Hey reseller….

What if you could finally see your income stack up fast…

….all without having to hustle harder to make more money?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to finally see your dreams and goals that you thought impossible, suddenly become your reality?

And what if that could be possible without having to:

✨ be reliant on being able to source enough items to resell

✨ continually reinvest your earnings for more inventory

✨constantly be out sourcing more items to resell

✨continually be getting new items photographed, listed, crosslisted, sending offers, etc.

✨ship on a daily basis

Don’t get me wrong – selling used clothes and others items is still a profitable and growing business…..

….but it can be painfully slow watching sales come in $20 here and $10 there….

…..when you’ve got big dreams in your heart like:

🔥 finally being able to purchase a home and get out of that apartment

🔥 becoming completely debt free, never to be a slave again to lenders

🔥being able to retire and travel before you get too old

🔥being able to quit your job so you can be home with your kids and never miss any moments with them again

🔥being able to set down on the computer with the family and finally book that dream vacation before it’s too late and the kids are grown and gone (all without having to check the bank account first).

All of those things CAN happen with reselling…..it’s just going to take a while to get there….and lots of active work on your part.

Hey there, I’m Lee!

I’m a mom of 4 and a part-time clothing reseller.

And after 7 years of reselling used clothes, I was so discouraged watching sales coming in here and there.

I mean, a little extra money is nice. Making $10 on a Poshmark sale, $15 on an eBay sale is helpful.

But is it really putting a dent into getting to my big goals?

I was left feeling so hopeless and discouraged.

Would I ever get those debts paid off?

Would I ever be able to take the family on that dream vacation before the kids were grown and gone and it was too late?

It was looking like those dreams would never happen and that I’d have to give up on them all together.

Maybe you know exactly how this feels.

You’ve tried reselling the traditional way, and you’ve been left feeling frustrated with slow sales.

You’re discouraged at how much goes to seller fees.

And after all the work of sourcing, photographing, listing, and shipping, there’s not much left in your pocket.

You’re having a hard time seeing how it’s all gonna work out.

I mean, you’re thankful for the extra money, but it feels like it’s hardly making a dent towards your goals.

You’re going…..

Will I ever be able to afford a house?

Will I be able to take my kids on that dream vacation before they’re grown and gone?

Will I ever be able to live and give like I want?

I totally understand what it’s like to feel hopeless and discouraged, wondering if you should just give up on your dreams.

But then my world was turned upside-down when I discovered the blueprint

….and a way for my money to stack up fast!

The discouragement and hopelessness I was feeling is gone.

It’s been replaced by peace, hope and joy.

And all of my dreams and goals that I thought were impossible…..are now possible and right around the corner!

And all of this is possible for you too!

Imagine your income stacking up fast and being able to:

  • Sit down with your family on the couch, pull out that computer, and schedule that dream vacation – without having to check your bank account.
  • Get your debt paid off this year rather than 10 or 20 or 30 years from now.
  • Even be able to make enough to pay cash for a house.

And it’s all built around making $900 a day in passive income by following a 2 hour work day!

Would you like to learn how?

Watch this short video from me and my mentor Michelle, and keep on reading!

Here’s the reality of reselling…

As a reseller, you’re used to selling items you have to go out and source. You have to hope you can find items you can flip for a profit.

Or you have to figure out how to source online.

If you can’t figure this part out, you might feel like you’re looking for a needle in a haystack.

And you might give up altogether.

But if you’re successful with sourcing, you find items to flip for a profit.

You bring them home.

You work on getting them cleaned up and ready to go for pictures.

You take pictures.

You list, and weigh, and measure.

You cross list, send offers, delist/relist, respond to offers

All to sell an item that is “one and done.”

Because after it’s sold and you’ve made a few bucks, you’re going to have to repeat the process all over again.

Now there’s nothing wrong with reselling this way.

And it’s how I’ve made well over $100,000. (Granted it took a good 5 years to reach that….)

You see, when you’ve got big dreams in your heart….it can feel like slow going when you make $20 here and $10 there.

In fact, most of the part-time resellers I encounter make less than $500 a month. Most are making less than $200.

