But you don’t know if it would have sold anyways).

More importantly though, it’s probably not worth your time.

And in fact, it’s something I DON’T do at all. (I’ve got more important things to do with my time.)

4) Sending offers like crazy

When sales aren’t coming in, it’s easy to get caught in the trap of continually checking your phone.

Do I have any sales?

Do I have any watchers?

Is there anyone I can send an offer to?

And so you might start sending offers a gagillion times a day, the second anyone hits that watch button.

But is that really how you want to be spending your life – on your phone constantly. Constantly worried about where the next sale is coming from?

And while sending offers are good, excessive offers aren’t necessary.

You don’t need to go crazy sending out offers and hoping for the best.

5) Offer free shipping

Maybe you’re hearing this one from YouTube “gurus” who are telling you free shipping is a must.

But the truth is, there’s a lot of reasons to NOT offer free shipping.

And in fact, I haven’t offered free shipping since I was a brand new reseller.

(And my things have been selling for the last 5 years with charging for shipping.) 🙃

6) Cross Listing

While cross listing is absolutely necessary if you’re primarily selling on non-eBay platforms, it’s less important for eBay sellers.

For most part-time as well as full-time resellers, the majority of sales come from eBay.

So while cross listing to other non-eBay platforms, can help eBay sellers, it probably won’t move the needle as much as you’d like.

To give you a real-life example, in any given month, I might sell, 140 items on eBay, 5 on Poshmark, and 5 on Mercari.

So in the end…

You’re trying these and other tactics to make sales, but it feels like you’re banging your head against the wall.

(or atleast chewing up pencils!)

You see…

selling online (eBay or any other marketplace) is tricky

because it’s a competitive market.

What that means is this:

If order to make sales, you HAVE TO stand out from your competition!

Yes, I said that.

It’s a competition. You have competitors.

And chances are, there are a ton of items just like yours.

So how are you supposed to stand out in a crowded marketplace and actually make sales?

That’s a good question and I’m glad you asked!

First, you need up-to-date information.

Like most things in life, change is a given.

And as such, eBay is constantly changing and evolving.

The eBay of 10 years ago is not the same as today.

Even the eBay of 6 months ago is not the same as today.

Buyer behavior even changes over time.

So it goes without saying: “You need to be constantly learning and growing if you want to get (or stay) at the top of your game.”

When you do that, it enables you to “win the game.”

Next, you need strategies that work

You probably already know that if you want to make sales you need strategies.

You can’t just list and hope for the best.

Most of the time that doesn’t bring sales.

You need a way to get your items sold.

Now, eBay has a good half a dozen different ways to make sales.


  • Offers
  • Best offers
  • Promotions (aka sales)
  • Promoting items
  • Volume pricing,

just to name a few.

Many of them are “hands-off” – things that can be set up one time and forgotten about – so you don’t have to be on the platform constantly.

These are the kinds of strategies I like!

The kind that free me up to get on with my day, enjoy life, and still make sales.

Third, you need a plan!

Sales strategies are kind of like a spider web.

It’s hard to talk about one without talking about everything else it touches.

Each strategy effects every other strategy.

Does that make sense?

You need a way to tie together various strategies to create a complete system.

You need a plan for your strategies!

When you have these 3 things in place it feels like you’ve

Won the lottery!


You’ve got sales coming in.

And even your old inventory starts moving again.

(All without having to work harder, or do more).

And most importantly you’re able to start having those $500, $1,000, $2,000 months and beyond!

You’re reaching your dreams, building your savings, paying off debt.

So how do you create a strategy that actually brings in sales?

Well, there’s a couple ways.

First, you could put on your scientist cap.

Experiment with different factors.

Try different things.

And record your results to figure out what works or what doesn’t.



The better way, the smarter way, is to steal someone else’s strategy.

One that they’ve perfected over the years.

One that is up-to-date with the latest eBay iteration and buyer trends.

One that you know works.


No more experimenting, researching, or wasting weeks, months or years waiting for results.


Yes, you can ethically “steal” my sales strategy!

because I’m giving you the whole shebang inside of Double Your Sales.

These are the strategies that have made me consistent sales in a crowded, competitive marketplace.

The strategies that have led to $2,000+ months….

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The same strategies that have allowed me to make sales while I’m running kids to school, making dinner, or even while on vacation.

Keep reading to learn how to steal my strategies.

But first, let me ask you….what if you could double your sales

(even with the items you already have listed)?

You’d be pretty excited, wouldn’t you?

You could:

But right now things aren’t quite this way.

You keep staring at your phone watching for sales to come in (or at least some offers!).

You keep listening for that “cha-ching,” but instead are hearing crickets.

You keep close tabs on how many views your items have gotten…

…or how many watchers you’ve got.

And you’re getting frustrated.

Don’t lose hope, reseller friend!

Sales are just around the corner – even for those items that have been sitting there for a while!

All you need is an up-to-date proven strategy – a plan for sales.

So you can:


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