Let’s get cross listing!  FREE 3 Day Cross Listing Challenge

Diversify your income streams and move that inventory faster!

If you’ve always been meaning to cross list, but just haven’t gotten around to it, then this FREE 3 Day Challenge is for you!


Challenge begins in…

You’re invited to take part in Listing To Freedom’s Cross Listing Challenge!

During this FREE 3 day challenge, Lee will be helping you dive into all the aspects that go into cross listing.

Plus, you’ll learn how to maximize all those amazing extra features that come with Vendoo.


Did I mention it’s 100% FREE?

During this 3 day challenge you’ll learn

If and when crosslisting could help you

The ins and outs of cross listing

Tips for speeding up your listing process

Strategies to make more sales



3 Days Of Actionable High-Value Training For FREE

Each I'll be with you for about 30 minutes to teach, plus give you easy action steps for the day. Whether you're a new reseller, or you want to ramp up your efforts, this 3-day class is for you! Best of all, you'll be getting all this training for $0.00 - that's right - FREE!

Happening LIVE!

I'll be going LIVE every day of the challenge - perfect to get YOUR questions answered!

March 26 - March 28

I know it can be hard to get started with something new, so I've put together this 3 day program designed to teach, encourage, and support you on your journey - and most importantly to take action!

Exclusive Goodies

Get exclusive goodies just for challengers including daily action pages to help you complete the challenge, as well as my productivity pack ($27 value) - yours free for joining!


Meet Your Fearless Leader…

Hi! I’m Lee!

I’m a stay at home mom of  4 and part time reseller.

I’ve made over $100K reselling during babies’ nap times, averaging around $2,000 a month (net).

I’m excited to help you ramp up your income from reselling!

PRODUCTIVITY PACK ($27 Value) – Yours free!

As a thank you for registering, you’ll get my reseller’s productivity pack completely free!

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Why are you offering all this training for FREE?

Let’s face it, the past few years have been crazy….who are we kidding. They’ve been a complete mess!

So I’m on a mission to help as many people as possible experience the freedom and impact that comes with running a successful reselling business, even in these times of fear and uncertainty.

You’ll get 3 days of actionable, high-value content, to help you move forward with reselling!

During the challenge, you’ll discover how cross listing can help you as well as I’ll be sharing my knowledge to help you maximize your sales and earnings!



Wondering What You’ll Learn Each Day?

Here’s The Complete Schedule:

Day 1: Tuesday, March 26

9am PST

“Crosslisting basics – the what, why and how. Making it quick with your current listings.”

Day 2: Wednesday, March 27

9am PST

“The quickest method for crosslisting and the easiest way to speed up the process.”

Day 3: Thursday, March 28

9am PST

“Using Vendoo’s bonus tools to help you run your business and make sales.”