Imagine if you could…

✔️ Make full-time income online following a 2 hour work day!
✔️ Work from anywhere in the world from your phone!
✔️ Have more freedom and time to spend doing the things you love!
✔️ Work less and have more!
✔️ Travel the world while making passive income!
✔️ Change people’s lives all over the world with less work and effort!
✔️ Add a revenue stream to your reselling business that makes considerably more money than traditional reselling
✔️ Make more money without having to hustle harder, source more items, list more items, ship more items.
Now I love my clothing reselling business and I’m thankful for the money that I’ve been able to bring in from it – don’t get me wrong – but it can be frustrating seeing income from sales only stack up a little at a time. (At least compared to the goals I have!)
And it’s pretty hard to scale a business selling physical products without investing more of your precious time.
So when I found this blueprint…..I knew this was the answer I’d been praying for.
And I’ve always said that if and when I found success with scaling my reselling income, I’d share it with others.
So here I am….
And what I want you to know is that if I can do it, you can do it too.

So if you’re not happy with how quickly you’re getting to your goals with reselling the traditional way…

….it’s time to think outside the box!

Deep down inside, you know you were created for more than just getting by.
You were not made to struggle through life, worried that you’re never going to get out of debt or finally be able to buy a house.
You were created for a life of impact.
For having the freedom to be present with your family.
To have the money (and time) to make memories with your kids before they’re grown and gone.
To NOT have to work from sunrise to sunset.
And that’s what I love most about this the new income stream for resellers.
It’s creating life-changing income.
It’s radically changing the financial trajectory of families.
It’s helping moms be able to stay home with their kids, and never have to pull out a calculator at the grocery store again.
It’s helping families be able to sit down on the couch, get on the computer, and schedule the vacation they’ve only dreamed of – and book that trip without having to check their bank account.
More than just learning how to make money….
….you’ll be set free to actually enjoy your life.
To actually be present with your family.
To free up your time so you can live the life of your dreams instead of dreaming of the life you wish you had…

Here’s the most exciting part….

Regular, everyday people are seeing massive results with this system!

Yes, it’s different than what you’re probably used to.
But I’ve seen how real people have been able to create incredible income with this….enough to:
  • get debts they never thought were possible to get paid off….. paid off in just a few short months
  • pay cash for a house
  • retire and travel before their too old

It’s happening on a daily basis….

….and all from just a 2-hour workday.

And I fully believe that I will help 100 resellers make $100,000 this year from adding this as an income stream.

This Is For You If…

​✅ You’re tired of struggling and feeling stuck and frustrated
​​✅ You want to make extra income from home
​​✅ You’re tired of your job
​​✅ You’re wanting to get out of debt
​​✅ You want to work from anywhere using your phone or laptop
You’re want to scale your income from reselling, but don’t have time to work harder

Imagine What It Would Be Like To…

✅ ​Have a PROVEN blueprint to make $900 a day ($328,500 a year)
✅ ​Being debt free
​​✅ Replace your full-time job by working part-time from home
​​✅ Set your own schedule
​​✅ Work when you want and where you want
​​✅ Have more time with your family withOUT the financial stress

If that’s YOU, you’re totally in the right place!

So what is it going to take to make this kind of income?

Let me explain….

To get results like this, you’ve got to do things differently than you’ve done in the past.

You’ve gotta be open to new ideas. Open to learning new skills.

Let’s say you want to make $10,000.

With traditional reselling, that would mean you’d need to sell $1,000 items at $10 profit.

That would be a TON of work to source, photograph, list, and ship, right?

Would you be open to learning a faster way to get there?

(and all in just 2 hours a day?)

If so, let me explain.

In order to have your sales stack up fast (in just a little time), you need 3 things:

1 – You need a product you can sell again and again.

That eliminates having to source each item, take pictures of each item, and list and ship each item.

2 – You need a way to automate sales.

The way this system is set up, you complete all your “income-earning activities” in 2 hours. Then you’ve got ready-done-for-you systems that automate the rest of the sales process.

So, you can be at the movies with your kids, or at dinner with friends, or sleeping, and sales can be coming in without you haven’t to be there.

3 – You also need a product that sells for much more than just $10, so your income stacks up fast.

And most importantly…..

….you don’t just want to do any old thing that meets these 3 criteria.

You want something that is proven to work.

If other people are getting these kinds of results, you know you can too, right?

That’s where the proven blueprint comes in.

It meets all of our criteria of being able to sell the same product over and over again, it’s automated, it’s a high dollar value (so those sales stack up fast)…..

…and again, most importantly, it’s been proven to work!

So what is this, and how does it work?

First off, can you imagine how fast money stacks up at $900 a pop?

And that’s exactly how people like you and me are able to make thousands of dollars every week.

What would you do with that kind of money?

Send in one big fat check to get your student loans paid off?

