Hey clothing reseller (or soon-to-be reseller)…

What if you knew exactly what to sell

to make LOADS of sales and profits?

Are you a clothing reseller who wants to make more money without having to hustle harder?

You want to:

You’ve heard the saying “work smarter not harder.”

Another way to put it: Work LESS and make MORE.

But how exactly are you supposed to do that???

Well, one of the best ways is to sell bigger ticket items.

Let’s look at it this way. You want to make 100 bucks.

You could sell 20 items that you make $5 from.

Or, you could sell 4 items that you make $25 from.

A fraction of the work, with the same result.

It sounds so simple, right?

You’re frustrated with lack of sales

and minimal money coming into your bank account.

You’re tired of:

But what if you could make big sales

and items were flying off your shelves?

I bet you’d be doing a happy dance, right?


you could…

Here are 6 of the biggest myths when it comes to reselling clothes:

Myth #1: You can’t make a lot of money with clothing items.

Maybe you’ve been believing that you have to sell hardgoods or big, bulky items if you want to make big profits.

But you just don’t have the room to store big items, the desire to ship large things, or the upfront investment that hardgoods or larger items sometimes take.

At the same time, though, you’re not sure you can make much money by selling clothing.

If this is a myth you’ve been believing, nothing could be further from the truth.

There are lots of high-value items out there (especially since internet shopping has gone mainstream).

In addition to mainstream, recognizable brands, social media has allowed for quick growth of online brands (with no brick and mortar storefront). These brands can have a cult-like following and if you’re “not in the know,” you could be missing out on a whole subset of profitable clothing brands to sell.

Myth #2: Expensive brands are worth more.

This is one of the biggest myths resellers (especially new resellers) believe.

Just because something had a high price tag new, does NOT mean it’s worth anywhere near that used. (Or even with the tags still on).

The harsh reality is that very few brands hold their value, even when the item has “only been worn once.” Most brands are worth just a small fraction of what they were in the store.

That said, other brands DO hold their resale value better than others.

And it’s vitally important to know which brands these are, as well as how much these brands sell for, and, how in demand they are.

Myth #3: You have to live in a big city or have access to high-end, luxury items in order to make it as a clothing reseller.

When I was first looking into reselling, I believed this myth. Living in a small (read: not wealthy) town I thought there would be nothing worth reselling.

Now 6 years later, and over $100,000 in net profit from flipping used clothes in my spare time, I can personally tell you this myth is absolutely NOT true.

Even if you live in a small town….

…..even if you live rurally….

…even if you think there’s nothing worth flipping…

…there are most likely profitable clothing items all around you.

(I’ve seen this myth busted not only in my own life, but with many of the students I’ve been able to help.)

Myth #4: It’s too crowded to be successful

Things have definitely gotten more competitive these last few years, but there is still room for more.


The demand for used goods (and used clothing, in particular), is growing at a crazy rate.

Yes, there’s competition.

Part of it is knowing how to stand out from others with things like great pictures.

But the most important part is knowing the right things to sell.

Don’t believe that the demand for used clothing is growing?

Then check this out from a recent Reuse Report:

That’s 368% projected growth for sales of used clothing.

And 471% projected growth for sales of used shoes.

What does that mean for you?

There is most definitely room for you to make big money in this niche!

Myth #5: The “algorithm gods” are in control of your sales.

Okay, this may offend a lot of people, but I’m going to go ahead and say it anyway…

….there’s no such thing as “algorithm gods.”

They are not controlling your sales.

You see, every platform has its own algorithm (how it gets shoppers to see items), and it’s kind of a big black box of what actually goes on inside.

Or is it?

Here’s the thing…

You don’t need to understand the inner workings of algorithms to be successful, because really algorithms are all about one thing:

Showing shoppers the items they want. NOT getting your items in front of shoppers.

A small distinction, with a big difference.