Sit down with your family and schedule that trip to Disney that you never thought you’d be able to afford until your kids were grown and gone (and it’s too late)?

Finally be able to buy a house (cash) after you thought you’d be stuck in an apartment your whole life?


This same system is how people are making $900 A DAY! (That’s $328,500 a year!)

How would that change your life?

Again, I need you to have an open mind, because this is going to look different than what you’re used to.

Because frankly, you wouldn’t be here wanting to make more money just for money’s sake, right?

You’ve got dreams and you see how quickly life is passing you by……

….and you’re wondering if you’re ever gonna reach your goals before it’s too late.

But imagine what your life would look like creating this kind of income:

So are you ready to learn how?

You’ve seen this work for others. Are you ready to learn how?

Well, first off, numbers like these – if you are going the traditional reselling route – aren’t possible unless you put in gobs and gobs of time.

How many items would you need to source to make $10,000 a month? A lot right?

How much time would you put into sourcing?

How much time would you put into taking photos, listing, shipping, customer service, etc?

Let’s do some quick math here.

If you make on average $10 profit per item that you resell, you’d need to sell 1,000 items to hit $10K a month (that’s 33 items a day).

Even if you were super optimistic and said you could make $100 profit per item, you would still need to sell 100 items to hit $10K for the month.

While 100 items sounds easier, if you’ve been reselling for any length of time, you know just how rare it is to find items with this kind of profit.

So even with this optimistic estimate, it would be pretty much impossible to hit $10K without having to be out sourcing full time, 7 days a week.

This is where having something you can resell WITHOUT having to source comes in handy.

Especially when you’re able to have automations working for you 24/7.

Introducing…..the program that is helping people just like you create life-changing income.

What is this?

Now unlike traditional reselling where you’re selling physical products:

  • that take an upfront investment to go out and source
  • that take time to go out and source
  • that are a lot of work just to get listed
  • where a good portion of your earnings go to the platform you’re selling on….

….and you end up only making a few dollars on each item…

With this program, you can think of it as “modern day reselling…”

…where instead of reselling a physical product, you’re reselling a digital product.

With this tiny switch, your income is no longer tied to how hard you work.

It allows you to be able to drastically increase your income without having to hustle harder. Without having to:

  • source more items
  • spend money on more items
  • list more items
  • ship more items

You can actually make way more money, in way less time!

Now I know this is different than what you’re used to.

But for the resellers who “get this concept,” things are going to suddenly change for them.

All of the dreams and goals they didn’t think possible, will suddenly be their reality.

So real quick, let’s compare reselling a physical product to reselling a digital product….

1) Money adds up a whole lot faster.

Would you rather make $9 from a pair of shorts……or $900 from a digital product. (You’d have to sell 100 shorts at $9 to make $900, right?)

2) Next, when you resell a digital product, the cost of goods is zero.

With a physical product, there is always “cost of goods,” i.e. the cost to purchase the item. You’re constantly having to reinvest a portion of your earnings for more physical items to resell.

3) With digital products, your earning potential is limitless.

A digital product can be sold over and over again. This means the amount you can make is NOT tied to your time or how many items you can get listed in a day.

4) With the digital product you’re learning about, you make 100% profit.

That can’t be said of physical goods, unless they’re donated to you – and even then it’s costing you things like shipping and supplies.

5) With digital products, there’s no need to store inventory.

This makes reselling digital products a terrific option if you live in a small apartment or travel in an RV.

6) Digital products also mean there’s no shipping involved (like with physical items) and the delivery can be automated.

Imagine not having to worry about shipping!

7) Your income is scaleable.

The only want to make more money with a physical product is to work harder. That is NOT the case with digital products because it doesn’t take more time to source, list and ship.

And a couple of reasons I choose this particular digital product.

I didn’t need to “have something to teach” or go out and try to create something.

With this program, it’s all done for you, and it’s proven to get results.

E-learning is the fastest growing industry in today’s market, and the products that you get master resell rights for are highly in demand. In 2022, the industry was valued at $399 Billion annually (That’s over $1B a day!). By 2032, it’s expected to be 1 Trillion. (I can’t even comprehend that!)

Next, it was a way to diversify my income stream.

One of the biggest mistakes resellers make is putting all their “eggs in one basket.”

This is an easy way to diversify your reselling income so you’ll always have money coming in.

And the #1 reason I added THIS very digital product?

I’ve seen the results from real people just like you and me.

And I see how much this is changing lives on a daily basis! Every single day wins like this are being posted in the community:

Because of stories like these, I literally could not sleep until I added this very digital product to my reselling business….because I knew that it would be wrong of me to NOT help others learn this system and this way of making money.

It really DOES have the power to change your life!

Alright, so here’s how this works!

Imagine the thrill of seeing your first sales come in. Imagine watching your revenue grow day by day.

Think about the freedom and opportunities having this sort of income stream will bring. This is your chance to radically change your financial situation for the better.

So let’s go ahead and break this down into 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Get your product to resell

You’ll start by purchasing the program.

Again, you’ve seen the testimonials. You know this works.

With the program, you get 4 digital products in the fastest growing industry – all with full resell rights.

Imagine having 4 income streams working for you on autopilot.

With this program you get resell rights for 4 products at various price points, ensuring they will appeal to a wide range of people.

Immediate Income: As soon as you start selling, imagine seeing these 4 income streams hitting your bank account.

You get 4 products you can resell for: $100, $300, $600, and $900.

And the best part…..

Unlike traditional reselling where you’re giving 20% to Poshmark, 10-14% to eBay….

….with this program, you get to keep 100% of your earnings….

…..and there are no recurring fees ever.

Basically 100% of every sale is going into YOUR pocket.

With these 4 products (i.e. 4 income streams), you could:

  • Finally send in that last payment on your student loan
  • Finally be present with your kids, not having to constantly worry if your checking account is overdrawn because you know that money is coming in via your automated system.
  • Finally sit down with your family and book that dream vacation, and pay for it in cash
  • Finally retire, get that RV and travel before you’re too old to enjoy it
Step 2: Set up your automations

Once you’ve got your products to resell, now it’s on to the fun part of setting up your sales machine that will automate your sales for you!

How do you do this?

It’s not hard. If you can copy and paste, these steps are pretty much done.

Anyone can do this!

It took me just a few minutes to get the entire thing set up.

I’ve never seen anything so easy.

You will start by getting your accounts all set up (and there’s videos that will walk you through step by step to do this).

And the last step of getting your automation ready is to hook up your “payment gateways” (i.e. where you will receive payments).

Again, there are videos that will walk you through the exact steps to do everything.

Once Step 2 is complete, you’re in business! You will not need to complete these steps ever again – you are fully ready to go!

Step 3: Make Sales

If you’re a reseller, you’re used to posting items to marketplaces like eBay, Poshmark, Mercari, etc. in order to make sales.

When reselling a digital product, it’s a little bit different.

Rather than just getting the 4 products and being left hanging to figuring the sales part out…

….with this program, you also get all of the training to help you succeed with the selling part.

You’re never left in the dark.

You’ll learn exactly what to do to make sales, including how to follow the 2 hour work day.

You also have a whole community to support you along the way.

Plus, you get live and interactive trainings and mentorings happening on almost a daily basis, so you’ll always know exactly what to do.

If you’re ready for results like these, then you’re going to want to get in on this program…

…..diversify your reselling income….

….and start seeing your dreams come to pass!


the Legacy Builders Program!

Now hear me out….

If you want to create life-changing income, income that can take you from your current situation and bring you into the life you’ve always wanted…..

….it’s going to be pretty difficult to make that happen with a physical product without working around the clock.

So keep an open mind.

I know this is different. And not at all what you’re used to.

But what if you could get 4 highly-in-demand products in the fastest-growing industry?

And be able to sell these products over and over again….

….all without having to source, photograph, list, ship, etc.

AND….make sales where your money actually stacks up fast?

Here’s what you get….

With Legacy Builders, you get 4 products you can resell (i.e. 4 income streams) – in the fastest-growing industry out there, which is e-learning.

Lots of people are wanting to know how to start an online business and how to make money from home.

Now you don’t have to know how to do that yourself in order to resell these products. You’re simply reselling a proven program that someone else has done all the work to build.

It’s been proven over and over again, and the testimonial s speak for themselves.

That means:

A) You know people want it

B) You know it works

You get 4 income streams (from 4 products)….

You get what is called “Master Resell Rights” for these 4 products. In simple terms, this means you own them and you can sell them as your own.

Here’s the 4 products you get…..

1 – A $900 product called Legacy Builders:

2 – A $600 product called Digital Mastery:

3 – A $300 product called Passive Daily Pay Blueprint:

4 – A $100 product called Launch Pad:

This means that you will have 4 income streams (totalling $1900)

….at a variety of price points to appeal to a variety of income levels.

BUT…..the best selling product is the $900 Legacy Builders. This means that most of your sales will be $900!