Whatever platform you’re on, if people don’t want your item, the algorithm isn’t going to push it to them.

Make sense?

So at the end of the day, it’s really all about having the right items (aka the ones shoppers want).

Simple as that: YOU are in control of your sales.

Myth #6: You have to hustle harder if you want to make more money.

While that can work, wouldn’t it be better to work smarter.

To quit wasting your time on tasks that don’t matter.

To quit wasting your time on things that only slowly add up, a few dollars here and there.

There is a better way….

The biggest key to your success with reselling is simple.

It all comes down to one thing.

Making sales on any platform (whether it’s eBay, Depop, Poshmark, Mercari, or wherever) is all about one thing.

What’s that one thing?

Having the items people want.

Simple, right?

If you’re trying to sell the wrong things, it can be nearly impossible to make sales.

This is one of the main reasons you may have had sales when you first listed some items, but then sales slowed down.

Many resellers face this problem, and the real culprit isn’t because you can’t figure out what sales strategies to use.

It’s not because the “algorithms” aren’t working, or that you don’t have favor with the (non-existent) algorithm “gods.”

It’s simply because the most desirable items sold first.

Yes, things like delisting/relisting can help, but they can only do so much.

Ultimately, it comes down to this one thing – selling what’s in demand.

When you’re selling the things people actually want,

making sales is easy.

And those sales add up a whole lot faster.

You can:


The Big Money Brands Complete Library

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Dear Reseller,

I know that you work hard and that your time is valuable. Plus, you probably have a lot of other responsibilities, including a full-time job.

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Guide To Selling Vintage Clothing

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Total Value of Everything: $653!


Lee Meier is a wife and mom of 4 from the Pacific Northwest.

Reselling part-time during babies’ naptimes, Lee has eclipsed over $100,000 in sales on platforms like eBay, Poshmark, and Mercari.

But her focus is not on numbers, it’s on people

Through her online courses and community, Lee has helped hundreds of people get started with reselling, and even leave their day jobs or create a side hustle, and many more have recently made their first sales through her teaching.

Lee isn’t just passionate about teaching people how to grow reselling businesses, she’s obsessed with helping clothing resellers make more money without hustling harder.

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Remeber, selling just a handful of the items inside, will more than pay for the ENTIRE bundle!

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Questions you might be asking…

Who is this for? All stages of resellers. Perfect for new sellers who want to hit the ground running, knowing exactly what to be sourcing and selling. Veteran sells will benefit too by hundreds of hours saved from having to do your own research, plus learning about new brands.

What is the format of the guides? All guides are in PDF file format, and are downloadable! The guides are hosted on my course platform Teachable, so you’ll be able to head there anytime to access them – you don’t ever have to worry about misplacing them because you can access them at any point in time (now or way down the road).

Do you offer refunds? There are no refunds for the Big Money Brands Bundle and here’s why:

This is an enormous amount to give people for $97 (not to mention downloadable).

It’s extremely low-risk.

Months and months of work have gone into this offer (actually years!).

Plus, I want you to stand behind your own buying decision, and really make use of everything inside of the bundle.

Should I get this if I’m new to reselling? Yes! Knowing what to sell is half the battle (actually probably way more than half!). In fact, selling the wrong things is the #1 reason for lack of sales or slow sales. With these guides, you’ll never have to worry about wasting money on bad items again. 

What if I’ve already been reselling for a while? Even as someone who has been running a reselling business the last 6 years, I learned so much just putting together these guides! New brands, new things to look for, etc. Even if you’ve been selling for decades, I’m certain the Big Money Brands will help you source better items for your business and that they will help you make more money.

Will these work for me if I live in a small town? Yes! While there are a few luxury brands featured in the guides, most are mainstream brands that you will probably come across somewhat regularly. Plus, it’s good to be prepared for those brands you only see once in a while! Selling just 2 items from these guides will more than pay for your investment!

Yes, I’m ready for Big Money!