And lots of people are making this much and more on a daily basis!

And unlike traditional reselling where a good portion of your earnings go to eBay, Poshmark, Depop, etc….

….with this, you get to keep 100%!

Let’s look at the math behind these 4 products:


Selling the $100 product 10 times = $1,000

Selling the $300 product 10 times = $3,000

Selling the $600 product 10 times = $6,000

Selling the $900 product 10 times = $9,000


That’s a grand total of $19,000 from 40 sales!

But how am I supposed to resell these?

You won’t be selling them the traditional way that you are used to: by listing them to eBay, Poshmark, Mercari, etc.

It’s going to take a different way to sell these.

But it’s been proven to work and is what’s called the blueprint.

Basically, you won’t be left hanging….

….you’ll have a proven blueprint to follow.

Your Master Resell Rights (and 4 products) come with a proven blueprint to help you be successful selling them.

This is basically all the training to learn the system that’s been proven….so you can be successful reselling these products

Inside, you’ll get step-by-step trainings to get everything set up – including your automation system that will make sales for you when you’re not actively working.

It’s set up so you can follow the blueprint knowing that what you’re doing will get you results.

In addition….you get a huge community where you can plug in and you even get live and interactive trainings and mentorings.

The trainings are SOOO motivating.

And in the community, you’ll see people just like you posting their wins, and this is so inspiring you because you’ll think:

“If they can do this, I can too!

Wouldn’t that be amazing to always be able to get your questions answered and always know that you’ve got a whole support team behind you?

Again, I understand this can be confusing since this might be a new concept for you.

But let me explain it this way….

Think of the first Starbucks.

It took planning and preparation to open the first one. It took products and pricing and marketing. But finally they opened their doors and customers loved it!

So they thought, “What if we could duplicate ourselves and help other people run this amazing business?”

And that’s what they did. They took something that worked, that was proven, and allowed other people to buy the rights to sell their products.

Master Resell Rights are very similar. They are the franchise of the digital world.

But this is where it differs….

In addition to just getting the rights to resell the 4 products, you also get:

  • the products themselves
  • as well as all the training and mentoring to help you be successful selling them

AND….you don’t have to give a portion of your earnings to the franchisor. YOU KEEP 100%!

So back to the Starbucks example….

….this is the equivalent of owning the Starbucks as well as getting all of the coffee, egg bites, and breakfast wraps for life.

Hopefully this makes sense to you and opens your eyes to just how amazing this is of what you’re getting.

So let me summarize what you get with this program:

1 – You get 4 highly-in-demand products to resell in the fastest growing industry out there.

2 – You get the proven blueprint – all of the trainings to be successful reselling these products.

3 – You get on-going support through the community and mentorings happening on a weekly basis.

That’s 4 highly-in-demand products people are begging for THAT YOU CAN SELL AGAIN AND AGAIN….

…..plus all of the training to help you succeed with generating automated income with them!

Plus get these bonuses when you enroll now:


Bonus #1

Digital Growth Community
value: priceless

Q&A to make sure that you get your questions answered and can move forward with total clarity and confidence
Live Weekly Zooms where you can connect with fellow members, stay accountable, get more support and real-time feedback

Bonus #2

Canva Crash Course
value: $497

Learn how to create simple but effective content
How to edit prebuilt social media content!

Bonus #3

$1M in 17 Months Blueprint

value: $1M

The exact walk through and steps that have generated $1M in 17 months.

Bonus #4

30 Day Growth Plan
value: $297

✓Insights how to attract customer
✓Complete content creation

Bonus #5

How To Start A Business With MRR

value: $127

✓Learn cost effective way to start a work from home/anywhere business
✓Learn how to grow your business

Bonus #6

200 Digital Product Ideas
value: $297

Perfect for if and when you’d like to create your own products.

Bonus #7

Mindset, Messaging, and Marketing to your first Million

value: $497

How to Master your mindset, message, and marketing to make your first million online.

Bonus #8

Your Invisible Empire: Faceless Marketing
value: $47

Learn how to have success WITHOUT ever having to show your face.

Again….I fully believe that I will help 100 “traditional” resellers make $100,000 this year from adding this as an income stream.

The only question is….
….will you be one of them?

Start scaling your income from reselling today…..all without having to:

  • work more hours
  • source more things
  • spend loads on pallets or liquidation lots
  • photograph, list, and ship more items

Get started now with 4 income streams!

Generate $100, $300, $600, $900 USD without having to keep chugging along on the endless source-list-sell repeat cycle of reselling.


Total Value: $12,000+

✔️ Quadruple Income Streams at Your Fingertips! Immediate access to not one, but FOUR revenue-generating opportunities. Transform your financial landscape NOW – all without having to source, list, and ship more.
✔️ Succeed with Reselling These 4 Products: Get all the step-by-step trainings to get everything set up, plus learn exactly what to do to succeed.
✔️ Real-Time Growth with LIVE Mentoring: Engage in interactive Zoom sessions and gain lifetime access to all the game-changing replays. Mentorship has never been this accessible!
✔️ Sales on Autopilot: Effortlessly convert leads with our pre-built sales page funnels, email templates, and more. Watch your business thrive while you sleep!
✔️ Dominate Social Media: Unleash a full-fledged strategy that catapults your presence and influence across all platforms. It’s time to go viral. Includes Faceless Marketing!
✔️ Exclusive Bonuses You Won’t Find Anywhere Else: Prepare to be blown away by our unique collection of extras. Designed to ensure your success!
✔️ Join the Thriving DGC Community: Be part of an empowering network that uplifts and supports. Together, we achieve more!
✔️ Unlock Your Potential with All-Inclusive Programs: Dive into our premium selection – LaunchPad, Passive Daily Pay Blueprint, Digital Mastery, & The Legacy Builder Blueprint. Your blueprint to success starts here! (Worth $1900 USD)
✔️ Transparent Investment: Only a one-time $29 website fee post-purchase of your Legacy Builder Program. No hidden costs, just transparent value.
✔️ No having to continuously source, photograph, list, and ship!
✔️ Goal is $900 daily pay (that’s $328,000 a year!)

Valued at: $1,900

Now Just $900!

Or get started today on our payment plan!

Click the button below and choose “After Pay” (available in select countries only):

Don’t want all 4 income streams?

Here are 3 other options to get started:



Income streams of: $100, $300, $600

With Digital Mastery, you will not only learn how to make 6-figures in 6 months, you’ll learn how to build a recurring income stream, and how to create results with affiliate marketing, plus, you’ll learn how to create a solid income stream from buyers ready to purchase from you.


Purchasing the Digital Mastery will give you ALL the reselling rights to 3 of the Digital Products & will launch you into learning our 6-figure income secrets, aiming for a $600 daily pay (that’s $219,000 a year!).  + Passive Daily Pay Blueprint, the LaunchPad & THE BONUSES

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Income streams of: $100, $300

Our Passive Daily Pay Blueprint will show you ALL the strategies you need to know that have helped online business owners make replacement income online.
You will learn how to find your perfect customers and how to copy & paste proven ads to high-traffic websites to drive sales.
This program designed to guide you through the foundations of building passive income streams, aiming for a $300 daily pay (that’s $109,000 a year!). the LaunchPad & THE BONUSES!

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Income stream of: $100

With the LaunchPad you will get your launch kit for your business so you know exactly what to do daily in your online business and you’ll get the free ads method,
You will also get access to learn how to automate the process of generating leads & have an automated business that does all work for you on bringing in sales… THE BONUSES!

Or get started today on our payment plan!

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Here are more results! If THEY can do it, YOU can do it!

Again….I fully believe that I will help 100 “traditional” resellers make $100,000 this year from adding this as an income stream.

The only question is….
….will you be one of them?

You were built for more!


Life is too short to work 40+ hours a week

trading your time for dollars and

there is ALWAYS an income cap at a job or side hustle!

What if the life you’ve always imagined is just one decision away?

Imagine a world where every step you take moves you closer to freedom, prosperity, and fulfillment. What if everything works out not just as you planned, but even better?

It’s time to bet on yourself and follow the 2hr workday and learn how to scale your reselling income, so you can live the life of your dreams instead of dreaming of the life you wish you had…
Can you Relate?

✔️ Scale Your Reselling Income: If you’re reselling the traditional way (flipping physical products), it’s nearly impossible to grow your income without putting in more of your time.

✔️ With this revenue stream, you’ll be able to generate substantially more income, all without having to hustle harder, source more items, list more items, and ship more items

✔️ No Experience? No Problem: Zero prior experience required for success

✔️ Break Free from the 9-5 Grind: Discover a life beyond the daily exchange of time for money. There’s more out there for you!
✔️ Replace Your 9-5, Work Less: Dream of replacing your current income and gaining freedom and flexibility in the process? Let’s make that dream a reality, even if you’re starting from scratch.
✔️ Autopilot Earnings, Less Work Hours: Imagine earning daily, on autopilot, without the exhaustive long hours at a job. It’s not just a dream—it’s a possibility.
✔️ Financial Freedom & A Jobless Life: Yearn for a life where financial freedom means no longer needing a traditional job? It’s within your reach.
✔️ Build a Lasting Legacy: Want to leave something significant behind for your family but unsure how to start? Begin your journey to creating a legacy today.
✔️ Destined for Greatness: Know in your heart you’re meant for big things? Dream of being able to live and give like you’ve always wanted? Your path to greatness starts here.
Embrace the opportunity to transform your life and achieve the success you’ve always dreamed of. Let’s embark on this journey together!

You’re just one click away….

….the choice is yours!

You’ve got two options:

Option 1: You could walk away and continue down the path you’re on.

No worries if that’s your choice. I fully support you in that decision.

But 6 months from now, when you’re worn out and exhausted from trying to work harder…

….sourcing more items

….listing more items

….shipping more items…

….won’t you look back to this moment and think, “I wonder what would have happened if I’d at least given it a shot.”

And maybe you could start then, but how much income would you have lost out on in the meantime?

Or Option 2, the smarter option:

You could jump in right now while you have the chance.

(And frankly, I really don’t know how much longer this will be available.)

You could get in on this fastest-growing market now, take full advantage of it while it’s growing like crazy.

And a few weeks from now when sales are coming in on autopilot, you’ll be so glad you jumped in while you could.

Remember, you’re getting 4 products (i.e. 4 income streams) that total $1,900. All it takes to break even is selling just 1 of the $900 level (the best-selling product).

Won’t you be ecstatic to be seeing $900 sales coming in on autopilot, all at 100% profit? No having to spend more money every time you go source. No having to list more items. Store more items. Ship more items.

Won’t you look back and be proud of yourself, knowing that you took this opportunity to invest in yourself?

Knowing that you can sit back and finally enjoy life and never have to worry about if you’re gonna have enough left in your checking account at the end of the month?

Your future is in your hands. It’s all up to you.

Go here to get started now:

This program is for anyone who is ready to jump in, learn new skills, and see their income grow!


You are the owner of the digital products you purchase, and you have full master resell rights.

This means that you make 100% profit, and you’re not doing all the work to make someone else rich.

After choosing your program, there’s a small (one-time) $29 fee to cover the cost of your website and automations.

The only other thing you will need is a domain name (i.e. the name of your website). This ranges from $7-$47, depending on the options you choose – by far a tiny, tiny investment compared to your earning potential! (And you’ll get the exact steps to follow to set it all up!)

You get 3 major components:

  • Digital products with full master resell rights
  • All of the training to be successful with selling them
  • Access to the community and all live and interactive trainings and mentorings.

Interested in the trainings included?

Here’s the breakdown of everything you get:

Your Launch Pad – Launch To Profit
Check out the incredible modules you’ll find inside! (This is just a fraction!)
Launch Kit For Your Online Business
✓Lesson 1: What is Passive Income
✓Lesson 2: Community
✓Lesson 3: What is Resell Rights
✓Lesson 4: Winning Mindset
✓Lesson 5: Launch to Profit in 7 Days
Automate Your Online Business For Time Freedom
✓Lesson 1: Sales Automation Process
✓Lesson 2: Edit your Pre-Built Automated System
✓Lesson 3: Connecting your payment gateways
✓Lesson 4: Test your automated System
✓Lesson 5: Tracking and Conversions
Set Up Your Social Media
✓Lesson 1: Set up TikTok
✓Lesson 2: Set up Instagram
✓Lesson 3: Set up YouTube
✓Lesson 4: Set up Facebook
How to Post Free Ads on The Internet (Introverts Dream)
✓ Lesson 1: Free Ads Sites
✓ Lesson 2: Ads That Convert
✓ Lesson 3: How to Grow your YouTube with the FREE ads Method
Growing a Following on Social Media
✓How to grow a following!
✓How to turn your followers into customers!
Complete SET UP IN SYSTEME IO to Automate Your Business
✓ Step by step tech tutorials and templates how to run your business on a free platform including Sales Page Funnel Template & Email Automations
Follow a Passive Daily Pay Blueprint!
Passive Daily Pay Blueprint has everything from LaunchPad
PLUS! also includes following:
How to make 100% Profit From other People’s Products
✓ Lesson 1: Difference of MMR, RR, and PLR
✓ Lesson 2: The Legality Behind Resell Rights
✓Lesson 3: Advantages and Disadvantages
Finding Your Ideal Customer
Lesson 1: Why this matters
Lesson 2: How to Attract Your Perfect Customer
Lesson 3: Discovering Your Perfect Customer
Mastering Storytelling in Social Media and Video Content
✓ Lesson 1: How To Share Your Story
✓ Lesson 2: How To Get Your Perfect Customers To Engage With You
✓ Lesson 3: Connecting Emotionally with Your Audience
✓ Lesson 4: Incorporating Storytelling into Your Content Strategy
Building a Strong Brand Identity
✓Lesson 1: Create A Brand That Stands Out
✓Lesson 2: Build An Unforgetable Brand Quickly
✓Lesson 3: Master Your Message
✓Lesson 4: Discover Your Perfect Customer
Discovery Method – Attract Customers
✓Lesson 1: Copy and Paste Free Ads Method
✓Lesson 2: TikTok Strategy
✓Lesson 3: YouTube Strategy
✓Lesson 4: Reels Strategy
✓Lesson 5: Stories Strategy
✓Pinterest Strategy
Grow your Digital Empire with Digital Mastery!
Digital Mastery has everything from LaunchPad, Passive Daily Blueprint
PLUS! also includes following:
6-Figures in 6 Months
✓Lesson 1: VISION
✓Lesson 2: Income Earning Activities
✓Lesson 3: Building an Email List
✓Lesson 4: Conversions
✓Lesson 5: Setting your Revenue Goals
✓Lesson 6: Business Foundations
Build a Recurring Income Stream
✓Lesson 1: What is recurring income
✓Lesson 2: Top 5 BEST Recurring Incomes
✓Lesson 3: How to Build Recurring Income through Email List
✓Lesson 4: How to Test the Profitability
✓Lesson 5: Set Your Timeline
Affiliate Marketing and Partnerships
✓Lesson 1: Introduction to Affiliate marketing
✓Lesson 2: Maximizing Affiliate Marketing Success
✓Lesson 3: Building Strategic Partnerships
✓Lesson 4: Leveraging Partnerships for Growth
✓Lesson 5: Setting your Revenue Goals
✓Lesson 6: Business Foundation
Email Marketing and List Building
✓Lesson 1: Introduction to Email Marketing
✓Lesson 2: Building Your Email List
✓Lesson 3: Crafting Your Email Marketing Strategy
✓Lesson 4: Measuring and Optimizing Your Email Marketing
How to Use ChatGPT to 10x Your Productivity!
Designing Your Life, Having more Time & Building a Sustainable Legacy!
Legacy Builder has everything from LaunchPad, Passive Daily Blueprint, Digital Mastery! It’s the ultimate no-brainer!
PLUS! also includes following:
Creating Your Own Digital Product/Program
✓Lesson 1: Choose Type of Digital Product/Program
✓Lesson 2: How to Name Your Digital Product/Program
✓Lesson 3: How to Structure Digital Product/Program
✓Lesson 4: How to Price Your Digital Product/Program
Preparing For Course Creation
✓Lesson 1: How to teach inside your course
✓Lesson 2: How to outline your course
✓Lesson 3: How to create your course lessons
✓Lesson 4: How to record your lessons
✓Lesson 5: How to modify the lesson template
✓Lesson 6: How to edit your lessons
✓Lesson 7: How to set up your online course
Launching Your Course/Program
✓Lesson 1: How to create an irresistible launch offer
✓Lesson 2: How to get people to buy during your launch
✓Lesson 3: Launch Plan
✓Lesson 4: How to Launch with Webinars
Scaling Your Business
✓Lesson 1: When to Hire
✓Lesson 2: How to Collect Feedback and Testimonies
✓Lesson 3: How to Handle Refunds
✓Lesson 4: How to turn Your Members into Affiliate
Become a DGM Affiliate and Earn Money
How to Create a Community in SKOOL
Introduction to The Passive Revenue Freedom Machine!
✓Lesson 1: What is a PR Freedom Machine
✓Lesson 2: Why do you need the PR Freedom Machine
✓Lesson 3: Marketing your PR Freedom Machine

The Legacy Builders ($900 level) will maximize your earning potential as you get all 4 income streams – $900, $600, $300, and $100. (That’s a total of $1,900 of master resell rights!)

Plus, the $900 is the most popular option. If you choose less than that, you could be missing out on a lot of money.

If money is tight, payment plans are available, and I’d recommend getting in at the highest level you can.